1. @Anonymous Anonymous Republican idiots go around without masks, bullying people who do wear them, potentially infecting themselves and everyone around them with covid. Cuomo will be held accountable for his misdeeds. Republicans refuse to hold there own miscreants accountable for anything. So GFOH with your hypocrisy.

  1. Georgians and all Americans need to register to vote and must vote regardless of these voter suppression TACTICS!!!
    This is proof that your vote counts!

    1. @Kenneth Bale So housebound disabled and elderly or those living in group homes and assisted living need an ID for what?

    1. @Cindy Sigurdsson The ID laws DO matter. The voter ID laws are bricks in the wall of voter SUPPRESSION. Once they pass them, then they’ll strategically close the offices where people get them – guess where? They’ll make forms of state ID that black and brown people are more likely to have and use, like college IDs, invalid for voting, and make hunting and fishing licenses valid for voting. They don’t just assume people of color don’t have them; they KNOW who doesn’t have them, and they surgically carve away at tools that are used to even obtain them. If they found out people of color paid with cash moreso than whites, you’d better believe they’d make paying for ID credit card only.

    2. @Kevin Jones I think you confused me with the other “blue circle ” comment” I totally agree with you. This law needs to go in the trash & is communistic! Need to vote these idiots out of office. & point taken with IDs I’ve been asked for my ID at the polls before

    3. @alisen here in nz you don’t need voter ID zero fraud has ever been found this law isn’t about security it’s not point blank period it’s another conservative power grab the rest of the world can see it it’s embarrassing republicans have always been the destroyers of America’s values integrity economy don’t believe me take a history class

  2. This is the second time I’m watching Don. To all Americans whose vote is at risk due to the new legislation, especially those having to stay in line for long. Don’t be beaten by those who wishes to take away the right to vote. I urge you all TAKE YOUR BACK PACKS and SHOPPING TROLLEYS with all your essentials needs. Don’t let them break your spirits
    When the time comes get out there and VOTE VOTE in the millions all you that are disenfranchised!!

    1. @NORWOODShadow1854 Will it be a crime to hand a 88 year old lady a bottle of water because she has been in line for hours in the heat and feeling faint ?
      Or when her 89 year old husband needs to eat something with his heart pill. Will I go to jail for helping him ?
      If that is not voter suppression I have not a clue what is

    2. @NORWOODShadow1854 these people listen to this Don Lemon guy he needs to go back to the land of Misfit Toys he tries to make what he says happened it’s not really a place you do for news it’s more entertainment

    3. Black Karen thought she was ABOVE the law and could get away with breaking about 3 criminal laws because she was a representative….Black KAREN was wrong, she was arrested and taken to jail….Nuff Said…..

    4. Vote at risk because you should carry your own bottle of water, have I.d., and vote on time? Simple things but you can’t do these simple things? Whites can. I believe blacks can too. Stop slow walking and expecting perks. That’s not smart.

  3. It is disgusting, why was she arrested, charge has to be dropped now and a public apology along with all signings to public from now on

    1. Assault on a police officer, Trespassing, attempting to disrupt the Government of Georgia. All felonies due to her unlawful conduct.

    1. they said she also stomped on the officer’s foot twice, which I certainly did not see, but she was charged with resisting. It was like watching 1920 again.

  4. Byfuckinggolly, I am enRAGED that these guys are doing this with such absolute impunity. These guys NEVER pay.

  5. I live in Atlanta Georgia and this is really sad. We had the largest voting turnout in GA history and the Republicans plan to make damn sure that doesn’t happen again. Due to 45, we were required to count the election results 3 times. All of those times, both Republicans and Democrats were allowed to oversee these recounts. There was no fraud or issues found and the results were the same. All GA voters should be mad because this will affect all voters – not just black voters.

  6. Absolutely increible – is this what the land of my family has come to and as Don says and for what so many died. I am so ashamed of mr American roots

  7. Mr. Lemon I am applaud at this so called governor. He’s a “devil” in disguise. Talk’s a good talk however walks a crooked line.

    1. I don’t applaud the governor. Sorry for the misspelling. I’m appalled at the governor and his associates. Racism is a spirit we can’t stop however we can stand together and help one another to overcome racism. Don’t fight fire with fire ,”get out and vote.””We are people of color and the world knows we’re coming and they can’t stop us. Only we can stop us! Don’t stop stay strong in THE LORD! Our ancestors did and they got results. Look how far we’ve come! Be Blessed!

  8. People, be afraid. Be very afraid. This is just the first step.

    Georgia, this is utterly shameful. All I can say is people it is more important than ever that you get out in droves and vote. Vote these people out.

  9. Georgia, STAY IN THE “FIGHT!” Don’t get complacent. WE THE PEOPLE WILL WIN against RACISM

  10. The officers are white. Hmm Rise up Georgia !! This is truly sad, what year are we in 2021! Really for like1821.

  11. The Georgia’s Republican Governor, Brian Kemp, is up for re-election on November 2022. Georgia needs to vote him out next year! Remember this day.

    1. I agree what a weak republican. I know that’s not a high bar but we expect alot from these people and for nothing.

    2. Kemp stole the gov seat from Stacy Abrams 1x already, we are gonna vote him out just like we did Trump..

  12. “They tried to bury us, they did not know we were seeds.” We will never stop voting. Watch.

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