1. The reason why this war is lasting so long is simply because Russians are using so much restrains and are paying a heavy price for it. CNN should stop pushing Ukrainians to commit suicide.

  1. From what we have seen of the Ukrainian army, I would say that Putin is completely oblivious if he thinks he can appeal to their army to change loyalties. I don’t see that as a possibility.

    1. Putin is not fkn around with us in the West. He told us straight & direct not to interfere with his military operation. Was hoping for peace albeit always stated not to underestimate Putin and his brand of nationalist authoritarianism via witch he Rules Russia. 2 days ago the biggest War of my generation *( LGBTQ Millennial ))) just started. What say ye ? What do we do ? My friend said in a grim rather dark tone : well, keep paying athletes millions, rappers millions, actors millions and the rest of North America divided, in debt, living from paycheck. to paycheck …and then proceeded to rap somethings witch would rather not write due to being *( Age Restricted Matters)* and finished how do you like that version of Freedom & Democracy….did reply that he had a rather cynical, pessimistic, negative and rather dark vision of North America *( and the West ) in the past years and today…. think he just needs a hug, a kiss, a massage and some love…what do you think ? PS: He also added something interesting to note of a more discerning intellectual manner ! He stated that Putin’s nationalistic authoritarian ideology is very reactionary to the West’s Liberal Politics of Pro-LGBTQ, Multiculturalism, Feminist and pop-culture ideology witch he views as having weakened the West and is morally degenerate…. claims that by analysis of Putin’s own speeches and discourses that is a major part of his social, cultural, political and psychological ideological views and tendencies….. HAD to and WILL meditate on that….if even half of that is true….then we gotta go back to my first statement in summary : Putin is not fkn around with us in the West.

    1. Yes. The right has been fed propaganda from Russia since 2015.
      side note: The Qults beliefs are recycled Nazi propaganda which was produced by Russians c1901.

  2. “Putin is taking them to war with a friendly, neighborly, and brotherly nation” is a poetic summation of the situation.

    1. @antred11 will america and England accept Russian , china or Afghanistan army base near to their countries…..
      NATO and America can’t help Ukraine 😂😂😂
      Because it shows effect on their president election 👍👍👍
      But NATO and America will send war equipment 😂😂😂😂😂
      What do you think Ukraine will win the war 🤣

    2. @antred11 only major damage for Russia and Ukraine full damage,. Then american will come to Ukraine to do the infrastructure and other business 😂😂😂for next 20 years…

    3. @teretere vanakere The US went berserk when the Soviet Union wanted to install missiles in their backyard (Cuba crisis 1962). Inviting Ukraine in the NATO means installing NATO weaponry in Russia’s backyard. Professor John Mearsheimer (a WestPoint graduate with a 5 year military career) explains in a lecture you can watch here:

      Mind you, I don’t think this is the only reason for Russia’s invasion. People in Ukraine see how salaries in neighbouring Poland are now 5 times higher than their own salaries since Poland joined the EU. Since the Maidan revolution in 2014, Ukraine has “moved” towards the west and wants to join the European Union. If that happens, Russians will see how neighbouring Ukraine is gradually doing much better than they are. Putin wants to avoid that too. Invading Ukraine is like killing two birds with one stone. However, since Russia annexed Crimea, most Ukrainians dislike and even hate their former soviet friends. Even if Putin manages to install a puppet regime in Kiev, he won’t be able to turn back the clock. Not for a long time. It will be another Afghanistan.

    4. @Charles – I live in Ukraine and just made it to Moldova with my wife and 3 kids. Much of my business is in Russia. It’s all been flattened overnight. My own philosophical view is that globally we are ready for change, one of those evolutionary moments and shifts of consciousness. The human race after a long period of isolation and introversion after the pandemic is emerging from winter and into spring. The new is emerging and the old is falling away, and that also means dictatorships especially such dangerous ones with power like Putin’s administration who cant be voted out and who dominate and bully its people and even more their surrounding neighbouring countries. Its time to go. Putin is done. It will be bloody, but he is done and Russia will enter a new phase of greater freedom and creativity. Perhaps after an awful period of economic collapse. I dont think they are aware of just what lies ahead of them. They are going to collapse, but remain blissfully unaware. Partly out of lazyness. Its okay for them so why look and why question; a false sense of pride and patriotism; and being spoon fed the propoganda which is easy. However, there is a huge consciosu awareness too as I have many Russian friends and they all say ‘we want rid of putin but we cat get rid of him’ and they are not dogmatic or ignorant

  3. Bütün Azəbaycan xalqından Ukraniya Desdek olmasını xahiş elirem. Ukraniya Azərbaycana Dost ölkədir Ukraniya

    1. Brother from India, from Islamic religion I support u brother I okay for u brother don’t loose hope Allah will help u all have hope brother 🫀

    1. @Ryan “Ducky” Georgieff Well yeah, a human bares its teeth when it smiles. Smile at a strange large dog of uncertain temperament, with a fixed direct stare, while you simultaneously advance stiff-legged onto its territory.


