1. Patrick: “Let me answer that, double talk, double talk, not impeachable, double talk, not impeachable.” No Patrick you failed. Sit down and shut up.

    1. @Eric Larsen on a mountain side in Costa Rica where I retired. Bot- no content, followers, photo, real name, poor grammar, pro Trump bumper sticker gibberish.

    1. mark evans Og it’s good to know you think low of yourself. I was worried you didn’t see it yourself. God bless you!

    1. Accordance to Hillary Clinton all her opponents are Russian agents or assets, even Tulsa Gabbard a Democrat president candidate is a Russian agent. Therefore for Democrats everyone is Russian asset except them.

    1. @NPC FREDO Hey is Trump starting a new fake university he’s a dam liar like all spineless corporate loving cowards or a new veterans charity to buy paintings of his own ugly face cause he’s so embarrassed .. maybe he will get new hair because he’s such a snowflake he has to have hair…. nutless

  2. The sad part of this impeachment process is most Americans don’t realize how our entire democratic process and rule of law is at stake here. The Constitution is being slowly a total aside. God help us.IMO

    1. Mela M yeah, free health care sounds great right? Until you’re having a heart attack and there’s a 3 day waiting period until you’re seen. Then it’s bye bye mela m

    2. joe mama I thought counties residing within Scandinavia would suffice but to name a few Sweden, Norway, Denmark. These countries may not be considered socialist but they have taken aspects of socialism that far outweigh the US. These are countries where human value prevails over money. In the United States capitalism has been replaced with crony capitalism and money is greater than human worth.

    3. God isn’t gonna help us….. Read ;
      A diatribe by Jazz Haze: Why aren’t the Democrats making life difficult for vulnerable Republican Senators during this impeachment trial?
      —–Diatribe, also known less formally as rant, is a lengthy oration, though often reduced to writing, made in criticism of someone or something, often employing humor, sarcasm, and appeals to emotion.
      Why aren’t the Democrats making life difficult for vulnerable Republican Senators during this impeachment trial? ….I saw that headline or one similar today. Sadly, IMO the headlined article did not seem to address the question.
      I think there are very many answers to that question. I haven’t gotten a phone call from a pollster asking me for any reasons. If I had been called, I would have said plenty.
      — From Wikipedia: “Cynicism is an attitude characterized by a general distrust of others’ motives. A cynic may have a general lack of faith or hope in the human species or people motivated by ambition, desire, greed, … ”
      What I’m about to say might sound too cynical for your pleasure, but my sporadic lack of faith in the human species is going to be at the heart of many of the reasons I list here.
      Again, the question: Why aren’t the Democrats making life difficult for vulnerable Republican Senators during this impeachment trial?
      I think it’s quite possible that very many people don’t really care about the outcome of the trial. I think much of our society is far too busy shopping on Amazon to care much about the future of democracy here in our United States of America. And besides online shopping, I would imagine that there are far too many other fun things to do with one’s time; like playing games on your smartphone or iPad; like walking your dog; like waiting in line at McDonald’s for fast
      food; like drinking a six-pack of beer; like watching football, or like being on Facebook. I suppose some people are busy trying to stay awake while commuting to their second or third job so that they can try to make rent that month. But I suppose the trial is of interest to some in that it’s plenty of fun enjoying the real life, reality-show, circus of it all. Some have surely picked their team and are tuning in to CNN or MSNBC or Fox News for highlights and box-scores. But making life difficult for some Republican Senator? That’s not fun. That takes effort beyond holding the remote. I think it’s possible that our society has become far too addicted to entertainment for entertainments sake. Why be concerned with the particular outcome of any show? There will always be another show on in 5 minutes, so why get too invested? In fact, Netflix will just take you right to the next episode without even having to touch your remote.
      I saw a poll today on January 26th, 2020, that said two-thirds of Americans claim they are paying attention to the trial, but only 12% of America is actually watching any significant amount of the trial. I understand the lack of time in our busy days, and even the fact that it takes effort to sit through something so detailed and methodical as a Senate Impeachment Trial. But IMO lack of time and too much effort needed are not reasons to not pay attention. However, I think there are very real reasons to not pay attention. One reason; we’ve been told to expect a particular result, even though the solemn oaths taken by Senators should preclude this. The Majority Leader of the Senate told us what to expect—And the Press did nothing to dissuade him from his mission or message. He did his own spoiler long before the trial even aired! Reality shows have taught most of us to expect cheating and back-stabbing and misdirection, and to accept the fun of watching it play out to no certain good end. But we’re not supposed to know how it
      all ends, for crying out loud! And another reason not to watch; a sense of powerlessness—Haven’t we all been disappointed enough with politics and our one lousy vote?
      Another real reason people don’t pay attention is that many have lost the ability. An impeachment trial takes focus and detailed mental tracking of a broad storyline to its conclusion. Many people are far more interested in an emoji, or a tweet, or a sound bite with ellipses at the front and end because they don’t have time to read an entire sentence. I believe an emoji is not a well voiced opinion, fact, response, or even much to look at. They are something we used to teach little kids with before they could read actual words.

