1. The eloquence and bravery of those officers testifying before the world about the atrocities of the coup attempt, is truly moving.

    1. Cody you guys believe everything Faux News tells ya don’t you?? Do a lil research of your own so you know what’s REALLY going on! Stop believing ANY MSM w/out researching whatever it is you’re seeing and or hearing!

    2. intersectionoid Geez there are some desperate crazies on here! I’ve been single for 6yrs after a 20yr marriage but you will NOT see me messaging strangers in YouTube section lol. Ok at least I know I’m still sane (I think) and not desperate yet! Lol

    3. @Cody Yeah. And the DEMOCRAT leaders and judges PROSECUTED the evil-doers. Notice how they didn’t try to whitewash it by calling it a walk in the park.

  2. No one ever accused Trump supporters of being intelligent. That’s why these people keep taking advantage of the “poorly educated”

    1. @Steve Austin Stunning. Stone Cold Stunning. From the person named the same as the WWE wrestler, on behalf of the WWE President who, like all wrestling characters, is a parody of a normal human being. And, like all good wrestling promotions, is solely concerned with storyline, violence and getting people to hand their money over. Hope you ‘paid your dues’ Austin to pay for Trump’s lifestyle (oops, I mean audits and whatever else nonsense you think he did with it).

    2. @Steve Austin Wow! Steve Ashcan makes a valid point… JUST KIDDING… he’s an idiot. Did little Stevie whine and bleat and cry when Trump’s numbers were this high? No, he said, “Let me kiss your butt, boss” and Trump said, “Sure, but it’ll cost ya”…

      Did you have a spine once, son?

    3. Yeah because all trump supporters came from the great inner city school districts.like Philadelphia,Detroit,Atlanta Milwaukee,

    1. @Real American If America does not have open borders then how do we have 1 million illegal Migrants many with the Delta variant being bussed around to every major city in America for the past six months since Chyna Joe Biden took office?

  3. You can clearly see their tactics here.all they have left is hate and division and obfuscation.they are panicking,they will rubbish the media,rubbish democrats,that’s to be accepted.but will they go so low as to attack the policemen etc.?????

    1. @Damien Darko247 “Answer: Yes, in a heartbeat”

      That reply is so good, I clicked it ^instantly^ & perfect use of boldface too.

    2. @James Eagle posted: “We won’t hold this against you in the revolution. We will fight for you even though you are not awake, even though you may fight us.”

      will be no “revolution”, you are keyboard hero only &
      I’ll be happy to tell you what you can do with your Wal-Mart “clemency” any day of the week!

    3. @Rhyme& Reason his account reads: “Joined 25 Jul 2021″…..so it could be a bot or algorithm

  4. One thing we learned from history, no nation will ever have a government better than the people (could be much worse, never better). The people will end-up dragging it down to their level.

    1. @Arlo Dewald We have a bigger problem because this is worse than the Obama administration and trying to accomplish anything. The Republicans are like 24/7 zombies following their zombie leader. They come out during the day and night. How do we overcome that?

    2. @Neil Rosenblum If you don’t like your choices, create more choices. No one ever said getting what you want was easy.

    1. @Swagman21 how about Pelosi who after being asked 6 different times for more security, she turned it down

    2. @John B it’s always what about black people when WS and Trump supporters act up get your head out of blm behind and focus on Jan, 6

    3. @Dixon Uranus Every republican who has ignored the insurrection on Jan 6. That’s almost ALL of them. Troll.

    4. @Richard Logan focus on all of the rioting. What happened all last summer by far was worse than Jan 6. I doubt anyone with a functioning brain cell would disagree. The left caused over $2 billion in damages, 25 people were killed including a police officer. 90% of those arrested during the $1 billion in damages they caused, had their charges dropped. Those charges in the capitol riots should be punished if found guilty and so should those terrorists from the left. How many cops were killed at the capitol on Jan 6th? Oh that’s right none. Wheres the outcry when those left wing terrorists cemented the door to a government building, set it on fire with police still inside? Wheres the outcry when BLM stormed the capitol in Oklahoma while they were in session? Go back and sit down and let the adults talk now. #hypocrite

    5. @Richard Logan why wouldn’t Pelosi allow more security on Jan 6 after they requested it 6 different times and they knew days and weeks ahead that there was something planned.

  5. The GOPoo has declared themselves the “Master Race”, yet they have never achieved anything, and they don’t have a brain cell between them?

    1. @Jeremy Dale what do you consider far better people? What makes people far better than others? Describe in your own words if you please.

    2. @fibi and cuphead we are caring, compassionate, reasonable and willing to care for the needs of others. That makes us far better than Democrats.

    1. @Books & Gaming his about page reads: “Pro Trump, Pro God, and proudly bisexual”
      so we’ve got a real adventurer here. He’s boldly going to where no Idaho Christian farmboy has gone before with his typing skills.

    2. @John Wilharm Same partial sentence over and over was the tip off. That’s someone not too comfortable with a two-sided conversation.

  6. Trump threw the word “disgraceful” around daily about events so small as the water pressure in his shower or the number of times he had to flush. Today disgraceful can be used in its proper context.

