1. Slotkins was more than a ‘Defense Department Employee’. She was an advisor on Defense issues to Bush and Obama. She is also NOT an election denier, which her opponent is. She is pro right to choice. She is the right person to be re-elected to her seat for a third term. I’m surprised she is the sole Democrat that Cheney has come out to support, but I hope she isn’t the last.

  1. Liz Cheney has come to the conclusion that the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John McCain and Ronald Reagan no longer exists (in my opinion)…

    1. Yeah, Lincoln wouldn’t say racists things in office and declare war on half the country while attacking civil liberties.

      oh wait a minute.

    2. @Rujiel she is wrong that conservative party does still exist but a rino like her and the rest of the sycophants in congress don’t see it whether yall like it or not we will make America great again.

    3. @GRIT51 no she hasn’t not with the Jan 6 clown show just watch what happens after the midterms and the establishment doesn’t get a chance to turn our country into an authoritarian mess.

  2. The most important issue in this election is cleansing this country of the election lies. Only afterwards can we return to politics as usual.

    1. @Michael Mikita Not in this case. The most important thing is keeping our democracy by keeping out autocrats.

  3. As a Republican I saw where this party was heading since 9/11. I have been voting Democrat on a national level since Bush Jr. and sadly the rise of the Betapublicans has forced me to vote Democrat on a local level these last few years.

    It’s a sad day.

    1. @Steven Wozniak What?
      People are finally going back to their jobs that they were laid off from because of the wuhan flu shut downs that were pointless.
      There, I fixed it for you.

    2. @deplorable federalist yes, except literally none of the things you described happened. But if they had then yes, a scam artist just like that.

  4. I disagree with most of Cheney’s policies but that doesn’t matter to me. I want leaders that will stand up for democracy when it is attacked by lies and threats. I want someone who will always choose our country over their political party’s best interest. I’m tired of these power hungry sociopaths in Congress.

    1. @Craig Leighton she voted with Donald Trump 95% of the time. How is that not doing her job? She was one of the first Republicans to come out and say Donald Trump was responsible for January 6th, and he was at the center of trying to overthrow the government. He wanted to install himself as an authoritarian dictator in this country. Liz Cheney stood up for every single American who has ever lived in this country. How is that not doing her job?

    2. @Vuong Nguyen if you believe in fascism, don’t vote for people like Liz chaney. Vote for somebody like Ron DeSantis or the stupider version Greg Abbott in texas. With all those people in office, don’t be surprised when all of your rights go out the window too.

    3. @Elizabeth Dillon – Learn how democracy works. People have the right to vote. Attacking different political views with fascism is so brain less. You must ask for help to correct your tiny brain. BTW. How is your loving life under Biden administration?

    4. @Elizabeth Dillon – Liz is a public servant and she is not your God. People voting for her are expecting her servant not receiving her evils.

    1. Im not sure if it was truth…….I think most of her constituents also figured that out and voted accordingly.

    2. @Mr Rey Big Shout out to the BRAVE Republican women of Kansas Who Voted BLUE and told their MAGAt husbands they voted red. Buckle up Sweetie

  5. While Democrats are gushing over Liz like euphoric teens at a Britney Spears concert, they should be reminded that she is the spawn of Darth Vader. They’ve already adopted every other neocon into their midst; what’s one more.

  6. As a life-long Democrat who misses John McCain, I can only hope that there are some life-long Republicans who will choose to “vote across the aisle” in order to save democracy in America.

    1. John McCain practically got zero support from Dems and thus lost badly while Trump crushed Clinton and narrowly missed against Biden.

    2. @Nil Nil might want to check your numbers. Trump beat Cinton by the exact same electoral count that he lost to Biden, (so much for crushing and then narrowly losing) AND Trump lost the popular vote in both elections, by even a wider margin in the second.

    3. @UncleStu’s Outdoor World I was going to say they were the same amount of votes. Popular vote is meaningless since every state has different populations.

    4. No Republicans are going to vote for the left wing nut jobs jacking the prices up on everything and give BILLIONS to illegals and another country.
      You people are completely oblivious to reality. 🤡

  7. I have been a republican since 1976. The last two elections (counting my early vote this year) I have voted a straight democrate vote. The republican party is no longer the republican party. I will probably vote against republicans for the rest of my life. I hope there are more like me.

  8. I would always vote for someone who I disagree with but is sane over someone completely detached from reality.

    1. @Lori Mojado Pretending to laugh is what the insecure do to project confidence when you now you have lost the argument. You can’t whine your way out of the fact that you are racist.

    2. @Red Rick . Baaaahaaahaaa <---- that wasn't "pretend " I'm really laughing at you. You may have a confidence problem sweety, but not I. Y'all's are just to ridiculous to deal with. 💋

    3. @HKim0072 Also, it would have been better if the Democratic party had NOT supported extremist election deniers this past election primary season. That was just a really stupid thing for them to do.

  9. I thinking working on the J6 committee had a pretty nice impact on her too. It shows just how effective committees can operate when they are focused on the goals rather than partisan bickering and media showboating. It also fosters friendships across the aisle which is an important leading point; it trickles down to the media and citizens who disagree politically

  10. Let’s hope! Also, we need to remember when Cheney lost her primary 1 in 4 Republicans voted for her. That could trouble for some close races for the GOP!

    1. She lost by 40% and most of her votes were from Democrats switching to flood the votes in her favor. She has no support in the GOP. Even if Trump is no longer influential in the GOP, the likes of Liz and Kinzinger will never have a place in the party.

  11. There have been interesting numbers coming out in my state concerning early voters and the unlikely voters category. And the %age of women voting.
    There’s also an interesting 🤔 aspect to the gerrymandering. They moved a section of blue Into a certain congresswoman’s district to remove some blue from a different district. If enough voters are so fed up with her constant harangues and just leave that category blank it might be enough.

  12. What a breath of fresh air I never imagined politics has such people with integrity and courage as Cheney. I hope she will be our president. Thank you Kupp

  13. I’m holding my heart for the US elections, hope you make the right decision to keep your democracy credible, the events on 2020 showed the world the US has potential to become more devided then being united.

    Hopefully y’all come out strong and vote for someone credible, not someone with tantrums.

    Kind regards from the Netherlands

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