1. Hurts so bad to see exhausted elderly/injured people climbing through obstacle courses and battle fields

    1. @Joseph Holdman Although I can understand what you must feel, the whole world need to know the horrors this murderer dictator is capable of. But for your emotional and mental well being you should go and listen some music or watch a fell good movie. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes living in this cruel world makes you want to just care for your well being from time to time.

    2. @Joseph Holdman Dude. You’re on YT. There are plenty of videos of cute cats or stand up comedy. If you want good news, it’s not hard to find it here

    3. Putin has mental health issues the soldiers should refuse his order to save their country from all the sanctions innocent Russians civilians are facing 💔

  2. My entire soul wishes I could help the people of Ukraine. If I could physically reach them, I would volunteer. ❤️🇺🇦 Prayers for Ukraine

    1. youtube .com/watch?v=U37ciZNQ4Gw
      youtube .com/watch?v=eMvEJgvgHBg
      youtube .com/watch?v=ALRgRMnm8sU

    2. Why do religious people kept inserting and pushing their belief to others whenever they get a chance?

    3. Vc pode enviar luz e amor ❤
      Muito triste, fico imaginar minha família meus pais idosos, muito sofrimento, envio todo meu amor luz para essas pessoas, que isso passe rápido em nome de Deus .

  3. This is horrifying!! As an aging woman about to be 60, this is absolutely frightening!! I can sit here and say that i am not sure i would have the strength to endure something like this!! So very sad!!

    1. Adrenaline kicks in and primal factor for survival is pushing them forward. God give them the strength. God save the pets, which are family.

  4. This clip hit me so hard. My dad has dementia. He can’t balance very well when he walks. Just stepping up on a 2 inch curb requires all his concentration. He just moved into an assisted living home in January and I can’t help but imagine him in that group of people crossing. The exhaustion, confusion, and fear on their faces breaks my heart. My heart is with the people of Ukraine 💙💛🇺🇦

    1. @Sirsmokalot He didn’t want this war because it’s a European war, not an American one. Stop believing in your Republican super power.

    2. @jim carrington So sorry you’ve had to live this way! Shame on America!! I’ve been waking up for awhile to this type of madness! I think people are waking up across the globe from all this BS!! Bless you 🙏🏼

    3. @Defender76 I agree, this is global.
      Please watch the documentary on Youtube: Winter on Fire
      The 99% must wake up to what the wealthiest 1% are doing worldwide.

  5. Seeing the woman cry brought me to tears. I can see and feel their pain. My heart is with Ukraine 🇺🇦 💙💛

    1. I agree…i am about to be 60 and have mobility issues. I believe that these people will go until they drop, i can sit here and say i do not know if i could endure what they are enduring and going thru!! This whole chaotic scene is also knocking on the U.S. doorsteps. Very scary and heartwrenching.

    2. They’ve been through so much. Ukraine date of independence is only 1991 and already they’re losing their homes. Just absolutely heartbreaking I just starting sobbing.

  6. Its difficult for able bodied people to get out. Extremely difficult for the elderly. It’s gotta be beyond difficult to impossible for anyone that’s handicapped. My heart breaks for all the Ukrainian people.

    1. @Vladimir Putin just a troll probably but didn’t stop you from comparing the two and thinking it’s makes sense to do the same , Russia wasn’t their to show strength and protect them either so don’t be out pretending to be a humanitarian and that Russians did anything to save those suffering in Iraq from the “western countries”.

    2. @Vladimir Putin Of course. Many millions of Americans protested the war in Iraq. One of my best friends was killed there. People who opposed the war in Iraq also oppose this horrendous invasion of Ukraine.

    3. @Vladimir Putin I was one of hundreds of thousands of Australians who protested against the war in Iraq.

    1. youtube .com/watch?v=U37ciZNQ4Gw
      youtube .com/watch?v=eMvEJgvgHBg
      youtube .com/watch?v=ALRgRMnm8sU

  7. Clarissa Ward speaking native language and offering some kindness is so powerful. Can’t help but make me so angry at people still believing ‘fake news’ bs. Bless her heart & prayers for safety and peace.

    1. @John Jones One big difference… Tucker, Hannity and Ingram are OPINION journalists, just like Rachel Maddow or Dana Bash… but Lemon and Cuomo are supposed to be hard-news anchors, but instead they propagate liberal spin narratives and bias. Which is why THEY SUCK just as bad, and in my opinion WORSE, than any Faux News opinion journalist you can name. They are supposed to be fair and balanced as news anchors and they are not even close. There are ZERO trustworthy American news agencies…

      Oh and by the way, she was speaking Russian to that old Ukrainian lady. I speak Russian. What sounded like “Mozhno vam pomoch” is “can I help you” and “Nich-e-vou strashni” is like “no big deal/your welcome” (nothing terrible/scary) and “kak vas zavout” is “whats your name” (lit. what [are] you called)… IN RUSSIAN. Most Ukrainians understand Russian and the languages are similar, but not identical.

