See former Russian colonel’s big change after criticizing Putin’s war on state TV

Mikhail Khodarenok, a former Russian colonel, criticized Putin's invasion of Ukraine on state TV but backtracked and had a remarkably different tone later. CNN's Matthew Chance reports. #CNN #News


    1. When they threaten to kill your family and friends, It is a pretty hard choice to make that no one here had ever had to make. Easy to judge the Colonel in the safety of one’s house in the West, watching CNN on 75 inch screen.

  1. A flash of bravery, He spoke with conviction the first time…not so much after being threatened with his life.

    1. @Julie C 😂😂😂 ‘i know you are but what am I’? That’s what you’re resorting too… My heart bleeds for you .. stay safe though ok… Big bad Russians everywhere.. ✌🏾

  2. LOL im very surprised he’s still alive🤣🤣 No doubt «someone» paid him a visit🤗 Regular Russian,(s) would gotten 15 yrs in prison for saying what this guy said🤫

  3. He seemed to have a good head on his shoulders and now his life and/or family is in jeopardy. Good thing is the damage has already been done and his message got out before they could shut him up the first time.

    1. @Daniel Arcadia so what’s your point comrade no further response to you it’s a waist of my time

  4. It’s not a big deal even thousands of Russian surrender in Ukraine ,it happens in war not a issue God bless you Ukraine

  5. Retired Colonel: *speaks negatively about Russias future prospects*
    Putin & FSB: „ We don’t do that here.“

  6. The retired colonel had a change of heart when he realized that he didn’t want a ‘short retirement life’ in Siberia or die in a tragic accident when a piano falls on him on a Moscow street!

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  7. I cannot imagine a retired Russian colonel speaking out against Putin while he was still in Russia. BRAVE MAN!

    1. @David Gray i don’t think you’re stupid i think you engage in intellectual dishonesty to maintain your point of view… When the truth is so easy to access

    2. @Relay TeK oh… You’re sure that happened? Have proof have you? Or is it just something you made up in your head to confirm your preconceived idea?

    3. @Edith Min lol bless your poor heart if you believe CNN Edith… Lol you probably still believe Russia stole the election don’t you?… Lol you don’t see how it’s all fits together? 😂 Bless your sweet heart… May you find wisdom

  8. Looks like they had a “friendly” chat with him. His reality views on the war have been short lived. Can’t undo what’s already been said though

    1. it’s amazing what a visit from men with guns, in the middle of the night, who have pictures of your family, can accomplish…

  9. Amazing how a retired colonel can change his mind, after being threatened by secret service. I’m sure he and his family are too frightened to pass wind now.

  10. This colonel is absolutely correct . It’s a matter of time before the reality hit and when it does , they will ask and wonder what hit them .

  11. The colonel reminds me of that guy who speaks out on a forum, gets shouted down by the rest of the forum members, then turns out he‘s right. Thanks for the videos!

    1. The colonel reminds me of someone who speaks out then turns around and says the opposite the next day.

  12. surprised there’s still a brave individual like him in Putin’s Russia where people are sent to jail for making a statement less critical than that

  13. It’s interesting for him to kind of backtrack. His statement on the first show was not new. He already accurately predicted most of the events of the war in Ukraine on a Russian website in advance of the invasion.

  14. It doesn’t matter. He said it and it can’t be unsaid. It’s amazing what happens when they threaten to take away your army pension and whatever other benefits that were being received.

  15. Yeah, well in a country in which you can be jailed for saying that a “special military operation” is really a war, no surprise that the former Russian colonel got into a lot of hot water over his remarks and had to publicly backtrack.

  16. This man traded his entire future and freedom to tell the truth for five minutes, and he knew it when he did it.
    Courage like that is incredibly rare in this world now.

    1. During the second interview someone probably had a gun to his kid’s head, out of view of the camera. That’ll make anyone say anything.

  17. Has anyone seen this man after he backtracked and changed his stance overnight ? I wonder why, or what, or who helped convince him that his first stance was incorrect ? Because we all know that a Russian citizen is free to speak out against their leaders and are free to voice their own opinion on the war… (special operation) even on Russian media.. right ??? This man could possibly come up missing or come down with some mysterious illness.

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