Seattle Mayor: Looks Like Trump Is Rehearsing For Martial Law | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Rehearsing for Martial Law is exactly what Trump is doing. Trump will use Martial Law to try and stop the election.

    1. @Kathy Dryland you got the whole story backwards dudet Democrats equal cancer do some research .

    2. @Paul Knowsit the democratic ain’t trying to start a civil war your dictator inchief athe republicass are sorry

    1. @KM JR she is running off of mob fear

      I actually agree with the protestors on this one. Shes useless and needs to resign

  2. Hes more desperate every day,. As bad as this is already, it can, and most likely will, get worse.He wants a civil war. He wants a reason

    1. Bro youre so right and im so scared. I never thought this could happen in america today. Anyone who voted for this man should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. @s 400
      I believe the problem is 140000 people dying.

      But then again maybe you think they’re still alive.

      That would be such a cool conspiracy.
      And it would be like The 4400.

      100000 dead covid-19 humans , are returned back to life from an alien spaceship.

    2. As I’m sure there are protestors preparing truck bombs to take out the feds by the hundreds. Good luck American and thanks for the show.

  3. What if Trump issue martial law on the day of election ? Does that mean the election activities should stop till the martial law is released ?

    1. Donald Trump cannot cancel or postpone the November 3 general election by executive order, under the parameters of a national emergency or disaster declaration, or even if he declared martial law.
      In an extreme scenario where the electoral college does not vote, Mr Trump’s term would still expire at midday on January 20, 2021.
      This means control of the presidency would then go down the line of succession.
      Unless Mr Trump is re-elected, there will be a new head of state next year.

    2. That is the plan. There are a couple of backup plans too. Trump stooges as “poll observers” attempting to prevent voters getting into the polling booth. Study up the various tricks Putin has pulled and add a bit of local ingenuity such as done by Brian Kemp and you will understand.

    3. If he does not allow the election to take place then Nancy Pelosi becomes president by default in January. We had better protect that lady well because right now she is what we have standing between us and a complete crap hole dictatorship.

    1. @Fizzgig majority didn’t vote for him then and won’t vote for him in Nov so maybe you should leave

    2. @ki0ng Actually you’re wrong, and the majority will be voting for him this time when they have seen you liberals destroy this country for the last 4 years.

    3. @Fizzgig that means you have short memory. Check again who were the presidents before Clinton and Obama fixed the economy. When you’re at it check again who makes the current atmospheric nemployment number.

  4. Just thought of a chant the non violent sit down protesters could use… ” Hey, hey Donnie J. how many folks ya gonna pepper today?”… make pumpkinhead own that riff on a classic.

    1. @polarisman09 yes women right to an abortion, and just as companies can opt out of letting their female employees have BC covered by insurance Men should not be allowed ED meds

    2. @polarisman09 hey abortion was legal when you were born. It’s a shame you’re still here 😂😂😂

    3. @tired of the problems How do you know my age Butthead??💩💩💩💩 No it wasn’t. It did not happen for another Decade

    1. @polarisman09 I wouldn’t say so, Trump is certainly acting like an aspiring dictator spinning up a campaign for dominance by violence rather than legally democratic vote.

    2. His success is up to the Voters. If Americans want to have a vote next time they better VOTE in Nov.

  5. If we were a functioning democracy, Congress would assert itself and block this lawless and criminal Presidential from sending paramilitaries to American – and not coincidentally Democratic- cities. Imagine if Barack Obama were sending DHS storm troopers to Republican cities. Democrats in Congress would join with Republicans to impeach him. There’s the difference between the two parties. One is committed to democracy, and the other is fascist.

  6. I think she is right. The best/only way to defeat them is mass resistance. So massive they are totally overwhelmed

    1. And you will end up with what happens in some places – your “peaceful” protests bring down the other side’s government, they do the same next week to your side’s government, your side does it again the following week, “courtesy” requires they respond in the week after that and ……
      “Peaceful” protest has to have a very carefully conscribed, non-disruptive meaning or “peaceful” becomes meaningless.

