Secy. Blinken Travels To Middle East Amid Gaza Cease-Fire | MSNBC 1

Secy. Blinken Travels To Middle East Amid Gaza Cease-Fire | MSNBC


Secretary of State Antony Blinken is traveling to the Middle East to help negotiate talks between nations after a cease-fire was established in Gaza amid a conflict between Israel and Hamas. NBC's Kelly O'Donnell reports from the White House.

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Secy. Blinken Travels To Middle East Amid Gaza Cease-Fire | MSNBC


    1. @Reason – Dude, this is my last comment. Your multiple shifting arguments, show you are very lacking in the subject matter. Just FFS, stop trying to “sound smart” on the internet, when you don’t know what you are talking about.



    2. @Bat Boy: I take back what I said about you being a fool. I was being foolish, not you.
      Does your idea require more than 50% of the vote to hold office? If so, I’ll consider it.

    3. @Bat Boy: I’m sorry alright!?!!??!!? I feel bad. I’m embarrassed. Can you accept my apology?

    1. @GHS Yes. like when the DEMS railroaded Alex Vindman and Gordon Sondland for not embracing their LIES

  1. Hamas does not back down easily. I read a great book called “The Lemon Tree” about a House… with a back patio and beautiful lemon tree. But it was about the fight to figure out who owned the place! Was it an Israeli family or a Palestinian family …since the house was on a sensational place! So, it’s the conflict they still have today! Israel takes what it wants no matter what. It’s not a pretty story! It’s just heartbreaking mostly nowadays. Boy!

    1. @GHS You are a son of Israel, yes? Then you are part of the rampage Israel has been doing since 1967.

  2. When people are treated well and can raise their families, they don’t need extremists any more to scream and ki

    1. Hello Palestinians are the ones to refuse to get along with Jews, Christians and atheists in that region. Muslims never governed the region. It was a British emirate from 1912 to 1948. When British colonized that region to obtain oil. Muslims out numbered all the other ethnic/ religious.groups in 1912. Prior to 1912 it was called Judea. Where the term Judaism/ re Jews came from. Their homeland settled by descendants of Moses 14 centuries prior to the birth of Mohammad (Islam) and Jesus a Jew. ( Christianity). Muslims during Islamic caliphates pushed Jews off their land many fled to Europe. Why the crusades. European Jews returned to their homeland after the holocaust in 1945 and re settled the barren desert. It was impoverished at that time. They re-built it and the British finally gave the land bthem to govern in 1948. They renamed it Israel.

  3. He’s a fool, You can’t make Peace with someone your
    Slapping in the face ,
    Me I can’t be your Friend.
    And Save your Life !

  4. He’s going there to see if he can get the conflict started up again. Maybe amp it up this time. World War 3 style.

    1. Do you even follow politics/geopolitics? You sound like a 15 yo bored with the adults’ conversation at the dinner table.

    2. @madeleine maxwell Maybe do a little research into Blinken’s role in the Obama administration. He was instrumental in going into Libya, Syria, and backing Saudi Arabia in their war against Yemen. Moron.

    1. You do know that Iran and Palestine are two completely different countries with two complete different objectives right?

  5. WOW how long did that take? Looks like faking driving a truck at a Ford plant was more important than world peace. Notice how there is now a crisis in every part of the Obiden/Carter administration?

  6. Good Idea! Send in Blinken over there and screw everything up. Sounds like a payoff to Isreal. Wonder why? An Anti-jew hate crime exucutive order for Joe to sign?

  7. Imagine this destruction! It’s mind blowing …from our nation. But, remember us after 9/11 in the places… where we were facing crisis. (We sent our military troops to war in Afghanistan and …then in Iraq! Holy smokes.) Prayers to the Middle East …once again from southern Colorado today!!

  8. Little Blinken wants to take a good look at the results of 50 years of US support of the Israeli genocide against the Palestinians.

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