1. @W S Although it is true that politicians of every stripe tend to be up their own @ss, the idea that the Republican and Democrat politicians are equally bad is just not true. Modern day Republican politicians have cornered the market on being self-serving and self-aggrandizing.

      Kevin McCarthy couldn’t be any more up his own @ss without disappearing entirely.

    2. I’m Californian but not from Bakersfield- I’ve seen enough from him he’s just a coward hiding in blankets backing out from his talk to trump

      Complete sissy

    1. @LGBQT Multi Race Multi Gender Multi Human person Literally everything was in the republican’s favor, and the best they could do is 10 seats in the House, a lost seat in the Senate, and getting blown out in local elections across the country?

    2. @LGBQT Multi Race Multi Gender Multi Human person Was that the red tsunami your cult kept telling us about? It must be tough seeing such a weak embarrassing party of clowns but you seem impressed, since you are in the cult and have no way out of the cult…Nice name by the way QAnon boy.

    1. @Richard Rubin Perhaps you don’t realize our military is shrinking drastically under Biden. Remember when he left our soldiers in Afghanistan to be killed???? I am a Major in the Army. It’s happening!!

    2. @Terry Lewis It’s going to be really interesting what OUR DOJ will do. Do You think any Indictments are going to be coming Traitor Trump’s way? I also wonder how Ole Jack Smith will handle the Case??

    3. Seems to me that the Republican party ether doesn’t learn thier lessons of sticking together or the Democrats are running 2 candidates one for the Demoncrats party and another one claiming to be a Republican

  1. I wouldn’t support McCarthy because he gave that speech denouncing Trump for the January 6th insurrection, then went down to Mar a Lago to kiss the Trump ring a week later. Screw that dude.

    1. @Big D’s Gaming Your comment makes me wonder who you hate more. Or do you hate everyone equally 🤔😁

    2. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya it seems you don’t understand what’s being discussed here. Maybe watch the video and think again. If is not clicking maybe leave for other youtube channels, your comments are useless here

    3. That made me sick to my stomach! How can you denounce him on the house floor one day and kiss his ring the next? Make it make sense

    1. Seriously, after watching the Democrats totally F up the country? The Socialist regime has done absolutely nothing for the United States and its actual citizens to make us stronger, safer and more prosperous. The BIden admin just decided to fund oil drilling in Venezuela, propping up a socialist dictatorship and screwing American union workers. Thats just ONE thing out of a million.

  2. He wants to drive the clown car so badly. They deserve each other. How he can look his wife and children in the eye is a mystery to me.

    1. @Lee Harris I got that wrong, New York times report today, total cases 98.6 million with 1.9 million deaths. 1st Dec 2022 total number of deaths 691.

  3. Let’s be brutally honest; if John Boehner and Paul Ryan couldn’t manage a sizable GOP House majority, McCarthy has absolutely no chance at managing a razor-thin GOP majority.

    1. Amen ! Well said. (House Speaker John Boehner was witched …when President Barack Obama’s administration was in power.) So, I don’t see Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California …as the same kind of leader in the House of Representatives. Who knows, what exactly …will happen after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stepped down recently. The GOP now has the majority in January, though. 🦋..⛳️….🐛

  4. “We need to do it for the American people.” – Kevin McCarthy American people: No, Kevin, everything you aspire for is only for yourself and the GOP party.

    1. @Kathy B Because there’s none to list. Sometimes we become such partisan hacks that rational thinking evades us.

  5. I’ll never understand why politicians tell the press something they can just say to other politicians. It’s like a cowardly game of telephone.

    1. I’m assuming that his private discussions failed and now McCarthy is trying to publicly shame them. He’ll probably get the votes eventually, but it sure is entertaining to watch

    2. It’s twofold: To fearmonger the public into action and sway sentiments, which in turn creates political pressure on those he seeks to really influence while making himself out to be a martyr via control of public perception. As long as he’s ahead of the narrative, it’s hard to change it because the public usually only believes the first thing they hear, afterwhich it becomes hard to change their mind even if you introduce new informations. A powerful propaganda tactic.

    3. Because the other politicians aren’t listening. He tries to get the public on his side, which is not going to work in this case. I’d say what we’re seeing here is a middle aged politician, who desperately wants the prestige of the position, making a ninny of himself in a highly public way. Let’s watch. 🍿🤔

  6. Just for comparison: In many other countries, if after an election the largest party can’t agree to form a government then the 2nd largest party gets an opportunity to do so.

    1. Ok, I looked back up historical examples I remembered reading about and in each of them it looks like it only applies in cases where no party gets an outright majority (ie see “formateur”) though I didn’t look up every single instance I recalled – so that’s a detail I had misremembered off the top of my head.

      In most of the countries I was thinking of if a party does win an outright majority but can’t then form a government the result is either a new election or the lack of a government for a time. The US has no such provisions for a new HoR election, and I’m not sure what would happen if they can’t fulfill the last paragraph of article I section 2 of the Constitution.

    1. @D Squared you left out the most important factor that lead up to them GOP +3 62 BILLION WAS SPENT AT MIDTERMS AND CROW ABOUT INFLATION PROBLEMS WITH COMPANIES MAKING BANK in 4 to 7 percent more profits on top of normal earnings and ware do you think ware that extra money going in Republicans pockets lmao

  7. I love how the prospect of getting anything done in Congress is “What can we entice the leadership with?”, rather than “What do the constituents want?”

  8. If they fought for the American people as much as they fight for their positions, we might get somewhere as a country.

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