See huge flood devastation in Germany and Belgium 1

See huge flood devastation in Germany and Belgium


Catastrophic flooding killed 195 people in Germany and Belgium as residents in badly affected areas were overwhelmed by the speed and ferociousness with which the water came. CNN’s Sam Kiley reports from Germany.

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  1. i’m from Belgium. During this day i didn’t see a single drop of rain and was mowing the lawn. Meanwhile the East part of our tiny country was in pure chaos. The climate is indeed … changing. America will ofc suffer much more than us, but they are deserve it much more, because of their bad leadership on climate change. A tiny bit less profit in exchange for a healthier planet wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    1. @Dorientje Woller ofc this is part to blame on the climate changing… Please activate your brain.

  2. My heart goes out to those who didnt make it and to those who are still suffering don’t ever give up hope luv peace and respect from the United states

  3. Death has become cheap, but life has become expensive! Because human race has achieved development by tampering with nature.

    1. @Mango Fett yes. In my opinion that’s probably why we don’t see Intergalactic civilizations spreading from star to star.

      Humans have evolved to a point we can use almost every resource we have access too. We have in less the 200 years changed the world more then any other natural forced. Even some mass extinction event. Also natural…

      So yes I think humanity is a natural disaster. Prove me otherwise.

      We have made 44% of our river uninhabitable. Another 60% of river species have been wiped out or drastically reduced in population.

      We have clear cut some much of the Amazon rain forest in now it’s producing more CO2 then it absorbs.
      We have drastically changed the environment of this planet.

      I could go in for days about how shitty humans are to the only place in the universe that we know of that can support complex life.

      We should be caretakers of this planet but have grown to be greedy about it.

      Again humans are a natural problem.

    2. @Dylan H yes i do agree with that, humans are as my mother described “a parasite species slowly killing the planet” . However climate change is not natural. With humans polluting it and creating all the Co2 emissions with our factories,wars,etc. Humans acting that was is natural but climate change is not natural and is dangerous to humans in the foreseeable future.

    1. @Anne McNiell Fictional characters in parables aren’t very helpful for real world tragedies like this.

  4. My heart breaks for all those affected. Praying for you. I’m American with roots in Germany and the Netherlands and also have a love of beautiful Belgium so this saddens me.

    1. @Average penaldo fan Why would this be your response? Political affiliation has no place when you are showing compassion for another human’s suffering. I pray for you too.

    2. ​@Lauren Krist They said that because their republican identity is wrapped up in being really, really shitty human beings. If they’re a member of the GOP, expect them to talk like that and just generally be despicable because most are. I say this as a former long time republican.

  5. Al Gore warned us about this in 2001 in the movie inconvenient Truth. Imagine if he wouldn’t have got the election stolen from him we wouldn’t be in this mess today.

    1. Yeah we would, It’s climate change…
      The climate is always changing.. There is nothing we can do about it.

      Im all for green energy, simply cause it seems more pratical and obviouslyy cleaner for big city’s.
      But if you think it’s gonna change anything between now and 10,000 years you are wrong. We wont magically get a stable weather pattern… There will always be the extreme’s. These same people that scream CLIMATE CHANGE, 2030, 2050, GREEN ENERGY. Also tell us in 30 years we will be in an ice age….

    2. @AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL the carbon footprint concept was invented by oil lobbies to get people focuses on individual actions instead of coorperatations. It also was intended to disqualify any Climate activist from talking about climate change. There are tens of thousands of climate activists in the US alone, but only a couple dozen have a neutral carbon footprint. That’s great for fossil fuel companies.

    3. @Anthony Rivers your imaginary friend couldn’t help, wouldn’t help and won’t help. No matter how you frame it. Nobody pushed anything real away. Religion is going the way of all superstitions. they don’t really do anything but give you a sense of false hope.

  6. My condolences to all those who lost in this devastation. Have also realized my life was so much better before reading comments. The hate, rudeness, and ignorance is astonishing and depressing.

    1. goodness. the comments here are WILD, i absolutely agree with you. people in the comments here are so consumed by bitterness
      my parents live in an area that was flooded – they told me it looks like after the war!

  7. Get all the climate deniers from corporate, government and media, into rubber hip waders and make THEM clean it up.

    1. The earth’s climate was changing LONG BEFORE HUMANS WERE CREATED.
      Any person that thinks it’s mankind’s fault that the climate changes is an ignorant ignorant fool!!!!!!
      There’s NOTHING man can do to our planet that our planet cannot,over time, heal itself from!!!
      BUNCH OF BULLSHIT CON ARTIST TRYING TO CONVINCE PEOPLE THAT ITS ALL THEIR FAULT. You used a straw. Some oil was spilt, oh look that guy just set off a nuclear bomb.
      Contrary to what some choose to think
      About their own creation.

    2. @Sharla Oliver
      Yup, and lucifers parasites call it global warming to milk a carbon tax from everyone while we suffer under full beast system Demonic tyranny.
      All democrats serve the Antichrist who plays with preschoolers under the tinfoil sheets at the border

    3. @J W the earth’s climate was changing long before humans existed.
      Anyone that believes it’s mankind’s fault that earth’s climate is constantly changing is a DAMN FOOL
      Next they’ll be blaming humans for the CONTINUAL MOVEMENT OF THE CONTINENTS!!!!
      I h my gosh, too many ships and boats on the oceans causing more waves that erode the coastlines!!!!!!!! Oh my!!!!
      Too many hikers on mountain trails causing vibrations that are causing earthquakes!!!! Oh yeah, that’s right, there was NO CLIMATE on earth before humans were created. Right??????

  8. Hopefully all these countries will rebuild using GREEN technology! I believe Petra Kelley started the Green party years ago in Germany;

    1. Ah, fellow resident? Yeah. I was just thinking the same. Had to boat to get my family out of places as a child. It wasn’t fun.

  9. I was deeply saddened for the victims in Europe, especially in friendly Germany and Belgium, and all the countries affected by the heavy rains. Our condolences except for all the families of the missing, and we wish a speedy recovery to all the wounded. I hope that you will not see the grief of your lover from the Republic of Yemen

  10. My parents’ and my sister’s houses were flooded. Thank god nobody of them were harmed. Houses can be rebuild and things bought again. We’re all deeply saddened for those who lost their loved ones! Our area looks almost like a war scene… it’s horrible

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