    1. Maybe. I’m pretty sure anyone who had anything to do with Trump on that day will invoke (or attempt to invoke) Executive Immunity to avoid having to testify.

    2. I think McCarthy is afraid because he will never be speaker of the house. He criticized 45 after the election and even though he went to mar a lago to bend the knee to 45, 45 will never forgive or forget. A narcissists never forgives or forgets and that is what McCarthy is really afraid of.

    3. A witness to what???????????????????????
      You scumbags stealing the election
      Yep him and 100 million Americans know it for a fact
      Proof oh it’s been here all along but it does not fit the lies
      GOD WINS

  7. The arson that burned my house down was exonerated because I didn’t install sprinklers in anticipation of him starting a fire. My bad I guess…?

    1. @Drought Tolerant Peace and love cannot hide how deluded you are. Trump is never going to be president again, and he is not president now.

    2. @Drought Tolerant Rarely are sprinklers required in older homes unless renting or a major remodel is being done.

  8. I would like to know who is the lining the pockets of Laura Ingram, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Janine Pierro, etc. It’s obvious that it’s all about the for these disgusting human beings!

    1. @Leigh I think he made a lot of money, got a medal and a sainthood for it. St. Rush of Limbaugh.

    2. @Glenn Pearson Believe it or not that’s you, but white fear is totally driving this. The browning of America, you don’t like it I understand.

  9. President Abraham Lincoln said it best:
    ‘ Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him Power. ‘

    1. @James Laurie
      Trump is the MOST corrupt person to ever infest the White House. But I agree that he may not be racist – he isn’t good enough. A real racist has some principles, bad as they may be – Trump has none. But what you call “an open heart” means “with blinders on”. Aside from losing some of the biggest housing discrimination cases in NYC history (about money, I’m sure, more than racism) he refused to reject the endorsement of Klan leader David Duke – blatantly lying and claiming he didn’t know anything about Duke, when we have video clips of him talking about Duke that show he clearly knew who and what Duke is. He would not renounce the Proud Boys and pretended not to know about them, when he was briefed on them and many other white supremacist terrorists. The man LIES CONSTANTLY – so him saying, I’m not a racist, means nothing. His actions show that if he is not a racist, he is at least happy to pander to and empower them for his own good.

      And Trump didn’t lower many people’s taxes and other than the very rich, not by much, and by doing that, ran the debt through the damned roof. And, BTW, whatever tax cut you got expires in a few years – but NOT the corporate ones!

      As for shredding regulations – you mean like allowing coal companies to dump ash into waterways again? There is an entire county in Kentucky, that has not had safe drinking water for 27 years because of coal ash. Their water bills come with a damned warning NOT to drink the water! Here where I live, the now defunct coal power plant used to dump ash into the Muskegon River, which becomes Muskegon Lake. It has been over 20 years, and the fish still are not safe to eat except in small quantities. That’s just ONE of MANY examples. I lived before most of these regulations were made, and things SUCKED!

      Before the banking regulations passed under the New Deal, we had a major bank collapse once every seven years on average. We never had another, until those regulations were shredded, and we damned near had a depression in 2008.

    2. I never want to see any comparisons between Lincoln and Trump. Lincoln fought for the rights of ALL Americans. He didn’t have to boast and brag about his accomplishments. He had humble beginnings, unlike Trump; born with a silver spoon on his mouth. When Trump became President, he was given power, but still lacked character.

  10. Seems like republicans now are trying to outdo each other by seeing who can tell the biggest lies, it’s a tough competition.

    1. Actually, sadly, it seems like a fairly easy competition. There’s a reason why the biggest fish was always caught by the last fisherman to come back to dock.

  11. I wonder how Mitch McConnell feels about House Republicans blaming him for the Capitol Riot. Because he had at the time precisely as much control over Capitol security as Pelosi did.

    1. They seem to forget that part, but he is innocently IGNORANT but Nancy is the mastermind.

  12. if they think Nancy Pelosi is hindering security then what are they doing refusing to ok their budget and stuff?

  13. If you violate or break a contract you loose, your done, you get nothing, you have no rights. Republicans broke their contract with the people.

  14. Stefanik is all about Trump money and power. She lacks a spirit of public services which should have been her job.

    1. @Jamtommy yep just like a lot of Republican are saying about the v@x. Thire body thire choice .Of course they wanted to apply just to them and want to tell outhers what to tell wemen what they can and can’t do . I’m aginst abortion for myself and I belive I would not do it but I am also a firm believer that everyone will answer to the God eventually . We can’t tell anouther human what to do with their body . Don’t want an abortion don’t get one don’t belive in gay marriage don’t marry one . And if you don’t want to bake a cake for a gay couple you have the right not to bake one . Not hard your rights end when you infringe on outhers rights .

  15. Hopefully Stefanik doesn’t get another chance be a disgraceful elected official in 2022 since she is disgrace already.
    And should be investigated for any role she played in the insurrection.

    1. 574 riots so far between the blue cities. And still you go on about Jan 6th. I’ve seen more trouble in a kindergarten playpen

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