Seattle Mayor Defends Protesters In ‘Autonomous Zone’ From Trump’s Threats | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


  1. So I guess its okay for anarchists to build a wall, establish checkpoints, require photo ids, and create an armed security force all in 24 hours. Welcome Lord of the flies…

    1. @Alex Ocasio-Gomez an·ar·chy
      a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.

    2. I think it’s a total disgrace that they have a border with a checkpoint, whatever happened to open borders? 😂

    3. Kristi Marie so are you saying they did it wrong like there was no true communist country ever.

  2. “No one is above the law.” Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris…

    1. President Trump needs to come in and do something about this the people that live there are scared for their lives they have the constitutional right to live in and be free and in this situation they’re not they’re being held captive by these protesters and the mayor of f****** Seattle is letting it happen he needs to come in and save the law by citizens that are being held captive in their own neighborhood for other reasons that they just happen to live there they don’t want a part of this s*** just like a black lives that matter or three blocks down the street don’t want a part of this s*** President Trump you need to come in and do something this is ridiculous and the mayor needs to be held accountable for treason at the least impeached for not protecting her f****** citizens lullaby The people the pay taxes that she is not protected right now their civil liberties while she sits at home in her f****** mansion f*** that b****

    2. @jamie griffin NO! Trump should let Seattle burn right to ashes. The MAYOR even said he’s not welcome to intervene! After it is truly finished, Americans can go in, sweep up and establish a reasonable city infrastructure, perhaps absent any leftists! That would CERTAINLY be better than what they’ve had there.

    1. ​@chichanleon123 heh, it’s not in invasion, it is putting down an armed rebellion. Seattle and “CHAZ” is part of the US. The Insurrection Act exists you know. And, Trump can send in troops to Seattle even without permission from Congress as he is commander-in-chief and that he is not deploying troops to foreign nations.

  3. You know you people would lose less votes if you came out and condemned these people. Keep it up, though.

    1. @William Tongsiri Competency is awfully slim on the local, state and national level and in both parties these days. In an actual, competitive political system, there would be viable third parties that could offer other solutions. But, no….!

    2. @logan10662 Batman doesn’t put up with that crap in Gotham. So, Gotham actually is looking better all the time.

  4. “police response times have tripled in that area because of the precinct closure”… Nice, now when someone is getting robbed or murdered inside their home, it can take the cops 3 times as long to show up. Thanks, protestors.

    1. Robberies and murders happen in seconds. I have hardly ever seen police catch a felony as it happens

    2. Not to worry with the councilors and social workers standing at the ready. Don’t ya know the police are “the problem”. It’s all a big distraction. And pathetic

  5. “The threat to invade Seattle”. She’s trying to make it sound like Seattle is a country, and the U.S. is “invading”. This woman needs to be fired, arrested and imprisoned. Completely insane.

    1. @Alex Ocasio-Gomez LOL. Give me a few minutes, I’m heading to my downtown. I’m going to declare it as my own country and I’m the new Sheriff/President. Let’s see how well that goes.

    2. @Merkava4IMI Apparently it might go all right if you have the right social justice cause behind you.

  6. Seattle mayor’s hatred for Trump has scrambled her brains removing any ability to make a logical and just decision!!!

    1. @Cee Little Trump’s walls were apparently only fences as well once funding was taken away. Repurposed to protect Americans.

  7. I like how she claims that the POTUS “Invading and dividing” is illegal. Does she not understand that’s literally what the anarchist did?

    1. Those arent anarchist. Those are butthurt college kids. You americans have no idea what true anarchy is.

    2. @thegeorgezila What “need” is there to take over the police department and any other building they’ve taken over down there? The 1960’s called and they want their acid back, you filthy hippie.

    1. Nah just play some nirvana and toss in a bunch of shotguns with only one shell per each of them. The rest will solve itself as it did so many years ago.

  8. MSNBC be like: It’s a “street festival 😀”.
    People in Baghdad be like: “Your street SUCKS!”

    1. @thom wessels
      If autonomy means independent country then I geuss USA doesnt exist and that all and each state are a single independent sovereign nation.
      Smh at you…

    2. Erto Bert ummmmmm, CHAZ. Declared that a country. Explain, because maybe I miss the point. They re taking up 6 city blocks. Put up walls.. barricades. And are asking for people to come (ARMED)and defend their borders. You have to show ID to get past the barriers. Rap star turned general. Stating this is the new land. Maybe I missed something. Or your watching to much CNN.

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