1. I’m from Russia. All our lives we have been shown on TV that we are the strongest army in the world. And everyone believed the TV. Now I understand that everything is bad with us. I wish health to Ukraine.

  2. I didn’t like Sean Penn but after I saw he gave his heart and his soul to Ukraine people after Russia invade Ukraine. I became big fan of Sean Penn . Great work Sean .🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇦

    1. Sean Penn is a very brave and dedicated humanitarian. He goes to places the diplomats won’t.

  3. Whether the US gives Ukraine the jets or not the US should start training pilots to fly them so that that option is open.

    But it also requires training ground crews as well for maintenance.

    1. they are currently receiving pronoun training but as soon as that is sorted they will be trained to fly if they have marginalized candidates available and are cleared of any extremism flags.

    2. You know what’s funny is; if Israel was being attacked from border states, Israel wouldn’t hesitate to attack those so-called neutral countries. I don’t know if it’s NATO telling Ukraine they can’t launch attacks inside Belarus but it seems completely ridiculous for Ukraine to fight with one arm tied behind its back.

    1. The troll above who said “Fuk what you saying here” are on any video about Ukraine. They’re trolls with all different names harassing commenters with the same sentence and link

    1. This kind of stuff should be done BEHIND the scenes. I’m sure than Penn’s intentions are good, but this push should NOT be fronted by a Hollywood actor.

  4. We (the United States) need to give Ukraine literally EVERYTHING they need to WIN!! Not to just hold their current ground.
    And that includes training!
    Ukraine should also allow Eric Prince (founder of BlackWater) to put together a a large battle group to head in and take the Russians out! If the Russians can employ and support the Wagner group, Ukraine can support private contractors as well snd should certainly do so!!

    1. We volunteer you as tribute to open your check book and donate to Ukraine. Also, hop on a plane and fight for them

    2. @Sayin wat Let Ukraine fight for Ukraine. Smaller countries can defeat a superpower. It is possible.

  5. It so honorable and courageous for these celebrities to use their platform to help Ukraine. Joe Biden has really unified this country into helping the Ukrainian people with all of our resources possible.

    1. Funny, haven’t heard anything from Penny on helping Palestinians. Oh wait, he’s Hsiwej. Makes sense why he wants to help Zelenskyy.

  6. It’s not just pilot training on American fighters; you need to train the ground crew. Normally, for every 1 hour flight time there would be around 3.5 to 4.5 hours of inspection and maintenance. You would need a repair depot, spare parts, munitions training, inspection training, and other support ground crew training.

    1. He always has been. His activism is just his priority now not acting. His organization CORE does amazing work in Haiti and during the worst of the Covid pandemic. He walks the talk. And he’s not doing it to satisfy his ego.

  7. Sean Penn is an amazing actor and a super human being. He sees the death, destruction and devastation russia is inflicting on Ukraine, and he’s speaking out. Ukraine needs more famous people to do the same, perhaps then world leaders would be reminded of the urgency.

  8. I think Mr.Penn really cares about victims & does all he CAN to help..wish more were like that.

  9. Sean’s a good dude. He is a true humanitarian and gives a lot of his time and resources to help people in need.

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