    2. I disagree. Escalation plays into their hands. I think you go the _opposite way_ & make their show of force redundant. Then when they are removed, restart the protests.

    3. Trump wants a reason to get reelected. GOP want you to make riots happen so they can make marshal law in act. This is all happening under TRUMP – trump is already blaming biden for it. its dumb.

  7. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy, 1962

    1. As I Walk Thru The Valley Of Death I Shall Fear No Evil For I Am The Meanest Mutha Fkr In The Valley !! Khe Sahn 68 !!! Be Careful what u Wish For !!! Pogue !!!

    2. @Angelica Lynn Well said, that was my exact thought after I read their response.
      They are such hypocrites!

  8. Seattle Mayor “we’re prepared to take whatever legal action is necessary ” WHY WAIT? Do it NOW!!!

    1. @Angelica Lynn Have you realized what just happened
      1. Trump mentions HCQ in March on purpose
      2. He knew the MSM would attack it and lie to the people with fake studies
      3. He let the MSM spread the lies, he allowed Fauci,Gov,Mayors push the narrative
      4. Meanwhile, Dr’s, Countries & organizations were testing HCQ, the results are conclusive it works
      5. The [DS]/MSM thought they were in control, they won the battle against HCQ
      6. They were wrong, Trump led them down this path on purpose, sometimes you must show the people

      7. People will now learn that the lockdowns were not necessary.
      8. The shutdown of the economy was not necessary
      9. The destruction of personal businesses and lives was not necessary
      10. There was always a cure, but the people will learn that HCQ acts like a vaccine

    2. @Ralph and Theo I suggest you both start taking it (HCQ) a lot of it, “what do you have to lose”

    3. @Ralph and Theo You are useless to talk too. Everything you said is a lie. For one he is too stupid to understand any kind of subterfuge. I have a friend that has lupus (you know one of the two uses of HCQ). She takes it for her disease. Oh and guess what? She caught Covid. Does it work as you say? Absolutely not. Every study that has showed it helping are incredibly low numbers. Also since they do not show who they gave it to or get it peer reviewed means they are probably fudging the numbers. Anyone that still touts that drug has absolutely no sense and is not worth the energy of talking too. I cannot have an intelligent conversation with someone that is dumber than trump (who brags about “passing” a test designed to be easy and made for dementia patients).

  9. no election in november
    postponed due to covid/war/something
    it’s the only way trump & his gang stay out of jail
    helsinki / putin’s playbook @ work

    1. I doubt it is to postpone/stop the election. Because if there is no President elected, neither Trump is elected and won’t have the constitutional mandate to remain in power. The speaker of the House will automatically become the new President.
      Rather it may be a way to suppress voters in different ways that could possible be considered legal.

    1. @steven gegar What a rude, racist comment! Trump has split this nation in two. I’m from Seattle, and I appreciate the mayor for her commitment. If there is any justice, Trump will go to prison.

    2. @steven gegar I’m a United States Desert Storm Navy veteran, and I was born in the United States. Yeah, that exportation won’t be happening.

  10. In my country, Norway, we would call those “agents” “traitors”. And we would treat them as such.

    1. @Rockie Hale lol you only try to stop things that will hurt you…….Pretty sure he will be pretty happy about a landslide victory

    2. @Rockie Hale if you actually believe, you are insane. No question about. Insane. That a US president will enact martial law to slam though his election and agenda. What has he done that would make you think that? Either you are insane or a disingenuous liar.

      On one hand you declare him a tyrant for using federal police, lawfully, to protect federal property, and on the other, your side wants masks to be enforced on the federal level which would entail in federal law enforcement to enforce. Make up your mind. You know what, scratch that, you already have. You love federal power when it’s your side, but hate when the other side uses it. You are a hypocrite. Just like the socialists and the communists in your party, the only reason you are fighting the feds is because you want to be the feds. You are the actual tyrant. And any sane person can see that.

      Either that, or like I said, you are bat $*** crazy…

  11. Trump’s response on Coronavirus: -1000%
    Trump’s response on citizens exercising first amendment rights: +1000%

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