1. Miss. Lindsey needs in these days of confusion and sadness a huge good man behind. I’m sure that will put her thoughts in place.

    1. @a vet – Sure. Protect our borders, protect Americans. Now, show proof of treason from a President who violated the Espionage Act. You hate freedom of speech, the right to defend yourself, and America.

  1. The main focus of major GOP donors in the midterms was likely the Senate – but, it stayed in Democratic hands. The major donors want to shape the judiciary to serve their interests, particularly as a guardrail against the rising younger generations who, quite rightly, perceive progressivism as best serving their financial interests. They’re not going to blame themselves for losing the Senate – they blame Trump.

  2. STOP saying ”He needs the protection of running for office.” There IS NO PROTECTION for him from the DOJ at this point. It’s NOT up for debate.

    1. You’re confusing normative and positive statements. You mean “There should be no protection”, but you said “There is no protection”. That remains to be seen, frankly. And I don’t mean it remains to be seen whether DoJ or others will do anything, they already are.

      But in order for it to offer no protection it would have to have no effect on impeding investigation or prosecution, and it’s not at all clear that’s the case. After all, there is a convention around not overtly investigating in the six weeks prior to an election that has possibly already required them to consider whether or not he qualifies for that due to his involvement in the midterms.

      Let’s not pretend it affords him “NO PROTECTION” as you put it. The best you can hope for is that it doesn’t prevent prosecutions moving forward in these two years.

    2. @renideo There is no protective status afforded to anyone under suspicion of a crime regardless of whether or not they are running for office.
      Does Garland indict this fat orange oaf while campaigning, or will he balk like other spineless members of the government? That remains to be seen.
      You’ve gone out to the well and the bucket come back half empty.

    3. yes, if you are running for office you can essentially murder someone and its ok. Its called the “paused period”

    1. I think Liz will run. In fact, I think we will be the R nominee for 2024. I know at present, that sounds totally ridiculous. But I believe SO MUCH is going to happen, people will be looking for someone that isn’t a lunatic. Plus, Liz could bring back the millions that ran from Trump and voted for Biden just to rid this country from Trump.

    2. @Dennis Conrad A real republican does not want the cowards base. A real republican needs intelligent voters. I don’t like liz, but she is the most honest of what is left

    3. @Margaret Smist You’re basing that on ‘today”. I think the lunatics that were the Trump cult in power will try to run from him, but the stink of Trump will follow them. They will not be able to wash it off. I’ve expected for a long time now that the Republican Party will burn itself down. That’s when they’ll be looking for somebody that can rebuild their image. If they don’t, they’ll never win a major election again. You’re starting to see the Republican Party coming unraveled right now. My whole prediction is based on it’s going to be just a smoking hole when the R are done.

    4. @Penny Wells I don’t agree with Liz on most things. But her standing for the Constitution over party or her own desires screams volumes to me! Besides Adam Kinzinger, I wouldn’t trust the rest of the people in that party to give me the time of day.

    1. @lvluxdelight once a person achieves the notoriety of a ” Florida Man ” headline, no change in address will erase that stink.

  3. “He’s going into this campaign in a different way this time” coffee spew on that one Maggie! The picture of him in an orange jumpsuit flashed across my mind!

  4. The part that got me was when he said he took decisive action against covid. 😡😡 When I think of all the people that were dear to me that past and covid that infuriates me.

    1. @james feth think of it as a full dam that’s breaking, once the wall crumble it doesn’t really matter who’s driving the car down below afterword. I mean look at Australia vs US. Two opposite policy with two different results. It speaks for itself.

    2. @S V with that logic wouldn’t Florida then be way worse than California in terms of Covid deaths? Yet that’s not the case and Florida remained open and ca was the opposite?

    1. The irony of Trump’s presidency is that he will inadvertently MAGA…….. more people than EVER are tuning into politics, the government and its MANY hypocrisies… more people than ever are re-educating themselves on all of the branches of government locally and nationally.

    2. @Oliver Andrew I agree completely!
      In fact, if I were a conspiracy theory loving animal like the kind we deal with on the far right, I might be tempted to believe The Orange fool was a Democrat plant the whole time; sent to destroy the party once and fer all!
      …then I come back to reality.

    3. Which legacy are you referring to??? He will always be associated with the insurrection, mental illness, and his lexicon which is like a child.

  5. I’ve felt since the beginning that the media needs to stop over-reporting on him and to downplay him. They created this problem.

    1. you are so wrong…..the press helped it, certainly……but they did not CAUSE the problem. He was news and they needed to cover him, just not as much as they did

    1. It is for the reasons she said like she’s said it’s that simple I think she has studied him quite a bit.

  6. Watching Trump’s announcement on Fox, I was surprised that even THEY broke away from the speech. Even with Mike Huckabee gushing about how great it was one thing was obvious—There’s only so much of his talking that one can take without getting physically ill. God help my poor country.

    1. After watching about 2 minutes of his lie-strewn, vomit-inducing speech, I switched it off. All that I needed to know was in Daniel Dale’s fact check.

    2. @Sheila Boston I didn’t even last 2 minutes. It’s like nails on a chalkboard but Freddy Krueger style. He makes me physically ill

    1. @B.P. 😄😄😄😄. How did you understand his mind 💯💯💯? Only if I can have ……votes one more than …. That’s the fixing guys.

  7. “Florida man makes announcement.” I couldn’t stop laughing. Donnie Fail-fail’s head is probably exploding. The bigger their egos, the harder they fall.

    1. I look forward to the day when the only thing we hear about trump is in the “would you believe it” segments on morning radio

    2. ‘Florida man makes announcement.” I couldn’t stop laughing. Donnie Fail-fail’s head is probably exploding. The bigger their egos, the harder they fall.’ We see that your maturity level definitely non-existent and that allowing your brain to collect dust is your favorite pass-time.

  8. I sure hope this is a sign that the young people in this country realize the only thing that’s going to change anything, it’s their vote. It’s cumbersome, and it’s a slog, but it’s all we have. You will make a difference if you keep showing up at the polls. Thanks man.

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