See Chinese rocket launch to send astronauts to its space station 1

See Chinese rocket launch to send astronauts to its space station


China successfully launched three astronauts into space, bringing the country one step closer to completing its new space station. CNN's David Culver reports and Becky Anderson speaks with Rick Larsen, co-chair of the bipartisan US-China Working Group.

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    1. @有人在篡改我的评论并且拿去误导别人 what does that even mean? China is not even democratic you dont get to talk

    2. Thank you for being so kind not mocking the Chinese. I must say Chinese truly love the American ppl and if you actually make a trip to China.. 10/10 ppl will feel welcome but Chinese just don’t like the US hostility and hate which the US leaders and politicians have created. I really really hope US and China can have a peaceful dialogue. Respect one another… rise to the challenge together and make a better world for our children’s for the future. Chinese always plan ahead… and I can assure you they never want to plan for war but just to defend as they have suffered terribly in the past in the wars being invaded.

    3. @YOUTUBEMediator “mocking” this is no joke, they have f*cking concentration camps. And only recently there was the aniversary of an event where the regime killed hundrets of protestors.

    4. 中国和平发展强大 China peacefully develop strong,communism is public own,public benefit and public share

    5. @Cam Vawter Ever?Come on~before 1975,US is the major enemy of China and we fought Koren war with the US in 1950,you think now is the worst point?

    1. China has come a long way. Congratulations!

      There is a legendary story of a rabbit and a tortoise .  You know the end who will be on top.

      No matters what dirty tactics someone uses, never undermine the strong will and determination of the Chinese people.

  1. America doesn’t have it anymore. We are outdated. Now it’s about staying in power getting tax cuts while our infrastructure crumbles

    1. Mean while in China 3rd tier cities, brand new subway, multiple new highways, new air ports, high speed rails that takes around 2 hours from middle of china to beijing that only costs 20 dollars.

    1. @Dawson Winter America is planning to extend the life of the existing ISS until the next one comes along.
      It’s risky to trust chinese products.

    1. western media mentality = if i can’t find anything negative to say using microscope, i will pretend it didn’t happen or pretend it as a fake news. when it gets some negative to say, it will make it A BIG BIG DEAL.

    2. @ッ “Warning to all China haters: You are strongly advise against reading news on the developments and advancements of China as it can cause a serious increase in blood pressure, palpitation and stroke. Furthermore, and depending on the degree of your hate, it can also cause mental disorder, impotence and even death. ” – quote from internet

  2. Your ‘National Security’ is so fragile, it will be threatened by whatever China does. A smart phone by Huawei, or anything else China does, or even doesn’t do.

  3. China tells the world: if a country is not allied with bully USA it can achieve much more than be part of US inner circles. 4 of G7 countries couldn’t even make vaccines to fight corona virus and they have access to the ISS.

  4. Uncle Sam is desperate for his dwindling power. The Dragon is cutting off Uncle Sam’s imperial wings once and for all.

    1. They don’t need to say anything, the anchor’s facial expressions will do the job or she could just count from 1 to 10 with her taunting and teasing tone.

    2. “How much of a national security threat is Panda Express? Those people are that them there Chinese right? That them Szeshwan Sauce is a China scam ain’t it?” — CNN reporter

  5. From the view of CNN, everything China does is the start of a race or competition. Please…we don’t give a damn to it, we just want to explore the space lol

  6. Congratulations to China from Afghanistan. 89% of world population support China.

    One of the greatest achievements of China in the new era in the 21 Century.

    ISS will be thrown into the dustbin of history in the not too distant future.

  7. “China received a lot of criticism mainly from the USA”…of course….it’s not just about the debris of rocket. China and Russia are the permanent scapegoats for American politicians who are corrupt and always fail Americans on poverty and drug use issues.

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