Seattle Protesters Use Umbrellas To Guard Against Possible Pepper Spray | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

NBC News Correspondent Jo Ling Kent joins as Seattle cancels its curfew and protests crowds swell as nationwide protests continue in the wake of George Floyd's fatal arrest. Aired on 6/3/2020.
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Seattle Protesters Use Umbrellas To Guard Against Possible Pepper Spray | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. I was thinking like industrial goggles, but yes goggles of some sort! I wouldn’t want to lose an eye.

  1. Yesterday a man stood in front of a tank whose driver threatened to run him over. Today citizens are using umbrellas to protect themselves from the government. Is this all ringing a bell to anyone else?

    1. This devolution of our Constitution has been consistently eroded by Trump’s administration and the Senate who have been protecting him. Anyone who knows about Nazis and what they stand for and how they act are almost identical to the Rep party rn. The corrupt elites on both sides are selling our country to the highest bidders. Even the DNC have outed themselves as being wholly corrupt. Nancy Pelosi has also been a part, refusing to bring charges when they literally could have impeached him the first year. They’re all working for the same rich donors who have promised them protection.

    2. @Cray Fish lolololol please go to China Uncensored on YouTube. Search how they’ve thrown blacks out of their houses, refuse service to them and wouldn’t even let them stop in the streets. Had to leave China or be imprisoned. Literally no blacks allowed in China rn.

  2. The people have the right to assemble. Stand down, armed forces, stand down now. You are also Americans!

    1. @Flat Moon Society the media doesn’t need to push anything when you have police bearing up reporters

    2. @Kathrine Kerns the problem there is lt.col.vindmen did that and look what happened to him .. there is no legality while trump and his henchmen are in charge

    3. Yes, any show of force against peaceful protesters is a violation of their rights under the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

    1. And the truth is that the Hong Kong protesters tactics used are taught by US secret service sent over from US to specially train the Hong-Kong protesters.

    2. 💯When Hong Kong rioters do this Trump says they are fighting for ‘freedom’ when his own citizens do this they are ‘thugs or Antifa’ and just ‘shoot them’ Guess he won’t be calling any of these protestors ‘very fine people’ ✌️

    3. @Stella Tan not the first time the US funded and trained radicals backfired. This is america’s second 9/11

    4. @Das Lim . Should add “Evangelical agents” there.

      Hongkong’s imbeciles never knew the truth about evangelicals untill now.

    1. john hodge Sadly in the US the unions for law enforcement are part of the problem. The police officer that killed George Floyd had a long history of excessive force. The unions make it impossible to get rid of bad apples.

    1. @Simone De Filippo wtf are you on about? Nobody should be coerced to do anything. Stop being so hyperbolic

    2. @Chris G he went to that church because it was attacked by protesters,Trump need to restore order,in fact he should organized a false flag,like burning an historic church,so he could crack down really hard

    3. @Simone De Filippo Reverend Gerbasi interview on it. Video of ecactly what happened and the Reverend’s eye witness account. Peaceful protest.

    4. If anything its winning him a lot more votes.
      American citizens are sick and tired of liberals burning and looting their cities.

  3. Trump ” the stupid genius” is thinking the crowd is practicing for his second inauguration.

    1. Trump isnt the one burning down cities, looting and murdering American citizens and destroying their property and lives. You Liberals own that.

    1. im in soccerstadiums all over europe and i gotta admit : copact grouping … crisp chanting ….impressive

    2. Idk what they’re saying but it sounds like they went to a seminar for chants haha

    1. That’s RIGHT. I was at the inauguration to protest it, & it was a thin crowd of people supporting him, the creep. Our protest crowds were bigger then in 2017 than his “inauguration.” Vote him OUT, please VOTE.

    2. So big, So strong…my protesting crowd.😂.They were came out in large numbers😆 very big numbers
      …… protesting me bigly.🤣…👐

  4. American Protestors have learned from Chinese Protestors how to protect themselves.

    1. @Irene Li You also hk protesters violent when I think less then 2 police officers died 😒😒😒

  5. Crisis exposes draft dodging “Bunker Boy”. He courted this crisis on his own head and his ineptitude is exposed. He has no idea how to navigate this great nation through adversity. The silent GOP must be petrified. The movement and moment is slipping away and they can feel it. They know. Their great leader, “Bunker Boy”, is blowing it.