      In a post to a YouTube comment section earlier this week I wrote that I am not a bleeding heart liberal. I said I am more complex than that. Just now, before writing the last two sentences I thought for a while to consider if that was true. I believe those statements are true and that I understand the need for some conservatism and I certainly see
      the need for liberalism. I think The United States of America benefits from both ideas. To stick to some things that are traditionally working, like rule of law seems to be a good idea, and to be willing to change things, which is what liberalism affords, might include the willingness to have actual election reform. Election reform won’t happen in the United States. That is my easy prediction. I am not alone in this thought. Corporate America has quite a hold on the purse strings. If you’re lucky enough to be reading this in a YouTube comment section you don’t need to weed through pop-up ads that will block your view and distract you once again from the train of thought you were trying to ride. But if I were a journalist for any publication with a major website, you’d be blinded by moving ads. Distraction is huge in our society. And we accept it willingly. I suggest trying to have a 5-minute conversation with any 7 to 10 year
      old child. It won’t happen. They’ll be bored out of their minds before 2 minutes is up. If there isn’t something to look at, something to track with their eyes, something to be distracted by, they will lose interest. Verbal discourse is not entertaining enough for most children. Heck, I think you could run the experiment with adults here in America and find that 40% were unable to track a conversation for 5 minutes. Certainly if they had their smartphone within reach they
      wouldn’t be able to not look at it repeatedly.
      Have I pissed you off? Have I offended you? Sorry, but living in a free society means you might get offended once in awhile. I’ll be perfectly honest and say that I’m hoping some of you are pissed off. And I’m hoping that plenty of the people that read this feel a sense of slight self-loathing due to their own willingness to be distracted by corporate America’s teases.
      Be glad that I’m not anyone you’ve ever heard of. If I was writing this and had it published in the Atlantic Monthly or the New Yorker, it could be said I was being was paid by liberal media. I am not paid by any corporation anywhere. I am writing these words on my own free time. I do not have the advanced skill set that published writers of this free country’s press have. I wish I did. I do not have a managing editor, although I do plan to have my wife look this over
      before it leaves my house.

      I think America is beautiful. Beyond my imagination beautiful. I’ve travelled across this great land have seen next to none of it. Yet I know America is beautiful.
      Beauty is everywhere around us. And not just natural beauty. All one need do is hug their child, or call their mom on the phone, or visit their good friends, or make dinner with their wife and then feed the kids, or watch a sunset (or sunrise if you’re that lucky), or mow the grass in your front yard and breathe the sweet air for the next 15
      minutes. Beauty is all around us, and I sure hope that never changes.
      But I am hoping that things change. I’m hoping things change for the better. Do I have opinions about what things might help? Sure I do. Do I think my opinion matters? Yes—Just as much as the next person.
      If we are too busy to take notice of what’s going on and try to do something about it because we’re too busy shopping on Amazon then we’ll deserve what we get, and it won’t come with free 2-day shipping.
      Do I think Democrats should make life difficult for vulnerable Republican Senators? …Naw… Life is going to get plenty difficult for all of us after they vote to acquit President Trump.
      Do I think America will still be beautiful tomorrow? Yep! I hope for many beautiful tomorrows.
      A man once said, ‘you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one!’

    1. @Tony Smith Look it up idiot Biden was investigated by Ukraine and they found nothing. And Lindsey Graham started a investigation last year have you seen him announce any findings No 😂

    2. @kelsier rayner Gordon Sondland said He “Presumed” Trump did something wrong.
      Do you know what the word Presume means? Law. to assume as true in the absence of proof to the contrary.
      Sandland HAD NO PROOF of anything.
      Don’t be sheep and Blindly Hate Trump. Use your brain.

