See Dr. Anthony Fauci’s heated exchange with Jim Jordan over protests during coronavirus

Dr. Anthony Fauci, and other health experts, testify before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis. An exchange between Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Dr. Fauci got heated on the subject of protesting during the coronavirus pandemic.
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  1. 3:00 Jordan knows all about gyms…especially what went on in the shower at a gym at the University of Ohio. Tell us all about it Mr. Jordan.

    1. @Merika Ramocan We “tried” the reopen with slight regulations here in the US. Well, there were recommendations that were not enforced through LEADERSHIP of this admin, and idiots running to bars and piss pools at the beaches, and other idiocy that really never quite truly had us at that stage to improve.

      Hence, we didn’t even get OUT of the “first wave”.

      I’m expecting a 2nd wave in the late fall, then the elections setting off a civil war, martial law, then probably an EMP strike to wean us… and….

      Heck, ANYTHING could happen in 2020 these days, as it looks this year.

    2. ddd ddjd It’s called freedom of speech, the right to peacefully assemble…. the damage is being done by white supremacist and other plants to cause unrest…. and the military and police are doing their fair share of damage. if your church is holding service, go…. if your salon is open, go…if your gym is open, go….. if you’re comfortable with your child/children attending school… let them GO…. but don’t compare the protest to any other assembly… it’s time for a change! Sports, who cares… majority of America sit in their easy chair and watch from home… sooooo

    3. @sikoraptashka People can go to church if they wear..and…..OH WAIT! They didn’t DO the things asked of them and were shut down. Perhaps *that* is why? I mean, there seems to be a direct correlation there in events huh?

      On that note, if protesters plunder and crush.
      then they go…to…jail

      Consequences, both ways, if one does wrong.

  2. Jim Gordon is a arrogant little man bullying a professional, he needs to turn it around toward trump.

    1. @voi vod the difference between offering medical advice and setting policy is as different as cars are to oranges… not connected… would you ask your mechanic to advise you on how to pick oranges?
      so in short, ya Jordan is beyond wrong, he’s a grandstanding idiot.

    1. Dr Falsely has been more wrong then a Gambler. Death is swallowed up in victory.k

      55O death, where is your victory?

      O death, where is your sting?l”

      56For sin is the sting that results in death, and the law gives sin its power. 57But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. When the hell will Jim Jordan be held accountable for him enabling a Pediophile Doctor when the players is the OSU Wrestling team told him what had happened!!!!!!

  4. Is this Jordan’s best way of using his 5 minutes of questioning the witness, instead of determining the best way to protect the public from this virus? Just a surrogate minion to this unqualified president. What a moron

    1. He called out Dr Fauci hypocrisy and past statements regarding the virus. Fauci didn’t come off well

  5. Jim Jordan should have been just as vocal when boys were getting molested under his watch

  6. Dr. Fauci: People need to often wash their hands for 20 seconds and avoid touching their face.
    Jim Jordan: You didn’t say what soap is best. Can I wash my hands with sewer water?
    Dr. Fauci: The point of washing your hands is to maintain good hygiene. Sewer water is not healthy.
    Jim Jordan: Well now you’re changing the rules. Now you’re saying we can’t use sewer water, what’s next? Are we going to have to avoid washing our hands in the commode next time you decide the change the rules?
    Dr. Fauci: Toilet water is not healthy either. You should not be washing your hands in the toilet?
    Jim Jordan: Oh well now you’re changing the rules yet again. How are people going to know what’s good and bad? You keep changing the rules.
    Dr. Fauci: Just wash you hands with soap and potable water. And don’t touch your face.
    Jim Jordan: Are you now saying that we should not wash our faces? You’re not being consistent.
    Dr. Fauci: You’re putting words in my mouth. Of course people should wash their faces when they take a shower and more often if they feel the need.
    Jim Jordan: Well then are you saying that we can’t use sewer water to wash our faces?
    Dr. Fauci: Go drink some bleach you damn idiot.

  7. Perhaps Jordan has forgotten who he is, where he is and who he is talking too. I have never seen this level of confusion in a public official.

  8. We need to “limit”the corrupted officials and crooked police officers that started the protests.

  9. Id like to see Jim Jordan and Kellyann Conway in the same room, now thats entertainment! Both are absolute lunatics!

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