1. I was only in elementary school when the last eruption occurred. I’m in my fifties now. Wow! That was a long time ago. I remember the flow almost hit town. Luckily it didn’t.

  2. Okay people, here’s what’s up.
    The caldera has been breached and there is a flow moving southwest as well as fingers to the Northeast.

    I live on the eastern side of Hawaii island.
    We didn’t even know Mauna Loa erupted until we checked our SM this morning.
    Nobody is is any danger at the moment, we appreciate all the thoughts.
    This is the second eruption in my lifetime, and it’s less eventful than the first.
    It’s not end times, it’s just geology.
    Aloha people.

    1. @KingGene I’m obviously not referring to the volcano. Hawaii is known to be a very attractive getaway destination and I’m asking a person who lives there on what life is like day to day and whether they recommend it.

  3. Wow, that’s where I grew up. I used to go fishing and swimming where those pics were taken. So weird to see your home town in such a state.

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    2. @Mike Cappa Exactly how I respond here in FL when family asks if I’m evacuating cause of a Hurricane. I own a piece of land in HPP and been hiking up and around Mauna Loa, quite amazing.

  4. I remember a few months ago we got a huge earthquake in the middle of the night cool but scary to see pele doing her thing

  5. Great to see a national weather reporter actually understand and explain how Mauna Loa erupts instead of sensationalizing the current eruption.

    1. Hello 👋 i hope you’re safe over there? I hope this year brings happiness prosperity love and peace 💞❤️🕊️🕊️ all over the world 🙏🌍
      I’m originally from Australia currently living in Ohio 🇺🇲☀️☀️☀️☀️and you where are you from if i may ask?💭💭

    2. It is good,what no report mentions is that very few people live around there due to the fact most is all old Lava flows and nothing else, quite barren in fact.

    3. Yes, my dad,Dr.Richard Bader was Oceanographer Geophysics, few folks know that that area is very barren due to previous Lava flows

  6. Aloha🤙🏽 I live in Hawaii.. EVERYONE IS SAFE. This is so rare & exciting to witness .State Civil defense are monitoring the volcanos activity..All residents (20k) have been informed of the evacuation routes.. should it get to that point🙌🏼🌈🍍🥥..

  7. The most shocking thing is thinking “damn really? Nearly 40 years ago” then looking at the year of the last eruption and realizing I was born that year 😭

  8. The people of Hawai’i have been living on the Big Island for over 1,500 years. This isn’t that big of a deal, people. If you think the Kanaka Maoli are upset or fearful of this eruption, then you are just projecting your own fears.
    Sure, there is the potential for homes and lands to be destroyed. But that is part of the process of death and rebirth which Hawai’i has been experiencing for hundreds of millions of years. Pele gives Āina, Pele takes Āina back.
    She only need be feared if you are of mal intent and disrespect.

  9. Quite a bit different than when Mt St Helen’s erupted. A good portion of the mountain blew off and it completely changed the topography. The eruptions in Hawaii seem a little more calm as far as reshaping the mountain top. But that lava is not something to mess with. I remember the homes and areas that were affected just a few years ago. Mother Nature at work, is pretty amazing.

    1. They are two different types of volcanoes. Mauna Loa is a shield volcano. Mount Saint Helen is a composite. Their magma is quite different from each other so eruptions are different too.

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