1. Breaking News.
    Stay tuned about upcoming story about chipmunk run over by a city bus – we will stay with that story all night, if we have too! Dam it!
    P.S. You do know, what we eat animals, right?!

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. It could already have been served for Sunday dinner ……

  2. Really this is on 6 o’clock Garbage news a lost frikin goat. Nothing better to report on. What is this world coming too.

  3. Well I hate to point this out but I can say that a predator could be the culprit, a four legged predator would be my guess during the night . Just saying this scenario would be the most probable.

  4. i dont think police have the funding for this type of project maybe get a social worker on the case they have more funding then the police

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