SE Cupp: What Trump could weaponize to help his 2024 prospects


    1. @THE OREGON LIFE yes of course, you pay for comedy one way or another. And well you fools provide. So a click to laugh at your pathetically reach and grasp a relevancy is well worth it.

    2. @Andrew Gocken

      your juvenile answers are quite common for undereducated Trump-trash, but you keep trying Andy, youll get there someday…

      now fade away chump, youre dismissed… 🖕🏻

    3. When the right does it then it is called conspiracy theories. When CNN does it then it is called speculation or news.

    1. As was Reagan when he used the illustration of a shining city on a hill. I believe that before Reagan, one of the Pilgrim forefathers at Plymouth Rock quoted that phrase from Christ first. I want to say John Winthrop, but don’t quote me on that.

  1. Except for the fact that he’ll be indicted by then CC your story is a non-starter. Trump for prison 2024

    1. Probably true. The democrats are scouring the earth to find something to put Trump in jail for doing. The closer it gets to the election the allegations will become endless and CNN will agree that all of them are true.

    2. Aiding and abetting an Insurrection and obstruction of justice was committed in plain sight no scouring necessary

  2. I really like the government because, like, the government is, like, really nice and stuff and gives you free candy. I don’t like the Republicans cause, like, they’re really mean and stuff and won’t give you free candy. So I’m going to vote for the Democrats cause they’re, like, really nice and stuff.

  3. Please don’t say the words “new governor of Arkansas”. I live in Arkansas. It pains me to know I’m surrounded by people that voted for her.

    1. You should move to California with your Marxist friends. Plenty of room….Americans are fleeing by the thousands! 😂

    2. @M Hall yes I know this. The comment clearly said, “you must love living in poverty” I literally said, “move to California. They will welcome you with open arms.” How does anybody think I was saying California was a good place? 🤔

  4. Please god noooooooooo!!! Don’t give him any ideas I was on with SE during one of our primaries The real TeaParty NEVER SUPPORTED TRUMP AND NEVER WILL

  5. Cnn destroyed their own brand with stories just like this 🤣 😂 and they still doing it ..🤣😅🤣😇🥰

  6. This lady is right. The democrats would never allow such a thing. We all saw the efforts Democrats will go getting rid of any internal discent. Do any democrats still remember Tulsi Gabbard ? The democrats made quick work of her. This has got to be a very difficult thing for this Democrat gossip to fathom. Who in their right mind would allow descent she is thinking.

    1. You’re actually calling for group think!!! I thought you all were the big tent party, but nope you suffer of opinion and out you go. No common sense allowed do what Nancy says or else smh. The book 1984 was not suppose to be a blueprint but a dire warning

  7. You couldn’t get him on his taxes or the files and numbered other things over many years,what will you try next.

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