See Marjorie Taylor Greene’s reaction when GOP official corrects her lies

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) continued to spread false information about the 2020 election at a congressional hearing and attempted to discredit Gabriel Sterling, a Republican election official from Georgia. Sterling speaks with Anderson Cooper about the exchange and discusses why Taylor Greene continues to lie about the 2020 election. #CNN #News #shorts


    1. I watched him after seeing your comment. 😂😂😂 He even tried to hide his face. I wouldn’t have.

    1. @say what? I don’t feel threatened by any LGBTQ. But if they want to leave her district, good riddance. Most of their views are contradictory to Republican views.

    2. @Joboygbp Edwards just want to say…didn’t mean to bring up the 2cd Admendment…but when you said..” I bet not one Gay person voted for her” ( MTG),
      That is the only reason I brought up the 2cd Admendment. Your a Republican
      Great! I didn’t read all your comments to everyone. Didn’t know. 👋

    1. Because too many GOP politicians allowed it.

      …” And we will deserve it.” Graham commenting on how if T is elected he would destroy the Republican party.

      He was correct.

  1. We need basic qualifications for people seeking elected offices. Large Marge is absolutely unqualified.

    1. And John Fetterman is?? 😃 😀 😄 😁 🤣 😂 😃 😀 😄 😁 🤣 😂 😃 😀 😄 😁 🤣 😂

    2. @Shabooki Sunshine Yea, Your Right we are living in Paradise! 😂 🤣 😆 There is absolutely No problems in America Right now. 😃 😀 😄 😁 🤣 😂 😃

    1. ​@Dan Wright I flat-out disagree with your assessment of our society. I am neither Judeo- nor Christian but I was born right here in the USA in 1959 and raised by Republican parents. But what I learned both at home and at school that I had the right to my own beliefs. And I believe everyone has that right. Who are you to declare what we are or should be?

    2. @Beth Wright @beth. Ok. First .. thanks for the civility . (Appreciate . Important to be this way . More than we know.). ‘. ‘Neocon ‘ relates to ‘conservatism’. It’s associated with the push to assert their ‘values order ‘ on communities throughout world . . How many incursions into other countries in the name of ‘democracy’ have they impressed on world? The current power in control is , indeed neocon . This is part of a ‘one party rule’ ,( associated with ‘the west’). They have assented to ‘globalism doctrine‘. Thus are of ‘one party rule.’ Let’s have you identify yourself by finishing the definitions here . Should be easy .

    3. ​@Susan Azinger I wouldn’t bother, his comments seem to have been written by a defective version of ChatGPT

  2. She is talking to another Republican who is clearly a thousand times more ethical than she could ever hope to be. I’m glad these people are standing up for democracy.

    1. ​@Anthony PricePlease explain how she was correct and provide sources for your claims. Last I looked we had 35 individuals that were suspected to have voted fraudulently in one way or another, with no charges filed against anyone at that time. That was the middle of 2022.

  3. This woman is so f’n dangerous! Speaker McJellyfish really screwed us by giving her so much power.

    1. It was the entire 200+ House Republicans who gave her the power. McCarthy was just the middleman.

    1. @Michael Harkins how silly. An experienced politician who dealt with Covid (finally!), got the economy on track (jobs etc), quickly reunited NATO, reassured very puzzled allies around the world. But you prefer this woman. Shameful. Even if you’re paid to say so. Shameful to try to do harm.

  4. Please make this woman go home and sit down. Get her out of Congress. She doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about.

  5. Somebody needs to have the courage to say what she really needs to hear – that she is full of it.

  6. Put her lies back in her face. She needs to be put in jail for her part in the inserection.

  7. I cannot take the Republican party or anybody that is on the right that supports her, seriously as long as she is in Congress.

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