1. I have never seen such courage and fortitude in my life. God bless the Ukrainian people and may He scatter the aggressors.

    1. @Dr Darren Dunbass was never shelled…because Dunbass doesn’t exist. Donbas is a region in Ukraine. Dumbass is a region between your ears.

    2. @sammyshott23 ok Karen, so killing civilians was ok because of autocorrect? Do you support the Nazi in Ukraine also?

  2. Glory to the brave defenders of freedom and democracy in Ukraine. Get ground to air defences to them now!!! Слава Україні. ☘️

    1. Everyday Ukrainian citizens form militias as the government hands out automatic rifles to defend against Russian invasion

    1. @rhoclass9 you do realize Ukraine has committed war crimes over the past 8 years especially the white nationalist azov national guard battalion

    2. @Megan Swindall exactly, isn’t it something how quickly Republican supporters forget things, like, under Trump’s presidency Trump and Republicans made comments about how we should be friendly with Putin, Trump withheld security and weapon Aid to Ukraine when Ukraine’s president would not go along with Trump and say that Ukraine was opening up an investigation into the Biden’s, or how quickly they forget, or do not pay enough attention, to realize that Trump weakend nato while embracing dictator presidents… whether it is short term memory loss that they suffer from or do they not pay close enough attention to detail, it is problematic to say the least.

    3. Trump weakend our democracy and wanted to embrace dictator presidents and weaken our alliances with more diplomatic presidents. That’s what Trump is all about, wanting to be a dictator and Destroy democracy.

    4. The idiocy of some in this comment section is beyond belief..trump sent Ukraine aid..it was slightly delayed and the media said it was because he wanted hunter investigated and that he broke the law..guess what they lied..he broke NO LAWS. Took a couple years for that lie to come out….he also never weakened NATO if anything he strengthened it by have other countries pay there share promising NATO more money in defence.and if he wanted to be a dictator and run the country as such ..why would he fight to put decisions into the hands of the state’s….and believe people are free to speak there minds..yall are idiots who can’t keep trump out of your head even when bidens president and has america and the world in a tail spin.what has weekend our democracy is the divide caused by a liberal media that spent 4 years pushing flat out lies and conspiracy theories to take down a sitting president….YOU ARE UNABLE OF HAVING OR MAKING AND EDUCATED. INFORMED.AND UNBIASED DECISION!! And im no Republican. I voted for bill Clinton and Obama…grow up and THINK for yourselves idiots

    1. Russians have orders not to kill civilians thats why soo manny losses.If soldiers would have responded to these civilians atack you would see more than just 40 civilians dead.
      The good will win !Russia.

    2. The source of suffering of the Ukrainian people is not the Russian army, but the Ukrainian army, and it is not the Russian army, but the Ukrainian army that attacks the Ukrainian masses; it is not the Russian army that uses the common people as a shield, it is the Ukrainian army; it is not the Russian army that slaughters the people of Eastern Ukraine, it is the Ukrainian army

    3. @Chad Simmons climate change still is the worst enemy are you slow in the head? If war happens or nukes goes off it will be the end of the world

    4. @Ukai You mean Florida has glaciers? Alaska has palm trees? The ocean rising 1/2 inch in 100 yrs is normal, when it recedes your in big trouble with ice-age

    1. Everyday Ukrainian citizens form militias as the government hands out automatic rifles to defend against Russian invasion

    2. @Rx
      If the GQP gains power we’ll have Russians on our shores invited by repube’ politicians. We’ll be welcoming them with open arms.
      No GuNz necessary.

  3. I have nobody I know in Ukraine, but I’ve prayed in the last few days that Ukraine would win this war. We are with you, friends <3

    1. @rolback Trump was Putin’s greatest weapon. He got Trump elected and watched as Trump tore down many of our democratic safeguards, lowered our standing in the world and turn a once healthy political party into a pro putin party. All of that made it a perfect time for Putin to go after Ukrain.

    2. I’m originally from Ukraine (Krivoy Rog, Ukraine). I have family there. My wife’s family is there too. Pretty much everyone fled to the western Ukraine (from Kiev). Sad sad…it’s better to make one more ally than one more enemy. 😭😭😭

    3. @Richard Lewis Good question. All I know is he hasn’t answered many Ukrainian prayers since my Great Grandparents left in the 1930s to avoid starving to death under Stalin’s regime, after that is was the Germans, the Soviets again, about 30 years of independence, and now it looks like Russia again. Lol.

    4. @Richard Lewis Or maybe he’s on vacation? He’s got a lot of work to catch up on when he get’s back. Lol.

  4. May God protect and be with the brotherly Ukrainian people and may God protect all the people in Ukraine 🇲🇦❤️🇺🇦

    1. @stgeorge28 You’re both 50% right. Pedopbiden and trump are two sides of the same extremely corrupt coin. *_There exist no left and right. Each and every politician is paid and bought and a traitor to his country._*

  5. Poroshenko’s courage is the real deal and he doesn’t need a horse and can wear a shirt the whole time, unlike the frightened madman ruining Russia.

