1. This makes me feel thankful for where I live, and is just another reminder to not take what I have for granted.

    1. @Santosh Kumar I didn’t even need to Google… it is literally playing on every media source around the world. They legit start every story with India breaking the record for daily cases, deaths, and that even then it is projected to be much much more than recorded. It isnt even being blamed for the government purposely under reporting, they are saying the counts are so high and things are such a mess that they are not able to accurately record. People are not bothering coming to hospitals to report because there is no room and no air for them to even be treated.

    2. @Santosh Kumar When you keep saying “America” I’m assuming you think I live in the US, which is not the case. America is the entire western hemisphere (N.America, S.America), so I guess you are right, the entire other half of the world does have more deaths than India, congrats? I also currently reside in a remote location away from all this…

  2. I just can’t go on with my life like nothing is wrong after seeing this. Ppl crying , inconsolable and no one is hearing them. The doctors look numb. The amount of heartbreak , dismissiveness, insensitivity Feels like a different realm, world that they are in

    1. Tiffany- I admire that you still have a sensitive heart in this ugly world. That takes strength. This marathon of suffering we call life is a true challenge for all of us. Sending love your way.

    2. @Dulce R-L People just forget that humankind has been going through these since history has been recorded. It seems we’re advancing in a lot of areas in some parts of the world, but pandemics are powerful events that we’re limited to control in huge populations. This is eye-opening to many. If God was there watching, well….. not sure how he’d fix it either.

    3. @tiffany goff Yeah I understand how painful it’s losing loved ones like this and everything being telecasted on international media which brings in lot of sympathy and build pressure on Govt as well to b more active! However, I ask the same media Where were you when Indian state was carrying silent Genocide in my Kashmir 50k children blinded by pellets include 6months baby. 5 Months prolong communication clampdown, cut off from the rest of the world, snapped our special status, presence of 10 lakh troops, 8months worst humitarian curfew, no freedom of speech and what not…..These Indians never felt our pain but we do understand thr pain brcoz only we know wr does it exactly hits when loved one is lost. Please world stop double standards.

  3. “on the brink of collapse”? If patients are up to themself to hunt for oxygen, that’s a pretty clear sign that the health care system has collapsed already.

    1. It has always been “collapsed”. India literally runs out of oxygen EVERY YEAR. Just search India/oxygen/2018,2017, etc.

  4. Good grief, this is absolutely heartbreaking. I lost it watching that woman’s sons shake her and cry out for help. It’s hard to watch this, and realize that here in the U.S. we have people whining about facemasks and refusing vaccines. This is just horrifying..

    1. @Gangari TheWanderer You have no idea what you are talking about. People (relatives, colleagues) are driving out of town with the dead bodies of their loved ones because city crematoriums are overflowing. You sit there in the relative comfort of your home and talk such utter crap?

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  5. They are thinking that news reporters are doctors and pleading them for help! their agony is heartbreaking! I can’t stop my tears for them! Indian govt has failed us! And the govt instead of helping, they are trying to silence the critics in every which way possible!

    1. Modi worships Trump and has now is as incompetent and stupid as Trump as well. It’s funny India is the biggest producer of vaccines in the world but they don’t have enough for their people because they make the vaccines for the rich countries in the world. They also make most of the generic medications in the USA because it’s cheap stuff. The rich medical insurance companies don’t want to pay high prices but will settle for ineffective, watered down medicines from India.

  6. Whole world is watching and concern about the situation in India, but yaha to sab thk hai as per the UP CM.

    1. alz123alz
      1 second ago

  7. India was not ready for this, at all. I had to hold back tears, that could have been my mom…or YOUR MOM! I wish I had a way to help.

  8. I lost my mother in early March. I can feel their pain and literally cried seeing their mother slip out of their hands. I am so sorry brothers. RIP

    1. May ALLAH SWT give her highest place in Jannah. May ALLAH give u and your family sbar E Jamel..

    2. CNN international show only india when American died over 600k wht no media entered in hospital? Why Indian hospital enter cnn media why hospital allow media this small hospital? Any one hv brain ? American died worst part why no media went inside hospital

    3. @Soni Smart did Americans say that ‘everything is fine’? Did they prevent the media from reporting the truth? Did they threaten to take criminal action against people who complained? Did they not kick out a President who botched up the response? When will India wake up and kick that mofo PM out??

    1. Not really Rebecca, not really. It’s actually a bit of crisis acting if I don’t say so myself.

  9. Bloody heartbreaking! Those men crying out for their deceased mother made me cry too. Modi has blood on his hands!!

    1. Everything was fine when he was CM 3000 muslims in Gujaratet killed so many women gang raped during dehli riots 54 muslims died while dehli police was helping RSS punjabi sikh farmers were beaten you all were sildnt at that time now he has got blood on his hands
      This is what you get when you bring fanatics into government that do nothing but use hatred to further their goals

    2. @Shery Awan many Hindu’s are killed burnt in train why don’t you say that which started everything. Don’t be communal idiot

    3. @Shery Awan I’m not a modi supporter but I would say this is not the time to talk about politics.

    4. @funsak112 It was hindi extremists who put fire on the train to have riots against Muslims.Nearly 10 000 Muslims were killed much more than 3 000.Modi, who was Prime Minister of Gujarat gave orders to the Police Forces not to intervene.I have closely followed News at that time.Sorry for my bad English.An African.

    5. @Daouda Ba how come if muslim died it is some extremist and you support yourself if hindus died you dont care easlity give a reason come out of religion people who kill are against humanity all are extremist, they targeted hindus who went to ayodya pilgrimage because already there is a fight going on in those muslim populated area so no excuses

  10. Heartbreaking. I know there was a warning on this but this was horrific. The wailing of those people watching their family slip away from them is just so hard to watch. I couldn’t cope if this were me.

  11. This was hard to watch. Like what a stranger passing by would have seen of me and my brothers back in September when our mom died. I’m still not alright. All I can say is to tell the people who you love that you love them every day.

    1. I lost my father last month to due to the covid surge in India.. There was nothing I could do.. it was a helpless situation.. I wasn’t even allowed into the hospital.. he died alone & had to be cremated alone

  12. Horrific. One of her sons or grandson shaking her trying to wake her after the Doctor pronounced her deceased breaks my heart.

  13. My God this is a nightmarish Life to Live not only for the regular people the healthcare workers to having to witness death everyday this is truly heartbreaking

  14. Oh my heart ..that scene with the sons …made me cry …it made me remember my mother’s deathbed. I can’t believe their health does not have proper PPE. They are sacrificing their healthcare worker. I’m a nurse , that’s not acceptable.Who wants to work in that condition,it’s scary.

  15. This is absolutely devastating. I am heartbroken and in tears. We need to get the world vaccinated. I will keep praying

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