  4. Very tough situation, I’m
    Just shocked Putin went through with this invasion fighting with his own bloodlines….. sanctions will not work but harm civilians and Ukrainian soldiers they need military support and fast

    1. @Anima Animus Also, please name all the nuclear powers in the world. I could be taking your comment the wrong way, but it does appear to paint a very simplistic and unbalanced assessment of the situation.


    3. I understand and agree…. Just ranting off lol… I’ve brought up the ops and CIA on the ground as well
      And I was met w laughter…. Anyways just a mess, hopefully they or we can come to some kind of peaceful proposal..

    4. You mean to provide aid to defemd ukrain and prolong and drag the russian army invasion . Especially from north and east ukrain .

    1. @ScootMagoot46 wait? Ukrainian are fighting for thier lives alone, there’s peace for now but evils are planning another attack and it gonna be more lethal, pray for the brave and innocent soldier who’s only crime is that they just wanna live free

    2. @ScootMagoot46 what is a “goofy sanction”? Interested to know. And if something else would work better, please advise.

  5. “The question of whether world peace will ever be possible can only be answered by someone familiar with world history. To be familiar with world history means, however, to know human beings as they have been and always will be. There is a vast difference, which most people will never comprehend, between viewing future history as it will be and viewing it as one might like it to be. Peace is a desire, war is a fact; and history has never paid heed to human desires and ideals …” Spengler

    1. @J TF No, because to many more intelligent people, it feels sickening to be grouped with this species and it is our daily bane.

    1. @Steve Goldstein thank you mister obvious. ofcourse the west will not fight Ukraine battles for them, but they can provide Ukraine with weapons and ammunition.

    2. @Steve Goldstein Sorry about snapping, I did not read what you wrote an answer to. To clarify, Biden promised not to give up an inch of Nato territory. Some of the former Soviet Republics and all of the former Eastern Bloc countries are in Nato. These will be defended.

    3. @vladislav filipovic Of the four Presidents in the news, only Putin and Trump are the madmen (see their bromance in Helsinki on July 16, 2018)

    1. @ScootMagoot46 educated but smart..midterms are gonna be awesome forethought is good…you go now…ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX3IyFUM5xc

    1. Was your heart with the donetsk and lugansk civilians 9 years ago when they were being pounded by their own government ?
      Do you know that the donetsk somali battalion was founded by the head of Ukraine cavalry battalion of that same region ?
      I guess not…

    2. The reason why this war is still lasting is simply because Russians are using so much restrains and are paying a heavy price for it. Western news should stop pushing Ukrainians to commit suicide.

    1. @Christmas Machuka They had the same enemy. But they weren’t exactly friends. So I wouldn’t say Russia was “helping” the US.

      Remember how the USA supported Osama Bin Laden with money and weapons, when he was fighting the Russians in Afghanistan ? He wasn’t really their friend, but he was fighting the Russians so the US supported him. Until of course on 9-11 the chickens came home to roost.

    2. Patton was was mostly right. The Nazi’s need to to be defeated but the Russians as well. The west liberated and Russian took over to claim all territories gained for their own. The cold war began and has not ended as many have believe.

  6. I may be wrong – but did the USA, UK and Russia not guarantee Ukrainian boarders in the 1994 Budapest Memorandum after the encouraged Ukraine to give up all its nukes? Please research this

    1. that’s why you should never leave your defence on other country’s hand. if they had nuclear weapons russia would think twice before attacking ukraine

    2. Also signed the Minsk agreement and another for the ceasefire agreements are a joke for Russian government only way to keep the Russian government in check is by force

    3. @Rktmtkl Jelrdkbn Yep. And Russias words are worth nothing. The Budapest treaty/pact, no neaning. Putins Russia is not worth talking to. Russia needs to find a leader who can communicate in other ways than Polonium-tea.

  7. *While condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, still some questions around the legitimacy of this conflict. Do Russia has the right to recover the Ukrainian territories under the pretext that they belong historically to Russia ? Like the Israeli colonizer do with the Palestinians ?*

  8. Amazing that these journalist never dissect the words of our politicians when they push us into countless wars abroad.

  9. It seems modern wars have taught putin nothing. You will loose fighting an insurgency. Stay strong Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

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