  6. I’m from India – I’m stand with Ukraine… All about humanity, please please please Stop war 🥺❤️

    1. @Private Name
      Artificial nationalities are irrelevant..I am talking about genetic level…Ukrainians and Russians are genetically from the same gene pool
      And in the distant past Russians actually originated from the Ukraine areas.. ( Ukraine is an artificial country )……

    2. ​@Sun Dial Why do you assume all people from Russia (or Ukraine) are “ethnic Russians”? That’s a bit strange for you to assume, isn’t it, Adolph? That’s like saying all Americans are “Native Americans”. (Wait, didn’t we just have this conversation?)

      If a woman of Filipino decent marries a man of Portuguese decent, both of whom live in Ukraine and are full Ukrainian citizens, and they have a child together whom is born a native Ukrainian, none of these people are “ethnically Russian”, yet all of them are Ukrainian. In fact over four-fifths of Russia’s population is of European descent, of which the vast majority are Slavs, and a substantial minority of Finnic and Germanic decent. So making a blanket statement that “Ukrainians are Russians” just reveals your ignorance.

    3. @Private Name
      Exactly my point…No such thing as a Ukrainian…all the people who live in Russia and so called Ukraine ( no such country in reality ..just a province of Russia ) are as you say Slavs and Germanic..which the people who live in ” Ukraine ” at present are….same as Russians…
      There is no difference in ethnicity between the two peoples…
      Its like saying a black man born in France is French..he is not..legally yes but his genetics belong in Africa

    4. @Sun Dial “And in the distant past Russians actually originated from the Ukraine areas.. ( Ukraine is an artificial country )……”
      No. This is just factually wrong. And it echos the nonsense propaganda and disinformation that Putin has been brainwashing Russian citizens with. He has apparently influenced you with it too. But if you want to know about Ukraine’s ACTUAL roots, search the web for an article titled ““There is no Ukraine”: Fact-Checking the Kremlin’s Version of Ukrainian History”. Read it and learn how you’ve been lied to.

    5. @Private Name
      We can go back and forth…but lets just agree to differ…the fact is historically Ukraine has always been a part of Russia just like Crimea..its only because of Soviet breakup that people in Ukraine wanted to go towards EU rather than stay under Russian control of territory…..🙄

  7. I stand with Ukraine! I’m a Nigerian that studied medicine in ukraine, they are absolutely nice people and I’ll be forever grateful to that nation, my heart breaks for them in these moments, I have cried my eyes out, I only pray they win! You have to see how determined these people are, they’ll win this war

    1. @Multi Entertainers Ha ha! I am from Moscow. Of course, I will talk to you with great pleasure. If the CNN moderator doesn’t stop it))

    2. @Multi Entertainers I will clarify. I am a citizen of Russia, I live in Moscow, but I was born in Kiev. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine.

  8. As an Australian and Dutch citizen (dual nationality) I would like to thank the Ukrainians for all they have done in the case of MH17. Even the people in the village where it went down were dismayed and very upset at what had happened. I was immediately on top on it and read many VK (Russian facebook) posts of soldiers who were involved. Bellingcat apparently found the same posts. Russia was guilty then and lied about it in the same way they do now.
    May many Russian mothers weep a million tears over the thousands of bodybags they will recieve. This war is against them also and they should do something about it.

    1. A Russian rebellion against Putin would be great. He’s holding his people back and they should be freed of his dictatorship.

    2. Russians have been brainwashed for decades by Bolsheviks and before them they were kept in incredible ignorance by the tzars. The Russian population was composed predominantly by peasants aka serfs and nomads who were then whipped into being industrial workers aka proletarians. And that happened less then 100 years ago. So forgive them if they are not that bright. I don’t wish body bags on anyone other then putin …and his side kick trump ( capital letters are wasted on those two). Cheers 👍🇨🇦

  9. It’s wonderful that the current and former presidents of Ukraine are united. We could learn a lesson here in the U.S.

    1. Problem being the last President of Ukraine is not an anti-science, amoral, narcissistic blob with the academic knowledge of a fruit fly. Lesson learned: Don’t elect dumb and you can form a generational coalition.

    2. @VesperAegis News & Games Plenty of coalitions happened under Trump . Historic ones in the Middle East . Also a fruit fly wouldn’t have the wits and determination to become a billionaire

  10. Don’t believe Putin! Excellent words by Petro Poroshenko. These words should be heard by all people in the West.

  11. Three of my grandparents lost their ancestral lands because of Russia, and the fourth lost his health in WW2. I live among strangers. Thank you Ukraine for defending democracy and civilization!

    1. If Trump wins the next election, he and Putin will control 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons. MAKE NO MISTAKE this is a 2-pronged attack to end democracy forever.

  12. This man is the former president but yet decided to take arm at his personal risk to defend his land and people….you have my respect sir may God bless and protect you and your people 🙏.

    1. The guy is facing charges for treason and all his assets have been frozen by the Ukraine government. Oh and his charges involve him financially supporting the Russian insurgency. CNN should be ashamed of promoting this PR stunt. This guy came back to the Ukrake to face the treason charges a month ago.

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