    1. His is simply incompetent and very weak n immature leader, Americans has to vote him out now

  6. At last American protesters are taking lessons from the vastly experienced and resilient Hongkonger protesters!😁😁😁

    1. AMERICA DOES NOT WANT SEATTLE! America’s most racist city! (Check my facts!)
      Mississippi is 37% African American
      US Navy is 27% African American
      General Motors Assembly line (in 1950s Midwest) 15% African American
      Amazon, Microsoft, and Google in Seattle are 2% African American
      In the 1940s Harry S. Truman FORCIBLY INTEGRATED the US Military
      In 1960s the National Guard FORCIBLY INTEGRATED Arkansas Schools
      In 1980s the National Guard FORCIBLY INTEGRATED Boston Bussing
      In 2020s the National Guard should FORCIBLY INTEGRATE Amazon, Microsoft, and Google
      America will be a better country when Seattle and Amazon, Microsoft, and Google in Seattle are gone! BTW a 2% employment rate has not been since the JIM CROW SOUTH!!! It is great to see this type of fight against such overt racism!

    2. Hong Kong protestor go to US congress: Dear policeman of the world, defender of human rights, lighthouse of Democracy, please come and liberate Hong Kong
      American: murder their own citizen in broad daylight; crush protest with National Guard
      Hong Kong protestor: nvm

    3. @pat comerford Robo man did not make any comment on HK being US funded. I think you misread. It was the paid 20 cent army who made comments.

    1. If they call off the curfew it may not be a peaceful for the rest of the week. Mayors meeting with community leaders doesn’t matter to rioters does it? They are calling for the community to police itself. It’s not going to do a good job & the police are hired to protect us. Old people in wheelchairs are suppose to take on fire extinguishers and bricks to protect the city because the Mayor had a feel good photo session with “community leaders”? REALLY? They say they can handle it but if a fire gets out of control or something worse and a log jamb of people & burned out cars something beyond terrible can happen. They talk SAFE & putting people at RISK. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Hopefully after the failed experiment they will get curfews and restore order. This people used to say video games don’t lead to violence but social games grow a mob mentality. Acting alone these are basically normal people but are in a amphetamine (adderal) Fantasy land of the oppressed elitist. the only way they’ve learnt to express their self is through video games and rage. They’re dressing exactly like Grand theft Auto and carry a Molotov cocktails. Staying in touch with one another and occasionally get in the screen grab. They think of something bad happens there going to respawn. That’s why they’re so be a logical after all it’s just a game.

    2. @Mine Finder to quote the famous Australian actor Darryl Kerrigan: “Tell ’em they’re dreaming”.

    1. darth_vader Umbrellas are too much of a hassle when it rains all day everyday for half the year. Besides, we are adept at dodging raindrops. 😅

  7. Subtle rebuke since Trump doesn’t know how to use an umbrella, we’ve all seen the video.

    1. @Ash Roskell Nothing matters anymore to him. We need a huge showing in November and nonstop protests. Those who refuse to act should be vote out.

    2. @rana pipien Yup, peaceful protests by day, home with the family by evening. It takes away power from those who would abuse it and empowers freedom and liberty

    1. Picket Fence .. I’m thought 💭 I was the older one , I lived in Seattle & Tacoma for 34 years, I went to many concerts in the area since 1987 -2018 ;the Kingdome , Tacoma Dome ,Bombershoot,Gorge,Whiteriver Amphitheater, Key 🔑 Arena ,etc etc . Great memories too. Stay home 🏡 if you can & be safe. Blessings and greetings from the Sonoran Desert 🌵 Mexico 🇲🇽

    2. @Roberto Gutierrez I love those concerts at the Columbia Gorge! Tom Petty, the Allman Brothers, magical. I’m a career RN due to retire in 2 years, working 12 hour shifts. I wish I could stay home, but in the wake of COVID-19 we are all working longer hours due to staffing. Nurses have quit in fear for their families health. Stay safe, the virus has not changed. ♡

    3. Definitely 🤣 When I first moved to Seattle in ’89, I was confused that all the men seemed to wear their ties over their shoulders, and no one carried umbrellas. The first couple of times I tried to walk downtown from first hill… and the wind turned my umbrella inside out, I got it. Hats and hoods for real rain, nothing for mist and drizzle. 😂

    4. @josie Oh yeah, you’ve had the experience. There is a beautiful mural of Jimi Hendrix over the pawn shop on first ave. where he bought his first guitar. Seattle is so beautiful. The weather is one of our best kept secrets. I live for the misty rain on a June morning down at Pike Place Market drinking hot coffee, buying fresh fish and flowers. Don’t you miss it? 😉

    1. @Ronnie Siew so Pelosi used this on Trump then. Blame Trump for encouraging HK and in return blame HK for spreading it to Divided States of America

    2. to bad joe biden was on video saying shoot the protests in the chest Just shoot them in the legs… that’s your alternative

  8. wow they really serious about this…kinda proud its lasting this long.

    1. @The Damon nope they are creating a racist world against whites. The US already treats all races by equal rights so idk what u want to change except for removing freedom of speech like a total moron lol.

    2. It’s not going to end until the change is made brother. It’s far over due! I stand with all my fellow brothers and sisters for their rights to equality!

    1. When an arrow storm so large blocks out the Sun your only option is to make a wall of metal with the spirit of Sparta

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