1. This is 45’s government and no the Clinton’s did not kill Epstein, they do not have control over 45’s prisons and jails.
      45’s own investigation has concluded that Epstein killed himself…even 45 believes he killed himself.
      Let it go…45 has.

    2. @Roo Smith that was last time when russia was helping ☺ and hillary skipped Wisconsin and Michigan.. what i dont f**king understand is what f**king planet are you people living on??? How in thee f**k of all f**ks does being impeached help him?????
      This pos is facing being the first pos ever to be impeached twice based on who’s allowed to talk under oath.. Nancy was holding back articles because it was possibly more to add… Hello.. This isnt gonna be a some kinda f**king cake walk and on no planet not even f**kin alien ones where freakin blue 10 foot tall avatar people are running around does impeachment help you win again… Honestly when this guy loses no trumper should be mad.. Why? Because you couldn’t have possibly really believe impeachment was gonna help him win..

    1. @Ricky Fontaine and this is the guy with the nuclear codes! this is the guy who now wants to be the ‘corruption police’! what a fucking joke. we should all be embarrassed that this is our current leadership.

    1. Billy Bob the kid was rewarded for being a shitty little racist, and a Trump was rewarded for being a big fat racist. That’s what I know and what the whole world knows.

    2. T A Trump has been impeached. That is permanent. Nothing will ever change that. He has the mark of a loser next to his name forever. You are delusional if you don’t understand that.

    3. katwil89 bro where are you getting your logic from. Did you know that if a little kid won a lawsuit against CNN, that means he was in the right. He was falsely portrayed as one. That’s like accusing someone of rape, them being acquitted and proven to be innocent, and still calling them a rapist

    1. They selectively show, and cut the clips of Trump/any right person so that they might appeal to their agenda.

  1. When will cable news wake up and realise that they have given so much oxygen to @POTUS with the constant stream of anti-Trump rhetoric?

    1. @Jack Jay The only “MASS” protests when he took office were in liberal snowflake areas in the US. And they were extremely weak.

    2. There WILL be a change in heart with Iran,now that [DS] is being REMOVED. [BAD PLAYERS] being eliminated worldwide.

  2. when she worked for Glen Beck she spoke like a die hard conservative, now she’s towing the lefts party line. did she change her mind or just spout for the highest paycheck

    1. I dont know about that. She still has conservative views and rarely agrees with Democrats. She just doesn’t suck up to a moron like Trump. Some people just have balls and dont bow down to wanna be dictators.

  3. So uh why are all the news anchors dressing like supervillains now? I thought they were supposed to be subtle.

  4. In other news: CNN has to pay out 300 million in restitution to various parties for literal fake news and abuse of workers.

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