1. @Denshi, Dragon of Extreme Pants im not demanding anything im just not a fan of generalized statement. These days people are too generalized with there bs narratives. I prefer context.

    2. What if the law is not favoring the right people, from what I’ve seen it’s exactly what’s happening

    3. @Rodney Boehner the new ISIS are the right wing militias like the Boogaloo Boys who are going out with rifles and planning attacks to instigate larger responses. Remember all those nuts who said they would stand up to the government with their guns? Yeah, those people

    4. johnny johnson Um the fact that cops have immunity. 🙄 Cmon people google is literally a click away. Use it.

  1. “Not an armed takeover.” Tell that to the armed men showing gang signs at their fabricated “border”.

    1. just imgine if they showed up like the liberation protesters in michigan with battle gear. Camo and firearms in the legislature, no gas, no arrests, no beatings. Now be a 70 year old hispanic and walk up to an officer and complain, then get treated for injuries sustained because you are a threat


    3. @Steven Fry Imagine if they fire bombed the police and buildings then stole from hard working business owners already hurting from the lockdown.

    4. dont forget the WARLORD they have beating and extorting people. “not an armed takeover” my left nut.

    1. @d bc i wouldn’t call it that. it has a warlord who is beating and extorting CHAZ’s citizens.

    1. Let’s be honest and put politics aside for a second, Epstein had too many links to people on every side of the aisle that there’s no way he was going to get investigated. The fact that his “suicide” was so easily brushed off and turned into a meme is crazy to me.

    2. good to see you have your priorities in order. Next 5 months are going to be a nightmare for you.

    3. He was Donald Trump’s buddy at one time. Bill Clinton’s buddy.. Corporate oligopoly people who ruled this country many of them were his clients.. expect no investigation the issue is dead

  2. GM and other big companies took all the PPE so they can run. rich get richer including Trump But we can have the crumbs thanks Trump.

    1. Low Koalatee sure Trump says questionable things at times and should remember why they are protesting. Notice I said protesting because it is different than looting. Looters and anyone who supports destruction should remember why the protestors are there. Everyone tries to discredit this matter. But what do I know 🤷‍♂️?

    2. check out their warlord and his armed gaurds. they are diverse and will beat you senseless if you don’t agree.

  3. Dominate with compassion, assassinate with love, bend with a ruler, persuade with a threat, conquer by sympathy…..

    1. too bad the zone has a warlord who beats up anyone trying to film him. that compassion, love, and sympathy got really far.

  4. Has Trump seen that this is mostly White people protesting???? Maybe if they carried torches when they chant would make him feel better???

  5. Mr. Coumo, is that fine with you what’s going on in Seattle? I live in Seattle and I’m sick and tired of this. These protests have been going on for way too long. These morons taking over the police department is a disgrace. I don’t care about peaceful, they took over this section of downtown and we are scared to go near it. Jenny Durkan you are a disgrace. What a joke… “block party”? You are embarrassing us that these idiots took over the police department and you cant get it back by force. Wake up. This is not fine with what’s going on in Seattle. We don’t feel safe here with criminals on the streets and no police present

    1. @Jeff Garberding where do you live that police killing people all the time. Most police officers are good and protecting the public. If you have one animal who did this in Minnesota doesn’t mean all cops are bad. Go live in areas with low police presence and see how life is over there. You imagining a reality that doesn’t exist

    2. @Robert Goss Most leftist are wanting a Communist country which they really don’t want. Then they would have to work and would own nothing. It would be great for the Government officials. There is a reason it did not work in other countries. China is the exception but they are horrified of the CCP. There is a lot of corruption there as well.

    1. Gamer Rage Democrats, Republicans, both seem to be Americans. Are Democratic and Republicans from another country? Left or right, wtf dude next thing your going to say is that whites are the only capitalist and everyone else is socialist. Of course Democrats can be capitalist or even Republicans, we are all Americans or just people chasing the so called American Dream. No different then your family that came from some other distant place. That is unless you are Native American. Then again who am I to say, I’m just giving my Republican thoughts about it all.

    2. @dogboy1953 no one is saying that people (not just police) shouldn’t be held accountable for what has happened. but DESTROYING EVERYTHING isn’t going to solve this. its only going to make it worse. these cities that are getting destroyed will really feel these riots in just a few years. This will absolutely (if not fixed quickly) destroy that city.

  6. Can you say hopeless left ,
    mayor? says wants more testing while she condones these protests lol!


    1. so committed to the bit, they sacrifice their underlings. i would quit if i worked for cnn, no fake story is worth my life.

  8. The mayor is completely incompetent for trying to play down the riots as a ‘block party’. Unbelievable.

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