1. @larry barela what’s on the hunters laptop? What’s he/she hunting? What’s in season? Is it a video game?

  1. There’s a difference between generally talking about doing something illegal and conspiring to do something illegal. One ends up with a prison sentence.
    Anyone with a brain cell, knows they where conspiring, and not having a general conversation.

    1. Oath Keepers: ” There’s going to be a fight. But let’s just do it smart.” Then proceed to discuss what kind of “legal” weapons they’re going to use and so on.

  2. Certainly we need a confrontation to shake the irrationality out of that side, but we also need a reconciliation with people who did the wrong things for what they believed were the right reasons, and this included holding the deluders in chief accountable. A de-cultification, if you will, where the members are brought back into society and the knowing cult leaders are locked up forever.

    1. @Christopher Dullebawn It took you an hour to come up with that? C’mon man. Even Biden’s quicker than that.

  3. 1:13 He tweeted something like that using the guise “what we talked about”. It was obvious that something was up.

  4. He invited
    He incited
    They rioted
    Then he denied it
    Even though he’d implied it
    Now he must be indicted

    1. Dear Leader aka tfg aka 🍊🤡💩🧠 was in an intimate relationship with his “mentor” Roy Cohn for years

  5. Sounds like gun control can be effective after all. This recording also calls into question the motivations of those who oppose it… like the Oathbreakers and other seditionists.

    1. a lot of the non-militia people left their guns at home specifically because DC has strong gun control, so it does have an effect

      a bunch of oath keepers and proud boys admitted to being armed when they were inside the capitol

    2. @Jason Boyce Sounds like it also worked to keep the Oathbreakers relatively unarmed. In the audio, they’re going over what they can and can’t bring into DC, leaving the heavier firepower in jurisdictions with more lax rules.

  6. Is there a go fund me for the prison guards? I want to ensure these traitors have the full prison experience.

    1. Big Bubba’s gonna smack flip and travel down Elmer Stewart Rhoads Hershey Highway.
      Elmer Rhoads : 🥺😖😫
      Bubba : Quit squirming fish.

    2. @A T how does protesting the violation of rights which are supposed to be PROTECTED BY THE CONSTITUTION, make anyone a traitor?

    1. We can put away the “allegedly” once the gavel swings down on verdict. I’ll afford them their rights.

    2. @Ronin1973 it’s a question of when do we start believing the video evidence they published of themselves committing the crimes rather than waiting for a justice system that often chooses not to act. I am not expecting every crime to be charged. Actually, I am surprised they are doing anything about any of it.

      Imagine letting the (alleged) Seditionists walk out of the Capital Building without processing them on January 6th, 2021…

  7. And its better for their trial not to be televised. They would use it as a platform. You cannot give them that. We have no need to see inside the court room. We have a jury and a system. Let them do their job.

  8. “Are you taking notes on a criminal conspiracy?”. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised that these people would be so Amazingly stupid as to document their crimes so thoroughly.

  9. If they are not responsible for what they said and did, then who is? Looking forward to seeing these rambo wannabe traitors behind bars

  10. Maximum respect to the following:
    Officer Michael Byrd
    Officer Harry Dunn
    Officer Caroline Edwards
    Officer Michael Fanone
    Officer Kyle de Freytag
    Officer Eugene Goodman
    Officer Gunther Hashida
    Officer Howard Liebengood
    Officer Brian Sicknick
    Officer Jeffrey Smith

  11. Defendant: “By overthrow the government” I meant “add security to the premises”. Judge: “That’s not going to work here in court. And you’re not a politician that can argue something like that in the court of public opinion. “

    1. pity….back in Washington’s day…these gentlemen would have been lined up for the firing squad, when the real militia came to put down the insurrection as per the US Constitution.

  12. Every single one of the Jan 6th terrorists, or “rioters” as we’re labelling them now, that is in the military or was in the military and is able to be re-activated should be. Once re-activated, then they should face a military court to be prosecuted and then dishonorably discharged once their sentences are over (unless they get life or execution).

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