1. Is really up to you who he’s talking to and what it means or doesn’t mean is really also up to you.

    2. @Ehab H that’s what we tell you when you claim that you have a perfect book and a perfect profit.

    3. Biden once again said the quiet part out loud. What the media and cleanup crew report, it’s usually the opposite.

    1. @Zoom ShakaLaka
      you mean the plandemic that the corrupt Dems used to change all the election laws and get the senile puppet in office?!!😂🤣😂

    2. @Jeff H.
      That’s hilarious. Biden hasn’t taken any steps to improve anything. Record high inflation, soaring gas prices, looming food shortages, invasion at the southern border, soaring crime, chaos in Ukraine😂🤣😂 Yep he’s knocking it outta the park. 🤣🤣🤣

    3. @Zoom ShakaLaka He’s a dementia-addled puppet who should not have been elected, is an embarrassment to this country, and will go down in the history books as such, while you will be labeled as just another one of history’s useful idiots.

    1. @Oogabooga Maxine …and that’s with nearly half the electorate still completely oblivious to the laptop. 😜

    2. @Serfcity Herewecome Biden will be forced to step down if indictments come later this year over the laptop crimes.

    1. That’s what happens when they let the decomposing vegetable get wheeled around without a helmet…🙄

    2. @Gary Laurendeau 😂 Actually he’ll be hailed by his State Media for “brilliant diplomacy” when he temporarily “avoids” World War III by immediately agreeing to Putin’s demand that we surrender our entire nuclear arsenal to him.

  1. I think they are telling the truth. It is true we don’t have a strategy, we just wing it and hope for the best

    1. If you want war send yourself and your kids bingo that’s your answer if you hate russia
      Me I be in Seattle with my ak-47 no draftee sending me to war

    2. well the strategy right now is to figure out how to drag every NATO member state into the war but not every NATO member state is on board with this…

    3. I’m a regular man with a 09 to 05 job and I’m winging it these days. I think 90% of people are just winging it these days. There is a lot going on . Crazy back to back events !

  2. Just because they don’t have a strategy, doesn’t mean they won’t try to do it, and then get the media to once again cheerlead how the disaster was somehow actually a win.
    I actually wouldn’t mind this as much if the evil was at least competent, but there’s nothing worse than incompetent evil.

    1. It is all calculated and measured, their policy is and has always been scorched earth. More wars until they start the big one. Idiots like Blinken and Pompeo saying stupid things all the time, look at what the foreign policy did.

    1. @Kyle Christian Neither of those two morons should have been running things themselves. At least Biden is just smart enough to know it.

    1. @Painkiller Jones currently my main issues with Biden can be summed up with is handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and gas prices I have others but it’s not enough to draw my abject hate

    1. @Lane Mimnaugh Mostly true, though if Trump were that much of a puppet they wouldn’t have had to commit election fraud on a mass scale to get him out. The fact that they did this indicates he was a serious threat. Not to mention all the other ways they tried to take him out – 2 fake, failed impeachments, 25th amendment, trying to get electors to betray him in 2016, and the onslaught from the media. They could have just let him stay on, everyone would be happy with the low gas prices and flourishing economy, and quietly went about their business behind the scenes. It just proves he wasn’t going along with their BS and he was in their way.

    2. @Dr. Bunter Hiden (BroBruh) every president has said things they weren’t supposed to, there human. Trump was caught on camera, Nixon was caught on camera. So what. So vote for somebody else next time.

    3. @Elizabeth Escamilla you mean with the high employment levels, low inflation levels, and the energy independence? Or do you mean at a time when Russian dictators were too scared to invade innocent countries? There is a reason, Elizabeth, why Biden’s approval ratings are the lowest in history. And that is before we discuss his corrupt son who sold his fathers name for the family’s profit.

    4. @Dr. Bunter Hiden (BroBruh) the high gas prices have nothing to do with the president. The high gas prices are for from all of the thousands of dollars of checks that were handed out to American citizens. That wasn’t free money. It was a loan and Loans have to be paid back with interest. Like I said before the interest is high prices on gas food and everything else. Our country is broke in the trillions. It didn’t have free money to hand out, it has to be paid back. That’s what’s happening now believe it or not. You can’t commit election fraud when someone else is pulling your Marionette strings. The marionette does not make decisions on his own. The Illuminati, OPEC, and the CDC are the ones that are really running this country.

    5. @Lane Mimnaugh Who spent four years cleaning up Trump’s mess? The Biden regime has only been in power for 14 months? In that 14 months we saw Biden kill the Keystone pipeline. We saw him create chaos at the southern border. We saw him hand over Afghanistan to a bunch of terrorists still living in the 6th century. We saw inflation hit a 40 year high. Hey your village called they want their idiot back?

    1. America is really confused without a puppet master to pull the strings for them they is really do nothing at all.

  3. Here is a freak show, another” I don’t know what I want to be” we are being laughed at by the world

    1. That worked in Ukraine but it won’t in Russia. The arrogant bullying of the US is mindblowing.

  4. We all watched President Biden on television and we all heard what he said and I’m getting very tired of other people in the administration constantly walking back his comments.

    1. @SwapPart I suppose we could change the rules like hairy reed did. make it a simple majority but that will come back to bite the Republicans just like it bit the Democrats

    2. @Scott It’s a Constitutional requirement, and that’s why the crooked Democrats couldn’t remove Trump.

  5. thankful to have a president who is careful with his words and is not in need of constant cleanup. 😂

    1. Sarcasm right? This guy let’s nonsense flow almost as much as Donnie did. How come we keep electing demented people to the presidency?

    1. @Painkiller Jones the way the last election went we’ll never see the real winner again. I think it will take a revolution to fix our country.

  6. Every time Biden opens his mouth to say something, somebody’s there keeping notes about how to say they’re sorry for what he said.

    1. I dont get what you dislike so much about Biden. I mean do u think Putan is doing Goda work? It’s weird

    2. The note takers got their expertise from tRump’s admin, had to work overtime back then to mend the constant verbal diarrhea from the former president’s mouth

    3. @Tom Cruise You’re so childish that you feel like you have to deflect Biden’s incompetence by invoking a man who’s been out of office for two years.

    4. @Tom Cruise you’ve embarrassed me enough. Pathetic attacks and calling half the country domestic terrorists and racists when you yourself are. I voted blue my entire life. Done with you sicko fcks

  7. Blinken in DAMAGE CONTROLLLLL. You can’t let Brandon off his leash. Why is he still allowed to speak publicly? 🤣

  8. Secretary Blinken: “We obviously have no strategy whatsoever. I have not spoken to Lavrov since the invasion began because that would take diplomacy which I know nothing about.”

  9. Okay, that’s great news. Do we know if there’s any plans for regime change in the U.S yet? I think that’d probably be the quickest way to resolve most of the problems we’re now encountering. Thanks. 🗽🇺🇸🥃🍺🥃🗽🥃🍺🍺🛸🥃🍺🍺🤢🤮. 👍

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