Search for giant, border-hopping murder hornet nest in B.C. 1

Search for giant, border-hopping murder hornet nest in B.C.

Washington State officials believe a tagged murder hornet has made its way into B.C.

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    1. Why isn’t anyone Johnny Appleseeding the forests with bee colonies. There’s bee keepers that can make hives. Just dump them all over the place.

  1. I wonder what the chances of the Murder Hornet mating with a our North American Hornet queens are!? Is it possible that this might develop a hybrid species?! The Polar bear and the Grizzly are now known to have mated and made a hybrid bear species, some argue that this was done for survival of the species but we don’t really know for sure. Another example is the Wolf and Coyote hybrids that have been found aswell. Sure I am comparing insects and mammals but realistically speaking both insects are hornet species so why couldn’t it it happen??

    1. @RedRazr obviously Polar bears don’t eat Grizzlies…but, bears are known to cannibalize their own cubs in certain circumstances.

  2. They are already in the Niagara region I saw one about 18 years ago i had no clue what kind it was but now I do.

  3. If someone that is allergic to bee’s gets stung by one of these Asian hornets, can that person die?

  4. I seen one in Ontario Canada. Roughly 2yrs ago. The thing was massive…but there was only one. It was on the inside peak of a wood shed.

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