    3. @Jeff Dean the presumption is out of context. He said definitively there was a quid pro quo for the Biden investigations and everyone was in the loop. Parnas further confirmed this and none of them really needed to when the phone transcript was clean as day for any person that isn’t a partisan hack to understand. 🤷‍♂️

    4. @kelsier rayner That’s not What the Ukrainian President Said. he said there was NO pressure to Investigate the Biden’s. All the witnesses were asked if Trump withheld aid to investigate the Bidens and they said NO NO NO
      Presumption is not FACT! Democrats have the Burden of Proof and they have failed to prove a Crime. They won’t get 67 Senate Votes to Remove Trump.

    5. @Jeff Dean I don’t know if you’re this stupid or you only watch Fox news.. did you actually watch the Lev Parnas interview? I mean it is find to be partisan it is another thing to cover your eyes and listen to conservative media. If you watched the Parnas interview he explained why someone in the president of Ukraine would say that.. Spoiler alert he needs future aid from the trump administration still while Russia is invading their country and trump is obviously not going anywhere, so it didn’t behoove him to condemn trump while he is in a vulnerable position.. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  3. Simplest answer: he wanted the announcement of an investigation, not the investigation itself, and there’s zero benefits for the country from that announcement. Therefore, only personal gain is sought, there’s no other motive.

    1. @John Grove I sense some serious projection here hahaha
      Welcome Russian troll friend, glad you can join us in this pivotal moment in history!

    2. Investigation into what? Go ahead…say it!🤣😂🤣. Maybe someday you freaks will hold your party accountable for something.

    1. @Tomandtob Your question was to a poster “why do you object to more witnesses if Trump is innocent”

      The house supposedly had enough evidence to impeach. They took it to trial and both sides had their say….be done with it now. The senate from my understanding has pretty much heard enough to make a decision. The house has overwhelming evidence that Trump was guilty apparently.

      So let me ask….what are the dems so scared of ? Enough is enough already.

    2. @Tomandtob,

      That is a very typical reaction from an obvious radical-leftist. I’m sorry you’re unable to rationalize basic logic. I really am sorry for you.

      The defense is calling the evidence hearsay because all but one witness, during the House investigation, was presenting hearsay evidence. The only guy who’s testimony was not hearsay, said that there was no quid pro quo and he did not attach conditions to releasing the funds.

      There is nothing more. There is absolutely no need to hear more witnesses. The Democrats failed miserably to present a valid case in both article. Full stop! You sound as stupid, pathetic and desperate as Adam Schiff.

      And before you go off, I’m not a conservative. I’m not a right winger.

    1. Manny Bike-Trails but it’s ok for Hilary to literally buy the Steele dossier which started the whole Russian collusion? Typical hypocrite

    1. Who is paying … besides us? Nuts. Funny to watch Adam being so kind to the 1st year law student and his crazy self interest theory.

    2. @Just Me yes, Trump will definitely be exonerated. One has to wonder though… why are they still so afraid of allowing witnesses? I see a bunch of chickens acting like roosters lol
      It just doesn’t make any sense to me lol

    3. @Edward Williams unfortunately Trump will be acquitted. The GOP senators are pathetic cowards who would rather sell out their country, than risk a primary challenge. That being said, I take great solace in predicting that Trump will face criminal charges after his time in office. There is ample evidence of campaign finance violations, abuse of power, witness intimidation and obstruction of justice. As long as he’s president, he’ll be safe from the judicial system.

      Make no mistake, his day of reckoning is coming. Only death can shield him from being held accountable for his criminal actions.

    1. Kip McEwen you know cnn did a poll of trumps approval rating but only polled 1100 people and said it was all Americans

    2. DEVILDOG Wow you never got pass 5 the grade. Margins, percentages, fractions along with basic math is foreign to you. It’s never to late please go back to school.

    1. @Brett Putman stop making so much sense. Your words almost feel unamerican lol

      j/k please marry me <3

    2. @thomas curtis I’m sorry but you’re wrong. He’s not doing a great job with the economy, and even if he were… would that place him above the law? It seems clear that you’ve forgotten how the GOP went out of their way to keep the Obama administration mired in scandal throughout their 8 years in office. They even tried to impeach Obama a few times. It’s true that many of us have no love for Trump, but the notion that this impeachment is a hate-filled endeavor is ludicrous propaganda. If you or I would commit even half of these alleged crimes, we’d be in prison by now.

