2. @Daniel LaRusso I get it- you voted for the man that’s destroying the world as we know it now, so it’s logical to point and blame others for your problems. Been seeing that a lot in 2021

  1. So heartwarming to know what the Delta crews did for the passengers, very thoughtful. Hats off to you guys, I myself is an immigrant, proud to be an American. GOD BLESS AMERICA

    1. @Pamela Wing Wow, DEMOTURDS have taught you to hate one man so much you installed the stupidest politician in the world.

    2. @Pamela Wing Biden literally cost the lives of over 200 people in Afghanistan. But yea Desantis is terrible. Sit down Karen.

    3. @Pamela Wing I’m about to hit you with some facts. The illegals crossing the border of Texas, are being sent by bus to Florida and dropped there. Some things CNN won’t tell you. Those illegals from Mexico are not being vaccinated or even tested.

  2. Thank you Delta and other airlines helping with this. I will remember that when I fly next time. Thank you Germany and other countries for helping us. There are so many good people in this World. We must remember that not everyone is evil.

    1. @Janie K Carney finally someone in YouTube has a balanced mindset like you,mostly in YouTube everyone I chat is toxic,salty,bitter,posionous in nature.

    2. @Michel Platteeuw Oh please, we can’t even keep Americans from shooting each other on a daily basis and you expect me to concern myself with whoever is being killed on the other side of the world? Just GTFOH with that nonsense. No, I really don’t care because there’s nothing I can do. Just get real. We have enough problems here. Jeepers, always us. We gotta fight the worlds battles and they hate us plus it’s never enough. Maybe we just get sick of helping. We get no thanks for it.

    3. @Hannah Dyson So Hannah, I take it you’re not American, or at least not a citizen since you inferred I might determine what my country might do. As if the average citizen has any control over what its government decides to do…. Anyway, if anyone asks me, I vote that we stop helping anyone anywhere. Cheaper than helping and the blame is the same. Oh, and you do realize we hand out money all over the world, some places we never set foot in. Invade, indeed. F off.

    4. @Sandy Gan Love how you go into denial and even edit and deny your own rants and lies now. We can all see that now. A liar who denies the thousands of deaths of U.S citizens will get critized by over 300+ million who took the pledge. And the entire free world. Yes whatever s-hole dump you hail from does that. You obviously do not care about the U.S or anyone else but yourself. My lands of the free where my mighty red, white and blue gets thanked plenty. Why you have all your problems because you cannot face your mistakes. You cannot face those proven facts can you. Your hate will only get more hate in return. And suspect it will not be long before they put your straightjacket back on. See how my red, white and blue stands at the dawns early light shining the devine light of truth you are terrified of.

  3. Emphasis on “we are a land of legal immigrants” lol tell me more about that sir….

    But great job though! 😉

    1. The USA has lost over 634,000 people to the plague. A big hole to fill if we want to keep the prosperity of the nation to survive will require replacing the loss of talents, for consuming and production of our widgets that keeps our economic engine purring along. So if with luck we could get 200,000 from Afghanistan… Not enough… Now we could get the remainder required to fill that hole with South American Nations refuges. New blood & new innovations… Prosperity for one & all concerned…

  4. This land is your land, this land is my land, this land was made for you and me!!! America the beautiful!!!!!

    1. @Tim Jones I don’t believe that he was saying that. Many of us wish that the Afghan evacuees are happy and comfortable here.

    2. @Mike C . I’m assuming that since they don’t have jobs here since they don’t pay taxes here and since they don’t or haven’t done anything here they will be draining our social services that should be going to Americans. But since you’re willing to take refugees into your house and financially be responsible for them I guess it’s OK. That’s all I’m saying

  5. Thank you for the humanity of those helping to get those poor people loaded there. We know you’ll do your best for the rest.

    1. @mct _ Are there dark and bad things going on in my country? Yes. Are there great things going on? Yes. I love my country. this is my home warts and all. To claim I don’t love my country by reading a comment is just ridiculous.

    2. @mct _ Syria was being bombed by the US since Biden was Vice President and ISIS start during Obama and Biden years, I am not the one smoking pot.

    3. Biden is building an army against you Americans and you don’t even see it coming.
      Biden wants your weapons while he floods your country with your foe. God help you Americans.

    4. @carolyn boyce I heard they are being given the choice but I don’t have a definite source.

  6. “I fought for the USA against the Taliban and all I got was this lousy tee-shirt!” Send to those Afghan USA allies still left behind…

  7. Yes. We were never going to win that war, but Biden definitely lost it for the U.S.  
    CNN – Biden sank the ship, but our lifeboats are awesome. LOL

  8. Finally, some good news from a bad situation. Welcome to all people who have risked their lives for us and their own country.

  9. God bless and or positive thoughts to all of those crews working on this scary situation.. the pilot is amazing along with those people showing these afraid ppl some love, and restore some dignity

  10. This is so heart warming I’m teary eyed. All those smiles. A new sense of hope. Those little surprise gift bags for the kids.

    1. You’ve summed it up well. I too found myself a bit teary-eyed while looking at happy faces filled with hope, esp the kids.

  11. Kamala Harris is only VP because Joe thought his campaigned manager said, “Can-a smella your hairs?” To which Joe screamed, “YES!!!!”

  12. “What will you do if Americans are still in Afganistan?”

    *”You’ll be the first person I call, lol” – Biden*

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