1. Cawthorn better stop talking about the Republican orgies, or they might take him off the guest list…

    1. Considering how many false stories come from your corporate media, I would be skeptical of most stuff they put out.

  2. Worst response to make when someone claims they were invited to drug filled orgy: “You have lost my trust.” LOL
    People keep thinking he’s talking about other legislators, but I’m going to bet he’s hitting them where it hurts the most: *donors*. They couldn’t give a sh!t if he says something about another legislator, but don’t threaten their money hose!

    1. I hung out at a bar in tysons corner years ago and a regular there was a lobbyist for some medical supply company in Connecticut. We would talk from time to time. One night while we were talking about whatever, he put his hand on my thigh and started working his hand toward my crotch. I was stunned momentarily. I wouldn’t even be this forward with a woman, and here’s this gay guy making the clumsiest, most handsy advance at me.

      All I could say was “whoa man, I think you got the wrong impression here.” I left it at that, but it was still a shock.

      I know he used to rent a limousine and take some of the bar staff out on wild crazy trips into dc to strip clubs and special after hours clubs, so I imagine he probably swings with Maddy. This was about ten years ago and that guy was in his mind sixties at the time, so he sounds exactly the right age for Maddy.

  3. A few commentators are saying for once, Little Madison could be telling the truth. LMAO!!

  4. If it’s not true a random drug test should be totally okay. If you need it for welfare they should need it to serve

    1. @Vlad the InhalerMy entire rant was about american society and the people who effect change. What does society do as a whole ? Their taxes ? Watch cable news ? Stare at their phones on end ?

    2. Sorry Double D Cup,
      You are a naive fool if you think Dems do not encage in the same behavior.
      I notice you are not talking about Maxine Waters telling a homeless encampment to pack up and go home😂

    3. @Vlad the Inhaler If they change their picture on social media they are at the very least thinking about it and a lot of those people end up donating money. Creating donation lists. The distrust in government is through the roof right now with everybody questioning everything. The summer of George Floyd the storming of the capital. Those people weren’t engaged ? I have no idea where you’re coming from right now.

  5. If he wasn’t in politics I’d swear Cawthorn was an investment banker at his grandfather’s firm and was social chair for his frat.

  6. Remember, all he has to do is fall in line when he’s needed. Until then he’s a dope.
    He is in good company.

  7. Except for the ‘rumor’ part, mostly on point! If he said he was invited to these ‘parties’, you can best believe that this is the truth!

  8. I like how everyone is so quick to say it’s fake. They won’t even call it an allegation. Lol

    1. A lot of them are taking at face value McCarthy’s statement that in the meeting Cawthorn said he was exaggerating. But note that Cawthorn isn’t saying that.

      Granted, would absolutely have assumed he was lying initially given his track record, but then people started objecting so strongly…..

  9. I love when representatives claim “the establishment” is out to get them.
    Buddy, you ARE the establishment.

  10. The GOP is in a swift and steep moral and ethical decline, and yet they still are poised to regain power in Congress. WTF America! 🤷‍♂️

  11. To my mind, a major component in the present predicament of the US and the GOP has been the votes-and-victory-at-any-cost obsession of the Republican Party, with not just neglect but abject contempt for decency, sagacity, and party discipline.

    1. @classickruzer1, thank you for response.

      Methinks they both may resent the mutual amateur competition.

  12. From now on every time I hear about the Republican Party I’ll know what they are referring to. Thanks Maddy!

  13. This is what happens when “politics” is essentially high-school name-calling and comes to be only about “winning” and not about thoughtful policy that addresses the nation’s needs.

    1. @grammaticopedanticus It is not even remotely close to being entertaining. American politics are childish and irritating.

    2. @Vlad the Inhaler, thank you for your response. Devolving into entertainment does not make it entertaining. There are also plenty of bad sitcoms and other format programs on television.

  14. The republicans have done something to him and now he’s getting back at them! This some form of revenge! I’d bet money on it!

  15. I love this lady she always has a very highly intelligent perspective.. she does her research.an she backs it up with facts.💪🇺🇸

  16. Wonder why this doesn’t work when it comes to bringing up Trump, Epstein’s apartment, Katie Johnson and Maria. Or the many witnesses at those parties who saw Trump raging on coke. Snorting Adderall is a learned behaviour from the past.

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