1. “The GOP is the most dangerous criminal organization in the history of civilized humanity” Noam Chomsky 2015

    1. @H.Bedlam I’m not insane wealthy stupid. I’m retired and I’m waiting for my 66th birthday to claim my Social security money. Until then I’m living on my investments,my retirement income and and my royalty payment. As for you ? Living on your mother’s welfare check and saying with your government phone?

    2. @Frank Demiranda but only one is the party of the insurrectionists!!! I’m sure both have their fair shares in shenanigans but most recently the GQP has become lunatic. Let’s see whom they call their leader. First comes the dear leader Trump, then you have Ted, Mitch, Marjorie and a whole bunch of spineless lunatics. Remember, the more you see a personality cult in play the closer you are to a dictatorship!!

    3. @H.Bedlam: “No political-economic system in history had proved its values so eloquently or had benefited mankind so greatly as capitalism, and none has ever been attacked so savagely and blindly.” There are many advantages to the capitalist system. Capitalism is always working toward economic growth. This is made possible through competition and innovation. Countries that have an economy based on capitalism are the wealthiest in the world and enjoy the highest standards of living.

    4. @jerry jerry I know my investments gained %150 in Trump’s 4 years and under Obama’s 8 years those investments first lost 33% then broke even as he left office. So another words I made nothing in 8 years of Obama. Now Biden has been 6 plus MONTHS and I’m starting to move my assets to stable value because he is a joke.

    5. @WilliamOccamensis excellent points. The GQP is a greatest threat to America’s democracy.

  2. I hope these voter suppression laws backfire on these states, states that I have considered to be the worst in the country for a long time now.
    Poll workers can’t help voters? Okay. The uneducated Republicans can’t receive assistance anymore. The elderly, who typically vote Republican, can’t receive assistance anymore.
    Bring on the backfiring!

    1. @John B where did you get that crazy idea. People are leaving the GOP in large numbers, and what Democrat bills are racist?

    2. @John B Newborn, empty channel troll account = take your BS elsewhere. Have some self-respect = stop posting.

    3. Reactionary right wingers seldom realize how their own policies boomerang on them. The Law of Unintended Consequences.

    4. @Jonny Gertmunger – ReTrumps have had many opportunities to show the proof of your alleged “massive fraud” yet everytime they went to court they even told the judges they had zero proof. Sydney “Kraken” Powell is even saying that “no reasonable person” would believe her bullshit smh. You believe a lying psychopath grifter conman and let his lies bring America to the doorstep of straight up Fascism The Germans and Italians were conned the same way as you are being conned today..

    5. @Snap Dragon At least an IQ test. Most of them couldn’t pour sand out of a boot even if the instructions were written on the heel.

  3. From me, someone who is good at coming up with analogies, damn you nailed that one.

    Very impressive

    1. @John B 3 month old, empty channel troll account, you brought up racism. Must be foremost in your mind = very telling.

    2. @John B What do you call spending tax dollars to fix a problem that isn’t a problem? The election was stolen from Trump? Only Trump and not other Republicans on the same ticket? Widespread election fraud but only in the states Trump lost? Maybe Trump lost black people when he said they were fine people in the KKK. Maybe he lost anyone with common sense when he suggested injecting bleach in people? Maybe he lost people when he Betsy Devos over schools with no experience and Ben Carson over HUD with no experience. Maybe….just maybe….the majority of Americans thought he was a bad president and voted him out? Maybe?

    3. @Jose Gonzalez They get their accounts suspended for posting absolute crap, yet can’t figure our why they get their accounts suspended = just like Trump.

  4. I am fine sharing the same ground as conservatives. As long as they are six feet under foot.

    1. Even if the following happens..

      Cyber Attacks on Food
      Soaring Gas Prices
      Human Bird Flu
      World War III


    2. I feel you. I was content to allow them to exist until they began to have issues with allowing others to exist.

  5. Donald’s GQP is “winning” as much as Charlie Sheen was “winning” when he was diagnosed with aids and screamed “winning!” into every camera that was willing to film that trainwreck.

