1. I’m in Japan, we woke up to sirens and warnings that North Korea is firing missiles our way.
    Non stop alerts as he fires more and more.

    1. @Calistus Francis I been right on this issue. North Korea knows they have nothing to gain. Ukraine showed how easy it is to hold off even a super power country

  2. 🤔Rocket man puts on a display of force to counter a much larger display of force – Got it . Been there and done that before. Everybody loves fireworks and a parade. Bluster doesn’t make muster.

  3. “When Kim Jong Un speaks and parades, his people stand up at ATTENTION and listen intently or else and I want my own American people to do likewise and not take a knee or else.” Donald tRUMP Quote

  4. South Korea and the U.S. have mobilized 240 F-35A and F-35B stealth fighters for five days since the 31st of last month to conduct a large-scale joint air drill called “Vigilant Storm” that North Korea may have provoked.
    North Korea is launching an intermediate-range ballistic missile today, and South Korea is also expected to launch about 10 Hyunmoo ballistic missiles in response.

    1. And this is indeed good news to know,worthy to know and a Blessing to know that their/our United States of America’s Armed Forces ( And God Bless America,And the Home of the Brave and Duty — Honor — Country ) and their/our South Korean Armed Forces already mobilized,deployed and ready to put to use their/our 240 F — 35 and F — 35B ” ADIR ” Stealth 5th generation multi — role fighters.And they should also includes their/our top — secret,the too — secretive and the all — highly — classified Boeing invented,developed and constructed F — 22 Raptors Stealth 5th generation multi — role fighter jets as well as many,many and many squadrons of their/our F — 15 Strike Eagles,the F — 16 ” Fighting Falcons or Vipers, ” and the F — 18 Super Hornets as well as also the B — 1 Lancers,the B — 21 Raiders and the B — 2 Spirits and that includes the F — 117 Nighthawks and also the B — 52 Stratofortress long — range strategic heavy bombers.Semper Fidelis

    2. lol, I think it was just “240 aircraft.” 240 F-35’s would be insane and a gigantic waste of resources and plenty of potential for billions of dollars in crashes unless it was a war mission.

  5. “Can’t we NUKE a hurricane into submission?” Donald tRUMP Quote/Ps No, Donald you cannot Nuke a hurricane into submission like you did to Stormy Daniels!

  6. The men who never grew up. They can’t let go of the past. They are children with nuclear weapons. What a combination.

  7. I have been living here in Korea almost 20 years now. We don’t even look up from our video games when he threatens us.

  8. If any missiles violate’s South Korea or Japan’s territory going forward target that specific North Korea launch platform (which fired the missile) and take it out with a cruise missile. If Kim keeps doing that behavior going forward keep taking out the launch platforms…

  9. “Missile man” 😂 didn’t you rip on trump for saying the same thing for 3+ months? What a joke of a “news” network

  10. Why do they even bother switching to another reporter who “knows more” about the situation only to have her reading a teleprompter anyway? It’s like watching an SNL skit – talking to each other but never making eye contact 😂

  11. Props to South Korea for having the best “You’re about to be vaporized” warning on the planet.

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