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  1. Epstein won the lottery – don’t you wonder who arranged that for him?
    Where are those millions now? I figured the lottery was probably a scam.

  2. Oh no, not a distrust of Tech Companies? Not those saintly do – gooding Tech Companies!!!

    • patrick young | August 20, 2019 at 8:08 AM | Reply

      Well put Chris. I loathe Google and FaceBook, they’d sell naked pictures of their dying grandmother to push ad revenues…

    • A multi-national corporate monopoly that control 75% of the worlds internet data has the best interest of the American voter at heart and would never abuse that power.

    • And that of courses excuses promulgating conspiracy theories with zero evidence.

    • @Bryce Brogan Good point Bryce. It’s true Google is as slippery as Zuckerberg, I got rid of their Chrome browser after it stole all my passwords BEFORE I even did a single visit to the sites. And there was tens of thousands of pages of code to delete, the parts I could decipher were creepy. BUT (!) with that said I’ve seen no credible evidence, …yet.., that they harmed The Donald’s elections efforts. I mean he won with a deficit of 3 million votes, what’s he complaining about? All the best, Patrick;-)

    • @patrick young and what do you think trump will do to win? Lie, cheat and steal….yep ALL 3!

  3. If Steven Miller was born in Transylvania they’d put a stake through his heart.

    • @Deplorable Trump2020 ha ha ha ha😀..lmao😅 ..what a moron

    • @Deplorable Trump2020 What grade are you in? 2nd? This is the written equivalent of sticking your tongue out at someone you don’t like. If you’re representative of a typical Trump voter, it’s no wonder he won…if you catch my drift. (But, I bet you don’t.)

    • Deplorable Trump2020
      You also stupid and lost. It u could read u ll know that the republicans work for Russia. Read the mueller report

    • Claudette Earle | August 20, 2019 at 12:29 PM | Reply

      Deplorable Trump2020 so you’ve had your rant in sympathy with your president. 👌 now where is your evidence for your aspersions? For example, numerous Trump staff have been indicted owing to evidence against them linking to Trump who himself will be indicted, once he leaves office ….

      You know, there are a ton of evidence against him, so he has to lie, cheat and be downright cruel in his bid to win the election to pacify people like you as well as stay out of jail. Once he sets foot on Civvie St, that’s it for him. But no doubt, he’ll have you on visitation days.awww.

      Notice, I used no profanity or disrespectful language , even about the president? There no need; we have evidence. Now go find yours to substantiate your accusations.

    • “It’s” heart

  4. Sasquatch 2001 | August 20, 2019 at 8:20 AM | Reply

    sane, non-criminal types tended to prefer Clinton… just saying. There were no indictments on Hill’s side… that’s proof.

  5. Yes, almost 3 million more people voted for Hilary Clinton because we all knew Donald Trump was nothing but a fraud and a lying racist. The 2016 Election should have honored the popular vote.

    • Piss off you lying bastard. We know exactly what you are. I guess you are thrilled with your crappy economy and the recent nuclear explosion. You must not have children. Dumbass.

    • Electoral college actually can be manipulated a lot easier than the popular vote. Lying Trump got the help from elites so they can get their huge tax cuts and Russia to divide the US. Trump NEVER got more than 50 % approval rating ever since he took office so it’s just common sense to validate that he’s the loser.

    • Hillary Clinton #notmypresident

  6. *Politics in general is dividing this country period…*

  7. “I may smell bad… and I may be a drunk… but you sir… are President of the United States” —Hic

    • Speaking of smelling bad….take a shower..

    • From U.K. Lot of misuse here of the word Liberal. In the 18th century a branch of our Liberal Party calling themselves Patriots, became ever more active. They pushed for such Liberal values as – Personal and religious freedoms, free trade, expanding democracy, anti corruption and even an armed civilian militia. They were opposed by the ruling Tory party. Tories were monarchists, they set up a tax system that favoured the rich. To spread their polices, they abused power by appointing Tory Judges and even Tory church men, who lectured politics from the pulpit.
      This conflict spread to the colonies. The colonists not having a vote in the British Parliament took more positive action to secure their liberal beliefs.
      So are you Liberal or Tory?

    • @John Willetts Too funny, John! Good one!

    • @Russ Hartman You missed John’s point completely. Try to keep up, now. Mr. “MENSA”.

    • @Karen Woolsey Hey, what do you expect, Karen? Russ is a Trump supporter: not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, so let’s cut him a little slack. Heh, heh.

  8. Daniel Schaeffer | August 20, 2019 at 8:52 AM | Reply

    Even Fox News polls are showing,Trump at only a 40% approval rating. I guess their polls,are rigged as well.

    • @Azucar Morena Trump Winning

    • I don’t approve of Trump but I will vote for him.

    • once again….    these are just distractions from the real truth… investigate the investigators

    • @Cadre Deux then be ready to accept some major consequences

    • Azucar Morena Low unemployment, rising wages, less poverty, rational trade policies and positive consumer policy. Rational trade policies, destruction of ISIS, working for eliminating nukes on Korean peninsula. Preventing Iran from ever getting nuclear weapons and at the same time reducing their ability to sponsor terrorist through out the world. Making the Nato nations pay their pledged amount. Give our Veterans choice of care. Building up our Military. Making this country energy independent. Etc But you are right he is not as cool as Obama.

  9. Showcase Success | August 20, 2019 at 9:41 AM | Reply

    Why do Trump’s former employees keep getting indicted and why is the Grim Reaper (Stephen Miller) not one of them?

  10. Hahahahahhaa🤣🤭
    Your president is crazy!!

  11. the phrase “The Presidents NEW conspiracy theory” are words that should never be used.

  12. Just wonder what fox news do every day and night for the President. Mm.make it make sense

  13. You mean Epstein is not honest ? not a pedo… with a such a good name sake. LOL LOL

  14. altitude illume | August 20, 2019 at 10:31 AM | Reply

    #TRUMPjoinGAMBLERSANONYMOUS you’ve flaked off, again.
    hmm, 4 yrs of rally’s for $$$.

  15. All this stuff is distractions from what is really happening!

  16. Deflection remember promises new affordable healthcare drug price reduction immigration reform showing his taxes rule of law I cant ignore subpoenas how can the administration. Talk about his broken promises

  17. All you have to do is look at his approval rating to see how big his base is. 46% or there about.

  18. Rob B rc n stuff | August 20, 2019 at 11:35 AM | Reply

    There would be pictures of the buses, you can’t move millions of people around without anyone noticing, it would be impossible.

  19. Rocky Mountain Williscroft | August 20, 2019 at 11:52 AM | Reply

    I didn’t realize Google ran the election.
    Once again Dumpster Fire got the facts wrong. SMH.

  20. Michael Altman | August 20, 2019 at 11:53 AM | Reply

    hey Trump…RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE…with evidence from our entire Intelligence Community

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