1. Tonight he’s giving his thumbs a rest while his mouth takes over. But rest assured, tomorrow the thumb hockey resumes from the White House bathroom. GAME ON!

  1. Putin already has said they’ve prepared him a home when he defects….until then, they’ll let him preform as much destruction as possible

    1. You think American authority figures are unfair with shooting your loved ones…..Good look in Russia were they rape your loved ones then shoot them…IKEA WHITE SO YOUR BLOOD GOES WITH IT!

    1. Trump News there is nothing wrong with my teeth. Nice deflect! You can’t defend what just happened to your cult leader so your best bet is to attack my beautiful smile. So predictable coming from you a miserable creature.

    2. So brave they are….what they should do is get out and talk to their constituents, part of the vote should be their heart, the other part should be what they are hearing from their districts, they are representatives therefor they speak for the people they represent. I would expect Adam Schiffs constituents to want impeachment, I would expect Tim Burchetts constituents to not favor impeachment so it’s a balance.

    1. Its not like the economy is at an all time high. The minimum wage for a construction worker is now 20 dollars. If anything i think your braindead

    2. hillary clinton there’s no such thing as a minimum wage for a construction worker. that’s how f****** stupid you are. The deficit is at an all-time high. do you know what that is?

    1. @Kohl Linden he has already been impeached. Done. Now onto the Senate to vote on whether to remove him. Which we know won’t happen under Moscow Mitch. But still he has been impeached.

    1. @Your Friendly Neighborhood Lawbringer President of what? He could be president of a cardboard box, at this point. He’s incompetent, and shouldn’t be there.

    2. @Your Friendly Neighborhood Lawbringer Or the articles could *NOT* go to the Senate due scum-sucking, obsequious conservatives and he’ll remain impeached for the next year. Then your arrogance will subside, and you’ll behave with respect for other adults.

    3. Phillip Mitchell you’re a delusional moron. Congrats on living in your little snowflake bubble. The current president is a laughing stock around all the world leaders and impeaching him is the best thing for this country since this cancer took office.

  2. He said “I didn’t give him the D treatment but could have!” late night talk show hosts are about to have a ball!!!

    1. BryanVlogs don’t worry he not going anywhere the dems just secured his re-election and now he finna be the first President to be impeached and then win a re-election.

    1. @biggs949597 s ..That sounds like a racist view to me. That’s just sad you think that way. Don’t hate people for their color

    1. @Hyperpandas These liberals are real stupid. It’s going to be some kind of idiot jubilee going on right now.

  3. Red Face , Guilty! He Needs a Freaken Drug Test & a Straight Jacket! He thinks he’s Funny , he’s just ‘Looney!”

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