1. @Ev Cruel there’s nothing funny about it. The US can only bomb weak peaceful countries and kill civilians.

  1. Who cares? All they are doing is making a propaganda reel for their citizens.

    ” Look at how we are not scared of the capitalist Americanski comrade “

    1. @Nicholas Stephens Russia has a capitalist economy.
      The marching trench coat ushanka Bolshevik is replaced with the drunken hard bass music Adidas tracksuit Gopnik

    1. I know, now we will all start watching Russian shipcam videos of crazy piloting and near misses. I wonder if they get a ration of vodka beer or rum in the Russian Navy? I know that the commonwealth Navies have a daily Ration of rum and beer from being invited onboard a New Zealand navy ship when I was stationed on a frigate in Pearl Harbor. The U.S.N. has no such ration except one time after we had been at sea over 90 days they gave every man 2 budweisers, good times, I don’t think that was Navy policy I think it was the captains to raise morale ever so slightly. Just about every drinker on the ship would stash some booze onboard before we headed out on a cruise, i’m sure that’s pretty common in most navies. of course I was in in the 80’s when it was a whole different navy than it is today.

    1. @makario gazparini Its OK! Bernie Sanders will have tax payers to fund methadone and suboxone clinics for jobless addicts.Its a disease,not a choice.

    1. Perfect for liars…shitting on someone isn’t the best character to have. A path some chose not to go on.

    1. @Dannyjoe81 1996mustanggt 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇮🇷🇮🇷🇨🇳🇨🇳🇰🇵🇰🇵

    2. Thank you CNN for settling out of court in the Nicholas Sandman Case, for millions of dollars in the fake news he suffered from you.We hope you learn from future fake news posts,that this is not the route to go.We sincerely hope CNN learns to post real news.Thank you on behalf of American citizens.

    1. @Guy Incognito They were looking for their new butt buddy, the democratic canidate Budd-a-butt, whatever his name is. I know he has declared as both a democrat and a bummer.

    1. @Darius Kang dude that Russian ship doesn’t have guns yet that u.s battle ship has alot of machine guns and weapons and Bombs that can one shot another battle ship ever seen the main weapons of a battle ship dude no it’s balls of steal the captain of the Russian scout boat has.

    2. @Darius Kang dude a battle ship isn’t gonna be scared of a scout boat that’s an American destroyer and your saying the Russian scout boat would have would have destroyed a battle ship very funny any battle ship even if it’s Korea’s or China’s battle ships would have destroyed that scout boat in a heart beat.

    1. @Terry Parenteau no but it’s all the bullshits about the “IMMINENTE ” threat and all the lies come out from Pompeo junk mouth while in the Oval Office Lavrof is seriously showing trump who is the male!LOL

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