1. They will slowly become organised. Riots by people are always like that, wanton and just destructive at start, but later become more objective and effective, more clear chain of command will make them better. This is one major different between this riot and HK riot. HK riot are well organised right from the start, their supply line are finely established right on the first week. But their cause are pretty much the same here and there.

  1. Why they shooting at the crowd n they not doing nothing n its not crew yet. They want something to start

    1. Did you see the rioters running away like a pack of scared rats?? HAHAHA The party is over in Minneapolis TONIGHT!!!

    2. Police of course could have largely prevented the damage in Minneapolis but, as we saw in Ferguson, armored police with automatic weapons, riding in armored vehicles, will stand idly by as a dozen unarmed firebugs and looters burn down and loot stores.

  2. I love that the reporter has his sun glasses on the front of his shirt like an Ivy League preppy.

  3. With the economy in shambles, 42,000,000 on unemployment, 103,000 dead from donaldtrump’s failure to act on the virus, and uprisings from the east coast, the mid west, and the west coast, even in the the south.. Americans have had enough of donaldtrump, and the fires are proving it..

  4. Why are all these cops so afraid of the reporter’s❗News is the right of all, and a crime to eliminate❗

  5. God Bless those out there telling and showing what happens when peaceful protest are NOT HEARD❗

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