1. I’ve been amazed at how well Ukraine’s military fights. They’ve killed 3 Russian generals and numerous top Russian commanders. The bravery of engaging multiple armored vehicles at effectively point blank range is impressive! Well done, Ukraine.

  2. You can’t ever underestimate someone who is fighting for their love, their land, homes and freedoms. Stay Strong Ukraine from the US. 💪🇺🇸♥️🇺🇦☮️💙💛

    1. The Winners are in order …
      1. USA – Will make trillions of dollars during its post-war period by selling Hi-Tech War Machines to many countries with or without NATO membership.
      2. China – Will make many billions of gold during its post-war period by producing war machines parts for US based arms companies and Russia’s state owned arms companies.
      3. India – Will make few billions of dollars during its post-war period by producing war machines parts for US based arms companies and Russia’s state owned arms companies.
      The losers are in order …
      1. Ukraine – Will almost lose everything and will be listed under “Let Down Countries by USA and NATO”.
      2. Russia – Will lose significant amount on everything but Putin thinks he taught a lesson to USA and NATO expansion.
      3. EU – Will be counting refugees between them.
      4. UK – Keep staging world leaders conferences for the next election.
      5. UN – We condemn both sides.
      6. Ukraine people (refugees and rest of the people in the land) – Will suffer range of unrepairable mental health issues.
      7. Mainstream media, academics, experts, Hollywood and comedians – Found another material for their wages.
      In short, Capitalism and Market Economy will remain number one threat to global peace, climate, and mental wellbeing.
      And, I will be criticising both teams “Team USA and Team China” for the next few years until I pass away from long-covid.

    2. *Flaws in Non-Intervention by Europe Military*

      1. *INVASION* is defined as unprovoked war crime , mass killing of innocent people of another country.
      Its an Abuse of Power and Military forces.

      2. *DEFENCE* is defined as Provoked Response as self defence against Satanic invading forces. Intervention by Europe military will be Defensive response to defend humanity.

      3. To help ukraine is not just that. It is humans helping to stop the destruction of fellow humans.

      4. Using the past as justification for Revenge against France, USA? This is a vicious cycle. So the logic is flawed. If go by this logic, UN, EU should not include German which murdered millions during the days of Nazi Germany Hitler. The Revenge Logic is stuupid and laughable. Using the same logic, Japan should take Revenge against USA for the Nuking of Hiroshima. But they have more wisdom. They understand the past is the past. Past leaders done wrong. The present generation have nothing to do with the WW1, WW2.

      5. Military ideally is for Defence, not Invasion, which his defined as Unprovoked Attack on innocents. Thus its a war Crime. Sending military forces from France, Germany or USA to kill russians is not an Invasion but a Defence action against criminals against Humanity just like police fire shots to stop terrorists. Its like vaccinations to kill covid.
      Ending russia early is always better than later because it could escalate further into something worse.

  3. Just like the call of duty voice ” dig in and do whatever you can to survive. ” Prayers for Ukraine!

  4. To be honest before this war when I thought of Ukraine I always connected them to Russia similar history,culture and stuff. But now when I think of Ukraine 🇺🇦 I think of their bravery and how they are standing proud against tyrant. What I am sure is that after this war the world will never look Ukraine in the same way as they did before

    1. Ukrainians are brave, indeed. They demonstrated that very well in 1940’s in eastern Poland by killing roughly 200 hundred thousand polish men, women and children. Old or young, it did not matter as long as they were polish. Those “brave” Ukrainians invented about 200 hundred ways of killing. I’ll spare the details because it might be too much for your delicate stomach. Now your hero’s Ukrainians celebrate these murderers as national heroes. You’ll say that we can’t blame son’s for father’s crimes. Suggestion, check what happened in Doneck on 05-02 2014.

    2. @jola makowska How is that possible when Hitler and Stalin made a non-aggression pact in 1939 and invaded Poland together!?!?!? I’m lost here…. Is this some sort of Mandela effect?

    3. @jola makowska yes this is true, the Polish said it would be better to go to the gulags than to be at the mercy of the Ukrainians.

  5. Doesn’t broadcasting this kind of detail allow for the Russians to plan how to find the weaknesses and the opportunities to turn these defenses against these poor civilians? It seems like something better kept secret to me- but I’m no soldier.

    1. @Finnstigator
      Putting out this news serves to combat Russian propaganda, build Ukrainian morale (including amongst displaced refugees who left family behind), and also to build and coalesce international support. I agree that it isn’t paramount for the average American to see these stories, but this coverage does have very real, and positive, effects for Ukraine.

  6. It’s great the way the people mobilize I know that if it happened in America I don’t know if I can say we would do the same we’re so divided

    1. For lack of a better term, America is a place that you cannot invade and cannot occupy. As divide as we are unity during invasions is insane, everyone no matter political affiliations will join.

    2. @Not Human not to mention the amount of guns we have. On top of all those guns we have hundreds of thousands of military veterans and a police force that’s bigger than most military’s. We’d never be conquered without nuking almost every major city and by then the worlds dead anyway.

    3. Anyone with common sense would say that it’s not an idea to show on TV 📺 the defense prepared by the Ukrainian people. Right?

    4. @Fair Review I would absolutely agree but when it comes to America and the people who constantly are being disenfranchised are told their beliefs are not equal to those who believe that they don’t exist because it’s not in their world. So no one is ever going to disclaim what is happening to the Ukrainian what is it going to happen is that America will always lessen what aa’s are saying it’s the same thing but for some reason it doesn’t resonate the same as the Holocaust or anyone else that looks European

    5. @Fabreasy I agree I want to know how does that unite the country with everything that’s going on whether you blame it on Bush Obama Putin or Trump where do we unite the country red or blue black and white and I say black and white last because it’s not that important to America

    1. Exactly, Russians soldier will be watching all this media, and they will know how to attack Ukrainians since the media is telling them.

    2. You think „enemies“ does‘t know about it? ))) They even knew when foreigners solders goes to shiiit in toilet.

    3. @Edward Squirrell I know I shouldn’t laugh but I did and I am smiling…it feels so good! Thank you!

    4. @Edward Squirrell ps..
      I have my owning business SO today I worked for 4 hours and made $200! I love cleaning AND doing all the laundry!!😳🤭 true story!

  7. those defenses need to be lower than street level meaning they should be entrenched.
    Bring in a front end loader a ditch digger and get the defensive position dug in below street level.

    1. Your right. The defenses they have in place will be pushed aside by the first tank that comes down the road. They should at least plant explosives in all the culverts under the roads. They should have bulldozers in place to dig ditches across the roads. Where possible they need to flood the ditches. It’s a shame they’re spending so much time on something that will be ineffective.

  8. Love to see this but from a tactical aspect probably not the most advantageous thing to do to broadcast direct intel to the enemy.

  9. The difference between fighting for your homeland and fighting at the behest of some psychopath autocrat who makes up for its army’s pathetic performance by shelling civilians indiscriminately.

  10. you cant have a no-fly zone when Russia has the missile launchers located out side of Ukraine, this would put NATO aircraft at risk, and Putins nuts enough to use really small tactical nukes using the leaking radiation from those power plants as cover as a last resort move

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