1. @Anthony Ballard “history” is often the left’s go to for their failed policies and leadership in the present, ‘history WILL remember’. They can’t actually use the word for what history remembers right now.

    2. @MuchoEd ever listen to the words of Ted Cruz or Matt Gaetz? Or watch the Rights denial of facts derived from scientific data? History like the Rights reason to go into Iraq, or the Gulf on Tonga leading to the napalming of South East Asia.

    1. @Hobobo Bobo You can’t say that about the great upstanding citizen, and employee of the month for the Mexican drug cartels! Come on man!

  1. It’s good to see parents making a change without screaming about “Worse than Nazi Germany!” or any of the Q nonsense. This is civil discourse.

    1. @Minnie Mae Shufflebutt hhmmm, interesting spin. Why did you leave out the bits about “fight like hell or you wont have a country”, intructing the crowd to march on the capitol etc? That whole opening the doors and people were chatting…was that how over 140 police officers were injured? Because people were chatting so hard that officers ended up with head trauma, detached retinas and other life changing injuries? Also ” a small percentage got rowdy”…I mean over 700 arrests so far is “a small percentage”? tr*** was shocked? So shocked he did NOTHING for over 3 hours? Even after he got all those text messages to speak to his followers, he was just too shocked to do anything until it was obvious the ballots had been removed and all the congress members were safe?

    2. @flamingo boot cheating. Mail in voting, ballot harvesting, countless drop boxes and endless deadlines are just ways to create plausible deniability. Otherwise, the left could care less.

    3. @Peoples Republic of Ninj You post, expect feedback snowflake and push-back especially when it has no basis in truth and fact. Don’t cry. 😭 FYI, obviously Trump didn’t lose, the election was stolen, and we’re not allowing it to stand. Heads will roll.

    4. @Stan Wilson FU cowards like Biden and Trudeau, and the 3 letter agencies that work against the people. Let Freedom, love and People reign! 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤❤

  2. The attempts to appear politically correct, like renaming schools, should never take priority over academic access, improvement, or success!

    1. Well the parents real issue was the kids not being in school and a lazy school board. They actually like the name change idea. But you wouldn’t know it with the breathless coverage of conservatives and moderate democrats who are using this example to say progressives are bad


    1. Too bad it was only three. There are hundreds like them all across the USA that need to go now!!

  3. There’s this notions that us liberals are ok with some of the crap going on we coming for our Boston liberal mayor see what we acomplish when we come together. The name thing is just a extreme part of my liberal community which we see in all parties the woke stance doesn’t apply to all of us liberals

    1. Liberals are starting to become a rare breed these days since the Far Left has taken over many of their minds by brainwashing them.

  4. “A good education is the best social justice.” I would love to see that sentence on everything and supported by all.

    To me that’s it in a nut shell. Love these guys!

    1. @cyberash3000 you’re a liar. Provide a reputable link? I’ll wait.
      Until then, everybody will see you’re a liar.

    2. @silent majority ok this proves you dont avctually understand what a nazi is, but im not suprised the american education system is the worst in the western world, and i was taught in the british system, so i understand you have no idea what a “NAZI” actually is

    3. @silent majority ahh so eloquent. the thing americans say when something is too complicates for them to understand, like most of life in general. well done my uneducated American friend. well played for proving my point, well played indeed. thats the problem you throw around words you dont actually understand, if you understood, im in the 68% of british people that identify as a socialist. british socialism, also known as ethical socialism, was invented by us british people, feel free to google it, and as you do not know il explain it to you, first of all nazis are fascists, fascism, is a socio economic ideology not political and so is placed on the economic ideology horse shoe,mto the far left is communism, which is evil, to the far right is fascism which is also evil, middle left is socialism, which is good ,and centre right is capitalism which is evil. then in the centre is utopianism, which is also good. so therefor i cannot be a nazi, as i am a socialist, nazi’s are righjt wing, socialists are left wing, NOW i know your going to say “but the nazi party has socialist in their name” , and i shall refer you to the christian democrats of germany which are right wing, the liberal democrats of the uk which are centre right, and the fact the hitler a fascist created the night oif the long knives where he murdered all the socialists in his paty and any that he could find as he believed socialism was the greatest threat to the nazi party. and there is even a poem written about him murdering the socialists.

      so therefore, i cannot be a nazi as i am a socialist, and no that isn’t a communist, communists want all the socialists dead, since the Bolshevik revolution where comments socialists and socialists split, with the massacre of the socialists who refused to fight to defend themselves.

      again any school in europe would have taught you all this. but you had an inferior education, which you would know that 68% of the uk is ethical socialist, and 52% is atheist.

      so no i just live in an enlightened awake country, that is more advanced than your failing democracy called the us. ps the uk voted to reclassify the usa as a failing democracy

    1. The parents didn’t have a problem with that. What merit does a rich kid have to be in a great school? What the parents had an issue with was the kids not being in school when other districts had open schools

  5. Glad to see my hometown is coming to its senses. I doubt the GOP will rebuke THEIR extremists the way the Dems just did.

    1. Don’t you need a poop map in San Francisco? How many decades have democrats controlled San Francisco? 🤔🙄

    2. 8 months of violent riots, hundreds of small businesses looted and burned never to open again, billions in damage, dozens dead. This will not be forgotten. Left wing terrorists supported and funded by Democrats. Nobody other than members of your left wing hive are buying your lies.

    3. I know because it’s the GOP wanting to rename schools teach CRT enforcement mask mandates only on kids. My God you live in Fantasyland

    1. Ah yes… the lands where no one knows what a woman or a man is. The lands where homelessness and criminality are rampant. The lands where race-hustling is vitally important. The lands where the upper-class spit on the lower-class, as there is a near non-existant middle class.

      Truly, the States of dreams.

    1. But they’re not harming children. That’s what you’ve been told but the grifters are using kids to get money and power.

  6. If we put our trust in the common sense of common men and ‘with malice toward none and charity for all’ go forward on the great adventure of making political, economic and social democracy a practical reality, we shall not fail.”

    —Henry A. Wallace

  7. Parents: “We want schools reopened.”
    Board: “No you don’t, you want schools renamed so we can virtue signal.”
    Parents: “No! … We really want schools reopened!”
    Board: “You only think you want schools reopened. What you really want is schools renamed so we can virtue signal.”

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