Searching For ‘Trigger Mechanism’ For Condo Collapse: Investigator 1

Searching For ‘Trigger Mechanism’ For Condo Collapse: Investigator


Structural engineer Allyn Killsheimer discusses his investigation into the Surfside condo collapse. 
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    1. A Homeowner’s Association is not a business model for greed. It is a collective of homeowners who pay dues for maintenance and repairs. It’s all about whether they had sufficient info to make a good decision. Apparently previous inspections misled them, and then it is Very common anyway, for infighting among the homeowners to get things done. Even individual homeowners balk at spending big bucks for repairs. Nobody wants to spend $3000 to get their car repaired unless the mechanic tells them it’s a life or death proposition. Get 150 of them to agree on spending millions? I’m surprised condos EVER survive, lol.

  1. He says he would let his grandchildren live or sleep in the other building, let’s see him, saying and doing are very different.

    1. If their work on 9/11 is any guide surely NIST should wait to hear what the outcome of their investigation should be before pretending to do anything.

  2. My summer job when I was younger had a large overhead sign when you entered the shop area and it said WOULD YOU BUY WHAT YOU BUILT TODAY ?

  3. The building you see right next door in the shot 1:37 was built in 2017/18 after a previous building was demolished in 2016. Could all that activity that close have affected the ground the condo was on?

    1. I agree. The digging and excavation for the underground parking along the area of the pool which seems to be where all the structural issues were concentrated.
      That excavation could have weakened the compacted integrity of the pool ground area (weather, rains, activity, etc).
      That I think would have been the weakening area of the pool’s ground under the slab that started the structural decay

  4. Not likely to sleep well. Entire bldg is monolithic. if one collapsed by sudden failure mechanism meaning only due to foundation, than collapse mechanism still remains.

  5. His statement that he would let his family and grand kids stay in the North building to me seems like a rather stupid statement . He said that they do not know what caused the first building to collapse yet for what ever reason he thinks that the sister building is safe . Same building , same construction and same crumbling columns in the parking garage . Sorry but I am with the Mayor in saying that I would not sleep in the building .

    1. Yes but only 2 flashes of light in one building right before it imploded I mean “collapsed”

  6. 20, 30, 40 possibilities. Apparently this guy hasn’t read the last inspection. He was probably hired by the people who didn’t want to spend the money to make the necessary repairs.

  7. I’d like to know if the condo association board members also live in that building or if they just took the $1 million in dues per year for themselves.

  8. Florida man hits basement support column with car??
    Stranger things have been found to be true. Hello Allstate…

  9. I’m tired of investigations be conducted by incompetent people.
    I don’t find it easy to trust people because they all seem to have motives to or not to speak wholly.

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