1. Kishiruキシル Because she’s iconic and is the First Lady. Her statement was lovely.

  1. 3:010 isn’t she the actress from The Late Show with S. Colbert
    she’s so good at acting…

    1. Firstname Lastname I don’t know what lovely about her. My friend has her naked body on his wall the one with her and that women in that magazine she took along with the other porn. Creepy

    2. She Me …. You can’t always trust a smiling face. Some people smile in your face and then when you turn around ,, they stab in the back….I’m sure you’ve met a few of those?

    1. Smitty Number1 That’s like calling Jackie Kennedy useless for keeping a low profile like Melania. Stay pressed, Melania is fabulous and First Lady.

    1. That a part of a standard Trump pre-nep. All of Trump wives had to sign one. All mistresses and one-night-stands only have to sign the NDA.

    2. @John Swo Never mind . She doesn’t and wouldn’t know what she had signed or is going to sign anything that’s in English.

  2. Her jacket already told us all we need to know. She “doesn’t really care. Do you?” She’s such a robot and Stepford Wife.

  3. As for any advice that the First “Lady” has to give, all I can say is: ” I really don’t care……do you”?

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