Sec. Blinken Meeting With Foreign Minister Is ‘Practical Diplomacy,’

Sec. Blinken Meeting With Foreign Minister Is 'Practical Diplomacy,' 1


  1. Keep in mind, one large benefit of commerce among nations: peace. You are less likely to be attacked, if you have a business relationship. And that’s better than no relationship. However, at the same time, with Russia, you can not reward bad behavior.

    1. The 3 biggest political issues of the coming decades: climate, ending nukes, and lessening human numbers.

    2. @Bat Boy — Well, so declare war on Russia !! Napoleon and Hitler will help you. And Vietnam too. :))) 😎

  2. When you shake the right hand of a Russian diplomat, keep your eye on what his left hand is doing.

    1. @tingle blade Mr Lavrov is a Wise Intelligent Foreign Minister,
      He will be there after Blinken has gone……Same as Kerry
      and Pompeo !

  3. Somebody give Blinken a lollipop for a job well done.
    He survived the meeting without a diaper change.
    Good boy Tony, good boy.

    1. you could’ve walked for 10 min and elected Hilary 4 years ago . but you stayed home asleep and someone came and sabotaged the image of your country for 4 years . like they say building is difficult ,demolishing is easy.

    2. @No Show Joe well that’s the legacy trump left you right there . the us is falling behind slowly and picking it up will take lot of time and lot of efforts.

  4. Friendly reminder that despite the Stable Genius saying “no ones been tougher on Russia,” he was the guy who Putin was helping to get elected. 😅😂

  5. American national security is just securing monopolies for the ‘philanthropists’ and how to extract the worlds resources for themselves and making the public pay for the military needed to carry it out. Private public partnership – private profit – public soldiers

    1. The US is losing the grabfest for ww nat’l resources. China has infiltrated most of Africa. Over half the Arctic is Russia’s domain. Thankfully, there are treaties on Antarctica and the moon, but they’re rather fragile agreements.

  6. They just hacked our pipeline for practice so they can hack Germany’s pipeline in the future.

  7. We still had diplomacy with the Russians during the darkest periods of the Cold War, would you prefer Biden just screams incoherently on Twitter like the last guy did?

  8. US traditionally thinks it can force changes with adversaries via bullying. We can effect changes through smart negotiations (like Iran dialing down its nuke program), but the bullying (Trump threatening Kim, for example) is often counter-productive.

    1. Well, so declare war on Russia !! Napoleon and Hitler will help you. and Vietnam too. :))) 😎

  9. It’s rich to hear she thinks jailing Navalny is a human rights violation when the US is keeping Julian Assange imprisoned for reporting on American war crimes. The hypocrisy of Americans knows no bounds. The world is laughing at you, and for good reason. You have no moral high ground to negotiate with.

  10. … the talk is actually for the return of earnest money (down payment) that the Dtrump adm paid to Danmark for the sale of Greenland, now that US couldn’t force the sale to fruition. (Technically, Ernest monies are not returnable to the buyer side of sale and purchases agreement).

    1. Do you know what an apple is, do you know what an orange is, You do see they are different, right? This is good!

  11. I love how Joe runs all over Mika. He never responds to her or responds after. KNow your value Mika.

  12. 4:23 “Because Russia is still meddling into Ukraine”… I’m Russian. I would like to know your opinion abot US activities in Europe, Asia and etc.. also I would like you to imagine Russian Forces in Canada and Mexico, Hawaii…

    1. I gather you have to consider your suggestion, although very reasonable, as too advanced for americans to comprehend. Most likely the hosting country as well as other scandinavian countries are under constant surveillance by USA. And this they take for granted. What is more dangerous is that the responsible politicians in respective countries lack, completely, the curage to question such unlawful possessions. For certain Iceland as well as Sweden are under surveillance 24/7.

  13. The Right Side of History
    Even if we look past how we as Americans have treated our native Indians and other groups we still consider ourselves morally obligated to do the right thing which is aid and support the oppressed people of the world. It is just something we do. Jews have had a long history of being oppressed. We strongly support Israel which seems right. The Palestinians are under their control and feel oppressed. If they are in fact, the question arises, “what is our proper role when the oppressed become the oppressors”? Help them both?

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