    2. @Mike Cap&Veg Unfortunately, that WAS NOT her native language. She was speaking Russian to the old lady, not Ukrainian. But usually, in the Kiev area and in the East of Ukraine, many folks will speak both Ukrainian and Russian, and if they don’t know Russian, they will know English (Especially the younger folks). Almost everyone there is bi-lingual. For instance, they made all the Chernobyl workers from just north of Kiev in Pryp’yat’ speak/learn Russian in order to work there.
      Anyhow, her Russian was a little rusty or at least slangy too, I think she conjugated a few of the verbs improperly and that may have confused the old lady? I’m not sure, I only speak a moderate amount of Russian…, but what sounded like “Mozhnu vam pomosh” was like (“can you help me?” or “lets help you”) but I think she meant to say “ya magu vam pomosh” which would be like “I can help you” or “ya hachu pomosh” – (“I want to help”)… then she said “nye ochen zharka, eta ploha” (which is “not real hot, its bad”) which frankly,…I don’t know why she said that…its a bit like a slang “this sucks”??? Next she said “da-vay-teh menya” which is like…(“Let’s do it for me”)…normally they say “Da-Vay” which is like (“lets go”) or (“come with me”/”together now”)… She handed her the bag saying “Nu vot” which is just (“here you go”) and then “nich-e-voo strashni” or “nich-e-voo strashniva” which is like “nothing scary” or “its ok” (just like how we say “its no big deal”)… Finally she asked “kak vaz zavout” which is “what’s your name?” (lit. what you called?) but the lady ignored her… I did hear the old lady say “spessiba vam” which is “thank you” so I think she understood her.

    3. @Keith Plumley Actually, not quite.. Russia has been fighting a proxy war with Ukraine through the Luhansk and Donetsk separatist movements in the East for years in the contested Donbas region…. or as Putin and the separatists would call it, “Novorossiya”. Russian soldiers were almost definitely being filtered in to fight with the separatist groups and some ukrainian forces were even surrendering weapons to them. It’s a very f**ked up situation in the East and The Kremlin’s (admittedly strong and highly effective) propaganda wing has a lot to do with it. The invasion of Crimea was a messed up situation that came from this same movement too. Putin has long wanted the Eastern coast of Ukraine… for many years now, mainly so he can access the Black Sea for commerce and to sell oil. The USA could have done NOTHING in 2014 and this still would be happening due to Putin’s need for a Black Sea outlet to move his oil. If you want to blame anyone, blame the Ukrainian people for wanting to join the EU and live in a fledgling democracy and freedom from Putin and Russia… and blame Putin for not giving two shits and taking what he wants to sell more oil and avoid NATO missile defense bases in Kiev. If you’ve ever been to Kiev, you know they are a peaceful and proud people who do not want to be part of Russia again.

    4. @Slartibartfast Sorry, this was bad judgement on my part. I get too caught up in trying to get people to not believe things just because our media reports it. All too often it’s the opposite or there is an agenda behind it. Also, you are correct about all of us being at the whims of a few elite deciding to wage war while they sit back safe. It is not right and personally I would love for people to rise up and remove those who would wage war.

  8. Clarissa Ward is an amazing reporter and CNN is damn lucky to have her. She’s a little woman with the heart of a lion. The risks she has taken throughout the Middle East and the rest of the war torn world to get out the story is inspirational. Nothing but respect ✊

    1. ​@Gangster 404 You think very highly of yourself. Maybe this video is not the best place for bragging about how amazing you are.

    2. @Dimitri VforVictory I will take that as a compliment since it is most likely coming from an American hating Marxist that drinks in everything CNN dribbles out.

    3. @Foca Seal I hope you find a news source that doesn’t lie to you. I hope find something to believe in other than a Marxists ideology.

  9. seeing that elderly woman suffering because of the current situation really hit hard. War is very sad.

  10. It’s utterly heartbreaking to see these people and especially elderly having to escape this way.

  11. I want to cry. I couldn’t imagine my late parents having to live through something like this. My heart goes out to all the Ukrainian people.

    1. youtube .com/watch?v=U37ciZNQ4Gw
      youtube .com/watch?v=eMvEJgvgHBg
      youtube .com/watch?v=ALRgRMnm8sU

  12. This is so heartbreaking. I hope that these people are able to rest in a safer place now. Stay strong people Ukrainiane!

  13. God those people have suffered through so much. When she stopped to help that elderly gentleman and woman just heartbreaking.

  14. What a professional – what a caring person. While trying to do her job, she helps the vulnerable. I am certain her husband and child are very proud.

  15. I can’t believe how courageous the Ukrainian people are, and these journalists as well. Just astounding.

  16. My heart goes out to the seemingly endless flow of children, elders, women and men displaced by this senseless war. Also my hat off to the Ukrainian soldiers who although must be exhausted are still gently helping people.

    1. Same. I’ve watched so many of these clips, but this one really shows the horror of this attack. I want to see Putin suffer as these people have.

    2. Remember when they showed all the poor people in Iraq and Afghanistan when woman and children were displaced when we bombed them …oh wait I don’t remember that either

  17. Clarissa always has the ability to make you feel that you’re standing next to her in her news casts. Such professional with class and elegance. Her piece here brings out the raw emotion of humanity and the sadness that a man made event has caused. My heart goes out to these people. They don’t deserve this.

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