See Biden's reaction to Trump revealing secret weapons system 1

See Biden’s reaction to Trump revealing secret weapons system


In a interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said President Trump has "no conception" of national security after Trump appeared to reveal the existence of a classified nuclear weapons system in interviews with Bob Woodward.

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  1. I guess Putin and Xi know about it now that he blabbed to a reporter just so he could feel important and look informed. He’s a intel operative’s wet dream.

    1. @Gwyndaf Owen Oh, ok….what was the Trump’s administration response?…lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies……..

    2. @Gwyndaf Owen the media seems to be 24/7 anti-tRump for the simple fact he is a 24/7 moron/crook/imbecile…..and he happens to have the highest position in government……Democracy matters/Justice matters…..trying to evade criminal investigations is not a good look if you are innocent….Hillary sat for 8 hours and Trey found NOTHING……if tRump wanted her in jail…he should have hired her.

    3. @Squizzy Bollocks or it could be liberal media are puppets to the radical left the FBI was working against trump you brainwashed tool where the hell have you been the past four years

  2. “Sir, Japanese just bombed our Pearl Habor!”
    “Play it down. Don’t cause a panic! They will just go away like a miracle.”

    1. I’ll give you an even scarier what-if scenario: Imagine Trump in power during a Chernobyl type incident. Trump would hide under his desk and try to use it to blame Obama and sow further division. His supporters would deny the problem existed, and shown the same indifference toward the dead and dying, and probably make the same horrific ‘180,00 dead, that’s just a very small percentage’ remarks, actively ignore precautions as they have and still do toward COVID, and probably parrot the same useless bullshit the Soviet officials did when informing Gorbachev. “It’s the equivalent of a chest X-ray…..”

      Gorbachev, at least, REACTED when he finally learned of the scale of the problem – the problem that for a number of days was deliberately withheld from him by his senior advisors. Trump: “It is what it is…..”

      When the TMI accident happened, Pres. Carter actually WENT THERE. I mean, there wasn’t much he could really do directly by going there, but his actions helped stem the growing concern. Carter acted as a leader SHOULD.

    1. @Elkslayer You’re welcome. I’m sure you’ve been called far worse than a Dum Dum. I just didn’t want kicked off YouTube for saying what was actually on my mind. Trump’s impeachment trial was a sham and everyone including the most liberal idiots know it. You know as I know that Trump claiming to drain the swamp put Hillary and her Communist Zionist comrades in panic mode.

    2. @Whitey Powers I personally do not even wish for a Democratic President to have the power and lawlessness that Trump has set the bench for.
      I do not want any President to block 100% of evidence requests and subpoenaed witnesses. Not Democrat not Republican.
      But Republicans just made it okay.
      I do not wish for a Democratic or Republican President to be so..obnoxious is a good word.
      *Trying to insult people makes you feel better about yourself or what ?

    3. @Whitey Powers 20000 lies showering down on you from your Golden Boy. It’ll keep you warm, but you know your infected?

    1. Take BLM. Of course Black Lives Matter. As a societal issue, but NOT as a movement. In 2019 there where 9 cop on black deaths. 3 are under investigation. In 2019 there were 4000 Black on Black deaths. Where is that movement ( BOB)? YES 4000. Aren’t you liberals worried about those 4000 lives????????

    1. Oh my God your right!
      He’s like that salesman you wouldn’t want because he’ll have you there all day! Lol

    1. Unfortunately when he said that it was a hoax, a lot of people all over the world believed him and did not take any precautions. People died because of his lying. Hopefully one day, there will be somebody that will take Trump to court.

    2. @Josef Briffa They will, but not for this…
      Well, not _initially_ anyway. I’m no legal expert, even though I try my best to stay informed. NYC’s got pending cases involving his charity (I think?) that was used as a slush fund, iirc.

      I need to brush up on it. God look at me losing this in the sauce…

    3. he was saying the same things the whole time, also trump doesnt need to wear a mask, he is one of the most well protected people alive on this planet, also do you remember anything about all the hundreds of thousands of ventilators he had created? cnn doesnt, joe doesnt, they say he did nothing, while democrat mayors sent infected patients back into nursing homes which killed thousands more than should have been killed. but i guess we are gonna overlook all of that huh

  3. “At least we know he can read.”
    God… right you are Joe. Sadly.

    — Vote — folks. Just, Vote. For every election. That means local elections as well. Just, — Vote —

    1. @No God do you really think that potato joe biden will be alive next year ….come on you…you know the thing.

  4. he knew it was airborne and politicised masks. He knew it was deadly, but called it a Democrats hoax. Start talking about what you guys are going to do if/when he refuses to leave.

  5. If he actually helped the people they couldn’t have done a trillion dollar “bailout” of the economy.
    Again helping his wealthy friends.


    2. @Johanne Beerbaum I understand, yes, that the Russians probably have his balls in a very tight vice, but… hey, can we not do this all caps thing? Folk respond better to reason. Some don’t, but hey… that’s pretty normal in politics.

      Emotions run high… both ours, and theirs, given the right set of circumstances. Nothing wrong with that either. It’s only human to have them.

  6. Why do they say his wealthy friends. Like they are middle class or something. They have more money than most wealthy people

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