Secretary Of Education: ‘Our Students Deserve To Be In The Classroom’ This Fall 1

Secretary Of Education: ‘Our Students Deserve To Be In The Classroom’ This Fall


As students return to in-person learning in the fall, the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatricians recommend masking in schools for individuals under 2 years old. The Education Secretary Miguel Cardona joins Ali Velshi to discuss the challenges educators face when masks become politicized and how the bipartisan infrastructure plan can help make schools a place where students “thrive.”
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  1. Richard Thomas’s Multiple Disgusting Comments on This U Tube Feed are so disgusting & Way Off Topic

    1. Stolen identity….The real one doesn’t say such crap…He’s commented that the trolls have made several accounts copying his..

  2. US Covid deaths 626,172 New Zealand 26. US has 24,083 times more Covid deaths than New Zealand.
    11 months since New Zealand’s last Covid death, watching American media is like stepping back in time.
    America: Stop looking in the mirror for answers and start following countries that lead the world in pandemic management.

    1. New Zealand has an extremely low population density, and its population has been living in the equivalent of a state of house arrest for over a year. NZ also has vastly fewer obese 80 yo diabetics than the US.

      Any relaxation whatsoever and NZ covid rates will instantly skyrocket. The current approach is just front-end cheating its population out of the herd immunity it will need to return to normality. You can’t hold the entire population hostage forever.

  3. I think when it comes to school their needs to be a mask mandate . A least where I at . Here in IL in across the country case are raising up . Especially because here in IL they say we have to come in person unless we have COVID-19.

  4. He better than his predecessor . Because a least he has experience. A least he getting stuff done .

  5. The question is do you want dead kids or do you want your kids to live. That’s the only question do what it takes to keep the children alive.

    1. 331 children have died, age 0-17. Children have such an extreme low risk for mortality. Checkout CDC’s website for the facts rather than listen to this nonsense.

  6. No one deserves COVID, but it is here and we all must deal with it, even our children. As always, a number one priority for schools should be the safely of the students. States that forbid protecting our vulnerable children are a disgrace to America.

  7. Too bad what you want is stupid af and results in dead kids. Probably cuz you hate your own kids, or have none. It’s not politicized, it’s paid attention to, and parents aren’t sending their kids to their deaths.

  8. Our students deserve a safe and educational environment, not woke and gender confused.

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