      Btw, in case you haven’t noticed… Trump has already been impeached. Even his certain acquittal won’t change that…

  4. No way did the Founding Fathers want any Foreign Power to have any influence, whatsoever, in a US Election.
    “Read the Constitution”

    1. No doubt about it. Russia desperately wanted their friend. Hillary Rodham CLINTON. Think about it.
      2. TRUMP dealt highest SANCTIONS.
      TO PUTIN. Obama recommended her.
      Assange warned all of us. The guy is an American hero. MSM hateds him.

    2. @Gerald Hooper Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary

      Hillary lives rent free in your feeble mind.

    3. @Vlad Impaler
      What did a Canadian* Company investing in Uranium reserves in the US have to do w/a US Election?

      * Russia only held shares in the Canadian Company.

    1. @RandomlyInaccurate if thats true why did republicans refuse to call a single witness in the house. Im pretty sure they couldnt

    2. The house did impeachment
      The Senate is supposed to do a fair trial for removal or Not!
      Quit talking in circles
      & double talk
      Impeachment of the president is serious
      Gop acting like it’s a joke

    3. The gop & trump refused to participate in the House Impeachment part
      Now gop wants to act like they weren’t allowed

    1. @David Primeau you say they have a bunch of witnesses. But you’re ignoring the arguments the lawyers hired by trump themselves admitting it was a quid pro quo but they’re arguing there is nothing wrong with it. Mick Mulvaney literally did the same thing. It’s not just second hand witnesses but the words of the White House. So you telling me you haven’t done research is all I needed to hear to to really substantiate my argument.

    2. @G.A.B.E 708
      Why is Schiff bloking the testimony from the 18th witness? I am just hearing that now from other sources. It has to do with the whistleblower making false statements under oath.
      All witnesses presumed or assumed there was a quid pro quo, Joe for money. I don’t think the Trump lawyers are arguing that, they are saying corruption for money.
      Also even if it is Joe for money I don’t think it is wrong, or illegal. The democrats are impeaching Trump for money and for political gain. Is that also wrong and illegal?
      I haven’t done in depth research but I doubt you have also. I am sure the Washington Examiner is a good source of information. Information for Trump and against Trump is information. I know for fact that CNN has lied or misled people. Separating it from opinion is the difficult part. Right now lawyers are arguing their opinion, Trump guilty, Trump innocent. If this moves ahead then we may find out what the law really says, or not. It may just come down to opinion.
      I don’t think investigating an opponent is illegal, it stinks, but not illegal. An issue of course is the funding of such a venture. As I said earlier, investigate Joe thoroughly, if Joe comes out squeeky clean then Trump will lose.

    3. Um….your party and it’s media are so corrupt and lie all the time. So there’s that defense. But whatever you do…DONT watch any news that may have an alternative opinion on the matter. 😂😂. Seriously you guys are getting creepy

    1. @Vlad Impaler
      A typical moronic repeated talking point, grow up sonny there ain’t gonna be civil war when Trumpenstein’s orange monster is gone, 51% of Americans want it out now, not at election now. The only problem is if there is another rigged election, the blue wave is gonna be a tsunami triggered by a landslide, the biggest waves normally are.

    2. Flavius Stillicho I guess Democrat Joe Manchin from West Virginia is in that cult too? But this is not your quote because you are too benighted to quote anything yourself. Besides this, it is the US Consitution that is on trial here not Trump and to dispute this would be unAmerican.

    1. Damn right we will. And it will be because of your corrupt party and it’s corrupt media. You help make a guy like Trump possible. Wake up. Hold your party accountable for once or deal with trump another 5

  5. The defense cant even actually say hes innocent, just argue that theyre not impeachable crimes.

    Also saying theres no public interest when the public interest is clear they want witnesses

    1. villofamous No one gives a 💩 about this impeachment sham. More people are watching Judge Judy than the impeachment. America is fed up with the “do nothing” Democrats.

    2. @Rod funny you mention judge Judy. She actually endorsed Bloomberg last week, and is clearly a Trump critic lol

    3. The evidence is mounting… and they know that the longer this drags out… the harder it will be for them to defend the Trump and avoid witness testimony. They’re running scared, trying to get ahead of the curve by arguing that it doesn’t even matter if he committed crimes, since they’re not impeachable 😂

      Crafty bastards. Question is though, will Republicans actually grow a spine and allow testimony?

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