1. It’s not even about intelligence , you need to be Confident , Fast , and capable of protecting our civil liberties. We can have Obama all over , but that will only cause us to engage in more endless wars . We don’t want wars …

    2. Yep. Celebrities are the most qualified individuals to run for public office…..especially and only if their political platform is exactly the same as the media’s.

  1. US: is fine with celebrities in public office.
    Meanwhile in Germany: a 40 year old woman with Masters in Political science and International law announces that she’ll run for the Chancellor’s office and everyone is like Whaaaat’s she doing? We don’t really know if she is capable of this…

    1. I’d say they are right, a little knowledge is not a bad thing but what else recommends this person? We don’t know.

  2. The problem with a celebrity running for office is they might be elected because they’re a celebrity, regardless of competence.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em so taking down the soviet union was a bad thing?
      I guess to a Russian troll like you it would be

  3. I would vote for Arnold in a second as Presinator. He’s more American than some natural born Americans.

  4. Some have lived hard lives before they became famous. Their platform is helpful to help, some to abuse power. Every case is different. Guess it needs to be case by case

  5. Every celebrity example cited is proof that this concept of voting for anybody simply b/c they’re famous is just insane.

    1. Hmm… None of our presidents or elected officials, except for one really, was famous. I think it has to do with who can raise the most money from donors/businesses thy determines if you win office or not. Legalized bribery, now THAT is insane.

  6. People are ready to vote for these celebrities without even knowing what they stand for- Have we not learned anything? Oh, right we’re okay with rich people telling us they understand our problems and know how to fix them.

  7. They have a right to run but We the People need to vote for qualified candidates and not be dazzled by fame.

  8. 10-20 years from now tiktokers/social media influcners are gonna run for president/office and it’s gonna be completely normal and we’re gonna look back and wonder where it all went wrong

  9. Reagan was a popular B-actor, and he advocated at best a B-economic theory Reaganomics, which is also called Supply Side economics, which many said that it has never worked in real life that huge tax cuts will increase tax revenues for the government, so that government deficits will not increase but rather will decrease. After decades of Reaganomics, the Federal Government deficits have increased to record breaking highs.

  10. I don’t have an issue with celebrities but there are some that need to learn how to stay in their lanes and stick to what they know

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