1. They are also going to wonder what the HELL was the problem with all the bootlickers and those that were afraid of Trump in the Republican party!! ( oh, I need to think about my political career just doesn’t cut it!) They are ALSO going to wonder WTF the American people were doing. Aside from spending their time believing in conspiracy theories. Obviously, in the middle of an International pandemic, people were simply trying to keep their families fed and a roof over their heads!! Just to stay alive and Trump just got “tuned out”, some became desensitized, others of us simply just COULD NOT listen to the words Trump and the rest of his self-entitled family of grifters were vomiting up on a daily basis. Tell a lie for long enough, people begin to believe it!!!

    1. @Erik Edward You have a very simple mind don’t you? It’s not just bias, they have committed crimes in office and are trying to avoid new investigation. They take millions in bribes, and not only do they defend it, it’s their entire economic platform, the only platform the GOP has had for years

    2. @Kathy Mcneil Yeah. If you have a country in 2024. either way Merry-Car is screwed.
      never been so divided.

    1. Even his single term isn’t supported by pop vote, full of Russia-favoring, hush money, and many scandalss. Maddening :/

    2. @jvee bklyn nah, it is known how much in debt Trump is, plenty of evidence for it around. He isn’t a billionaire, not even on paper, he lied about that as he has lied about everything else. Don’t care if you don’t believe it, it is the truth. Trumptards don’t like the truth, I know, tough titties!

    1. It should be so simple. Bad people should be disqualified from office. Why can’t we set up a system like that?

    1. He’s *winning impeachment. (But that’s not to applaud him for not getting convicted the first time because of his cult in the senate who wants to hold onto their voter bases.)
      But winning the badge of another impeachment? Surely he’s gotta get tired of winning…

    1. @jays knight king titan You should really reconsider which person in the comment section isn’t the brightest as you just misused ‘your’ in the wrong manner. And ‘to’ as well.

    1. @WillforUS Justice ???? What..dont show up WITH WEAPONS. smg what a stupid thing to say..YOU….YOU ARE THE ENEMY…nobody else..MOVE to a Different Country if you don’t like AMERICA.. smh. tRump been Lying from day one..how do you not know this ??? Come on man..

    2. In many ways they are worse than the mob they helped to trigger. They chose to propagate a seditious lie that the , “election was stolen,” that they knew to be untrue to protect their own political power.

    3. @Robert Taylor he doesn’t want to know. Trump is giving him a license to be evil and violent. If they admitted that Trump was a scumbag then they would have no excuse to be the evil people that they are

    1. For 4yrs, these State Officials been known Trump was unstable. They just chose not to do anything about it. They were on his side the whole time.

    2. Funny how mitch McConnell wants to convict him now that he cost the GOP the house and Senate lmao..nothing but cowards but the world seen what the GOP is really about

    3. Politicians are lazy and cowardly. They didn’t just now realize it, they shirked their duty for four years. 80 year old millionaires (Pelosi) don’t have any motivation. They need to have term limits – desperately.

    4. He might be unfit for office but he still has his presidential powers until the 20th so I don’t know why everybody is celebrating this non event, it’s not like he is any less dangerous than he was yesterday.

  1. another record under his belt, isnt he great? He also broke the record of the president that allowed more death penalties under his mandate

  2. “Everybody says my impeachments were the best. Ask anyone. They were magnificent, monumental impeachments.”

    1. They were beautiful and perfect impeachments! Ask anyone!
      No one knows more about impeachments than I do!!!

    1. @Roger Jones and killing grandmas?!?! Wow
      This is cutting edge stuff.. have you gone to fox news with this ? Bill OReilly ? They should be able to help you out

    2. @Roger Jones 40 miles of new wall. The rest is just repairs to the existing fence. And Mexico didn’t pay for it.

    3. @Roger Jones there’s also this street preacher holding a sign ‘The End is Nigh! Repent and Accept Trump as your lord and savior!’ Living in a dumpster by Popeyes chicken.
      He has 3 teeth, trash bags for shoes and his name is Rufus. He should be able to help you out as well..

  3. “Record numbers, tremendous numbers, numbers like nobody’s ever seen before!”. For once he’s not lying. 2 impeachments is actually a record.

    1. Also the only country where media can stoke the fire and divide people for 10 years and trying to blame one guy that 50% of the country voted for. Its like america media forget the videos of them dividing is still online.

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