Search underway in Ontario for a couple that disappeared over the weekend

York Regional Police say they are trying to locate a Markham couple who have been missing since Saturday.

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  1. Hopefully they are found without harm. It’s not like they felt pushed through the cracks and decided to suddenly move 4 hours away from family that love and care about their well-being, their family actually cares.

    1. Sadly, they got killed anyway. My heart goes out with their family 🙁 Their body has found on the trailer today according from the BBC News

    2. @jon k a joy to be around? I eventually moved 4 hours away from a unapologetic bone breakingly violent afterlife professing wannabe chuck norris type of older brother who took over our sadly missed very caring nonviolent atheist parents Toronto home.

      Please be safe, pandemics and violence never produces afterlives even if you want to pretend otherwise.

    1. Sadly, they got killed anyway. My heart goes out with their family 🙁 Their body has found on the trailer today according from the BBC News

  2. I told my parents that theirs a Vietnamese couple missing and they literally brushed me off with their ignorance by saying they are adults , drug issues , gambling debt , so they decided to run away and go on vacation or something,. …

  3. You GOTTA get a search party of vehicles, to drive that stretch of highway a few times. Just in case they had an accident & drove off the road. They could be trapped in the brush along side of the highway!!

    1. HWY 7 is not a real highway, has a bunch of traffic like and pathways with both commercial and residential building. But I do wonder what happened to their car, if it is located, if not why wouldn’t they provide the description of their vehicle.

    1. No way! It is the Liberal rule under Trudeau now, nobody should worry about any illegal activities; everything is legalized!

  4. Simple! check all waterways between where they were last seen and where they were going, 90% of the time when more than 1 adult goes missing for no reason with a vehicle they are found weeks or years later in the water still in the vehicle.
    Edit: I didn’t realize there was so much water so close to the road in Markham but from a look at google maps, I would be getting some scuba gear if these were my kids.

    1. @LittleFlairTee – Etsy Tshirt Store umm a plug is basically someone who sell medicine without the government knowing

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