1. The war in Ukraine 🇺🇦 is meant to open your eyes to the reality in the financial system. Real estate firm and other businesses are also closed too,, only crypto holders and crypto investors are spending money with ease..

    1. He’s not like other brokers that will start telling you stories and excuses why the trade didn’t go well after collecting your money.. He’s signals are so good.

    2. This is the kind of information that we don’t get from most Youtubers I will get in touch with him right now

  2. Are you saying that a vehicle which was supposed to be used for the purpose of transporting civilians from point A to point B is now being used as a war vehicle?

    1. @Kingdis King • Your synopsis isn’t quite accurate since you haven’t mentioned the modifications which make it into a war vehicle.

    2. @Facts not feelings • LOL! You need to upgrade your bot so it doesn’t post “false” to questions.

  3. I have an old Jeep & Land Rover just collecting dust in my back field that I’m going to donate to Ukraine now that I know they will be in good Ukrainian hands!

    1. Bless you Joe!! I’m positive you will save lives with this gesture. Thank you for being a kind and compassionate human.

    2. If it possible try to send it for proper people…i mean person like Сергій Притула or another volunteer.. because sometimes your help might help our authority

  4. You know it always absolutely astound me how war can bring people together. It is absolutely baffling how so much effort can be done in the time of war. But none of this energy can be done for other stuff. Protecting kids at school, feeding the homeless, fighting for rights, supporting our veterans. It is absolutely is something to behold to watch people unify during war. Never ceases to amaze me 😗☕👌

  5. That’s actually pretty impressive to me. It shows the ingenuity and skill of these men and also shows the determination of the allies and citizens of Ukraine. To turn everyday vehicles into a vehicle used for military activities is something incredible and will be valuable for the war effort against Russia!

    1. @Gordon Strong 1:50 those 2 trucks are shining in the light and the truck at 2:00 clearly has gloss paint and then the dude is standing next to a shiny door idk man. matte spray paint would be an all around better option

    2. How is it at all impressive? Technicals have existed ever since some guy could weld a metal frame to a Hilux and slap a machine gun on top of it. They actually appear to have very little skill compared to some beasts that have been seen in the middle east or mexico. Some middle eastern technicals have BMP turrets mounted to them or anti air guns on them. And in Mexico, you give some cartel guy a Ram 3500, he will turn it into a narco tank.

      also why would they show the most boring technicals that the Ukrainians have cobbled together. There is one with a rocket pod slapped into a trailer.

      Check r/shittytechnicals to see what people have slapped on vehicles.

    3. @Elliott i saw the end of your comment first and wanted to roast you for being a redditor but man that comment was all facts. refreshing stuff👍🏻

    1. With painting skills like this, Putin stands no chance. Wait until the USA unleashes the LowRider Advisors to assist in tactical paint schemes.

  6. We applaud at this. Yet when the taliban was doing the same with their trucks we think of them as monkeys .

    Why? Explain?

  7. It will nice & wise if it is possible to equip this kind of trucks not only with weapons but also with some type of jamming & drone capabilities.

  8. Awesome project!! Great damn job. You know, if people volunteered used vehicles tp Ukraine ….When Diplomacy Fails…AMMO!!

  9. This idea isn’t new. Throughout the Middle East this is normal. The war in Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and even in Somalia and Nigeria and Kenya. Toyota and Nissan are always the preferred vehicles of choice.

  10. If only there was a huge industrial country in the middle of europe that produces MILLIONS of cars every year.

  11. Great work! May Andrey Sheptytsky, Blessed Vasyl Velychkovsky and all Ukrainian saints, First Testament Prophets (Elijah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Amos etc), Jewish holy men and women, St Michael, Raphael and Gabriel and all the angels, intercede with the Almighty for the removal of Putin, Lavrov and his minions from power. May Ukraine be freed of Russian oppression. May Our Lady of Zarvanytsia (Ukraine’s Lourdes) help with this.

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