1. Alex Jones sounds like he has a gigantic smokers lougee living in his throat. The worst voice for radio. When I hear him, I keep needing to clear my own throat.

    1. @Roll Out stop cosplaying fake patriotism. P.S. there are some very famous hardcore veterans who created a coffee company with super popular soy lattes….

    2. @We Arabs are Black People Muslim The one I’m still working on is the greatest commandment of all: “Love your neighbor as yourself”. That’s not just mind candy – it takes a lot of work… 💪

    1. Alex is not pro trump anymore . He promoted the shots repeatedly and that didn’t sit well with many

    1. @gacj2010 The word is not “ignite” – that’s what you do when you burn things. The word you were trying for is “incite” – entirely different thing – you might want to at least look it up before you try to argue that it’s an invalid concept. You actually thought you had a point, didn’t you…………SMFH

    2. @Mike B you didn’t read the title of the story did you Mr perfectionists..maybe take a look at it and hide your red face

  2. All the damning testimony these hearings have provided should give Dominion & Smartmatic a slam dunk win in their multibillion dollar lawsuits against FOXNEWS!🤑

  3. Never forget Alex Jones told parents of children whose jaws were blown off, that they were actors.

    1. @Josh Wilson They aren’t trolls they are flesh and bones.

    2. @Aunty Woke Tell it to the Sandy Hook parents.
      “There are so many ways of being despicable it quite makes one’s head spin. But the way to be really despicable is to be contemptuous of other people’s pain.”
      James Baldwin

  4. He invited
    He incited
    They rioted
    He then denied it
    Even though he implied it
    Now he must be indicted!

  5. Just remember ladies and gentlemen, there’s no such thing as an intelligent Trump worshipper.

    1. @Cool guy Then don’t talk with me. I don’t have to make myself stupid because of your thinking. Your not superior to me mentally or emotionally. Why should i dehumanize myself???

    2. @Cool guy I have noe idea what your talking about so I just post some post random posts.

    3. @Cool guy You never been a Democracy you maestro of lies.

    4. @Cool guy I don’t care I create conflict even if your innocent. You did the same so I speak your language.

    5. @Cool guy Prove that you been a Democracy. Let me see.. if you can prove it then okay 👍

  6. As a Registered Republican Voter never again speak to me about Republican Values, Family, Law or Parenting as well as supporting any Republican Candidate again as they only care about themselves and their own political views, opinions and careers and anyone to whom they can sell their loyalty to to protect themselves.

    1. @Jerry LOL 😂 His policy on democracy or lame/failed attempted coupe’s?!? What specifically gets YOU on your knees for him??

  7. It doesn’t matter what the RNC says at this point. Any rational person doesn’t listen to their lies. We just have to fight like hell, VOTE BLUE FOLKS 💙

    1. @EL Cheapo Remeber what they did in Latin America brother. Remeber what they done to the black man.

    1. @Davon Reeves We just waited for you to do that mistake. Only patience. We just observing them. And when they do something injustice we punish them so they learn what’s human respect.

    2. @He laid out the Earth Quran. For all beings Quran. your not gonna punish a damn thing because if you do the law will be there to catch you and your boys.

    3. @Dave Harvey you said “My family has been working in the oil industry for almost a century.”
      OH I’m sorry … didn’t mean to imply you were actually working .

    4. @plnkfloydian Attitudes like that are why the country continues to slide toward fascism. Being apathetic helps literally no one.

  8. And to think there will STILL be people that believe and support him after this trial shows all the truth.

    1. They understand that pootin is lonely, especially now. Getting spanky back in there will re-bond their intimate friendship.

    1. OK but that sentence has been taken out of its context. He said it, because he too is poorely educated. And it would be all to easy to blame everything that happened on poorely educated useful idiots. That would allow the highly educated to escape the punishment they deserve.

  9. As an American, if all this doesn’t make your blood boil, NOTHING WILL! The GOP is the most dangerous threat to America today. VOTE BLUE!

  10. People like my parents aren’t watching any of this and still 100% support Trump and make excuses for Jan 6. It’s hopeless. The truth isn’t sufficient.

    1. @Lea Garner I was just going to say the same. What will it bloody take to convince people?! As a Canadian, I’m really getting frusted and starting to feel hopelessness for the American people:( Stay strong.

    2. My aunt and uncle watched some of it, have realized the truth. They are not happy about it but at least they are reasonable enough to admit they were wrong about trump. I’m sorry your parents haven’t come around yet, but if even half of his supporters see the truth, there’s hope.

  11. “In the end, if the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists–to protect them and promote their common welfare–all else is lost.”

    ~ Barack Obama, American lawyer, writer, politician, activist, and humanitarian who served as the 44th President of the United States 🇺🇸

  12. It slays me… SLAYS ME!… That anyone could listen to these lunatics on tv and think “I gotta go overthrow the government today”
    … Like you think that ALEX F’ing JONES is a credible political news source!!!!?

    just WOW!

    1. Pool and Saltry Cracker look at least as nutty. The style may be more hip, the content is as crazy. That makes these online Lord Haw Haws even more dangerous.

    2. You’re right, and i like your analogy, trump’s fog horn mouth shattered their eardrums and mangled their noodles so they will never be normal or human again.

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