Secy. Austin On Afghanistan: 'America's Longest War Has Come To A Close' 1

Secy. Austin On Afghanistan: ‘America’s Longest War Has Come To A Close’


Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin thanked all the military members who served in efforts to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan. He mourned those who lost their lives during the war and the 13 service members who were killed at the Kabul airport.
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  1. The takeaway from the “Afghanistan Papers”: View as suspect any public statements coming from Politicians, US Intel, Military, Pentagon, and/or President and the media reporting it, when it comes to US Interventions.

  2. Now, more than 100,000 Afghans were evacuated and at least half of them will resettle in the USA. An orderly and well-organized evacuation would’ve brought millions of Afghans to our land (half of the population, especially women and girls have a good reason to leave) Would you, especially people who don’t like immigrants very much, happily open your arms to welcome them?

    1. Maybe after *EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN* is back home… not even worried about them until that happens

    2. You are making a great point. Overseeing, Validating, and Transporting around 125,000 personnel, military equipment and sensitive material, in just 2 short weeks, is nothing short of amazing in itself, let alone, while under enormous military threats. The GOP is trying to turn this into a terrible event. So I ask the Republican party, that just a few months ago demanded “under NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, that the war in Afghanistan be over, and our troops brought home”, what did you expect???? Did you want Biden to send ISIS K cake and balloons, in hopes they would play nice? Did you expect our troops to continue to remain in harms way while even more immigrants get transported? Please tell us we are curious.

  3. if u are gonna be spokespersons for the government then go get a job with obama/biden admin. instead of macerating as journalists

  4. Don’t be so stupid people. It was going to be bad no matter what. The military of Afghanistan needed to step up instead of turning tail and running. People need to help themselves instead of waiting for other countries to save their butts

  5. This should have been no Wars no way our people should have been over there no way I should have left a long time ago but the trumps Trump doing

  6. How this guy not under more pressure. His voice is shaky already. If the media turns on him he will fold.

  7. *The war started long before the US sent troops to Afghanistan.* Osama bin Laden was working for decades before 9-11-01. The war will continue after US troops have left the country. *The war continues,* but US politicians decided to pull US military from that one country. We did a bad job of pulling out of that country.

  8. Actually I am surprised these , so called college educated people don’t know this. Vietnam was and has been the longest war/involvement WAR America has been in. It was over 20 years.

    The Vietnam War and active U.S. involvement in the war began in , though ongoing conflict in the region had stretched back several decades.

  9. Let the Taliban and ISIS-K fight each other while the National Resistance Front (aka Northern Alliance 2.0) continues to hold out in Panjshir Valley.

  10. General Lloyd: I will only speak about what I want to be written in history. The planning that led up to this fiasco has been deleted…

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