1. so I would like to believe this guy. HOWEVER… there are way too many clips of his play-out being MUCH different than his original analysis.

  2. 🤥🤥EVERYONE of them are Flip flopping, To Late for that💙🇺🇸💙🥰VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRATS THEY GET THE JOB 💙🇺🇸🥰

    1. @Francis Hurley umm, why would a democrat run against a republican in primaries/ Don’t you know how Primaries work? Now can you explain why Liz Cheney lost her primary? or how over a million Democrats have switched to republican?

    2. @Ironskull you wrote that republicans haven’t been losing at the ballot box lately. I pointed out that the only races they’ve been in recently are the primaries

  3. When you purge your party of all of mainstream members, how oh how can you expect to nominate mainstream candidates?

  4. I picture the conversation with someone high up in the party saying to him: “you’re not an election denier are you? Because election deniers are idiots, and you’re not an idiot right?? Tell me we don’t have an idiot running for office on our ticket….”
    And him answering: “I’m not an idiot but I do believe it was stolen!”
    And the higher up says: “you realize in the last 25 years we’ve one the popular vote once after 9/11… And that’s it. So I say again you’d have to be an idiot to think a man can lose the electoral college and the popular vote and think it was stolen with zero evidence…. Tell me you are not an idiot and get down your new talking points quick.”
    Him: “yes sir”

  5. LAUGHABLE! Say one thing to primary voters and something else to general election voters. Typical republican strategy and it won’t work in New Hampshire!

  6. He just said what he needed to say to survive the primary. He’s an opportunist. I believe this is how he felt about the election all along, but he sure fooled those voters. What a shame…😐

    1. Sometimes, you can’t blame the politician for this. That’s what they do. The sad part is that those who votes for it. They just don’t think it through. They are easily manipulated. And there are too many of them in this country.

  7. I Don’t Stand By My Own Words, I have ZERO Integrity, and I LIED to You, Vote for ME!
    ~ Senate candidate Don Bolduc 🤣😂

  8. It’s disgusting to be this classless. So you win is all good but when you lose they cheated, great example for our youth from idiots that never grew up.

  9. Another perfect example that attempts to disprove the old “Words have Consequences” saying. Deny, Deny, Deny. If someone has proof then it’s fake. Right out of the DJT playbook. Here’s one for you. When someone tells you who they are believe them the first time.

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