    1. @J M M If you would cut back on the aids infected body fluids at the rainbow bars .. maybe could could see the left are communist liars and dems are only interested in using you so they can line their pockets with looted covid money that is going for everything but covid?

    2. @danelia sarenelia Lol man, how does it feel to live your whole life believing only what people tell you? Do you work a minimum wage job at a starbucks too? With intellect like yours, you probably never got anywhere in life.
      Or you’re some old withered bat nobody cares about anymore who’s only found meaning in life on Parler.

  6. When they don’t get their own way every Karen throws a fit and lets the child in them out to play.

    1. karens can just as well be Democrats. In fact, most ‘karens’ ive met irl have been democrats

    2. @Belly Dancer Em The left literally cried for four years about “Russian collision” multiple investigations, and millions of tax payer money wasted & nothing to show. The nerve to say anything about Republicans/conservatives Lmaooooo.

    1. but she forgot to say that on the ‘republican’s r us’ store there’s also a big sign that say “White’s Only”

  7. Are you telling me that Mr. Potato Head isn’t an issue that will get them all the way to 2022??

    1. @UCqnOimoyV3UisONYq2GRJCA by not standing a chance, you mean winning, right? Because that’s exactly what happened

  8. Sedition and voter suppression isn’t “out of ideas”.
    The one idea left is CHEAT.
    Destroy democracy. Get it?

    1. @Shawn Corbin you know the guy from the Philippines that started q did so cause his woman left him for a liberal, she didn’t leave because of politics, she left cause he’s bad in bed

    2. @Shawn Corbin then why do real Americans consider the Republikkklan party to be the Russian government.

    3. @Shawn Corbin Hey genius, answer me this: If it was really so easy to cheat, and obvious that they did it, then how did Trump or George W. Bush get elected? Bush won twice, by the way.
      Can you answer that, Brain Lord?

    4. @Coco Crisp Well first off, you may call yourself a “real American”, okay, but you’re NOT a Patriot who’s trying to save America. You’re trying to save your democracy which is a catch phrase for the system set up by the Corporation of the USA beholden to the private central banks. Fair assessment?

    1. @Tommy YT I can’t understand why everyone thinks we will become China. Y’all on the right realize most dem voters won’t accept authoritarianism right?

    2. @CodingMonster trump wanted a military parade for him north korea style..thats what the right likes

    3. @CodingMonster Yeah they are going to figure it out about the same time they realize many of us support the second amendment too.

    4. Republicans need to lose they have targeted the African American community and the Mexicans from police brutality to the wall thats two ethnic groups just to uphold their whites only agenda by turning America in a u-turn back into the segregated era brings a total shame to our nation.

  9. Republicans gave up on reality and I’m giving up on them. I just want them out of the country at this point.

    1. Reality like a baby isn’t a baby so kill it. Or you can chop off your junk and magically be a woman reality?

  10. Show me, don’t tell me. We’re always on the side that’s more beneficial to our pockets. Same story, different day.

  11. *REPUBLICANS without LINCOLN:* _Intelligence_
    Republicans have two parts of a brain, ‘left’ and ‘right’.
    In the left side, there’s nothing right.
    In the right side, there’s nothing left.

  12. Republicans definition of voting rights: the right to vote means only the right can vote.

    1. All this extends back to giving a pass to the Magic Jesus nut-jobs. Magical thinking was encouraged by the GOP.

    2. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard besides Bernie Sanders 2016 or even better yet ya’ll voted for Joe Biden

  13. Brilliant metaphors that truly capture our sad state of affairs in our country. Thank you.

  14. As long as there are so many ignorant, conservative and scared people, that the GOP can pray upon as now…….”Houston, we have a problem!”

  15. The world according to cnn;
    “Voter I.D. is draconian!!!”
    “Forced medical intervention/prolonged quarantine is not draconian!!!”

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